Concrete Floors: Prices And Cost Factors In 2023. Materials And Types Of Concrete Floors.

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 09/20/2023

Concrete floors: prices and cost factors

Concrete floors are a type of coating suitable for interiors and exteriors. This material, usually used for structural elements of little value, is now assuming ever greater importance, given its variations with a high aesthetic and functional value. In this section, we will discover the various types of concrete effect floor or stamped concrete floor, their prices, and their characteristics. Contrary to what one might think, the price of concrete is not a major factor in the cost of a floor made of this material.

Price table for concrete floor

Are you interested in laying the concrete floor? The prices can be found in the table below, with indications also on supply and installation.

Full price for concrete floor(per sq ft) Price from - to
Spatulated concrete floor 5.50 - 9.50
Microcement floor 8.00 - 10.00
Concrete effect porcelain stoneware 3.50 - 6.00
Outdoor molded concrete floor 2.50 - 5.00

PLEASE NOTE that prices may vary due to the type of work to be performed, the quality of its execution and the region in which you are located.

Concrete floors: prices and types

The price of concrete has been quite stable for years but the technology with which it is processed and mixed has undergone several innovations, leading to the following types of concrete flooring:

  • Microcement: similar in the final effect to resin, microcement, or micro-topping, it offers concrete floors at attractive prices. It is used to create smooth and regular floors, without joints or elements of discontinuity, unlike concrete-effect floors, and goes perfectly with underfloor heating, given its high inertial thermal mass.
  • Spatulated concrete: laid in reduced thicknesses on a fiberglass mesh, similar to what is used for epoxy resin, troweled concrete is the perfect material for interior floors and for industrial or minimal style coverings. In addition to the price of the cement, the cost of the mesh and the additives and dyes (if any) must be considered. Since it is spread over a net, the possibility of cracks is minimized. The prices for concrete floors of this type are shown in the table above, as well as those for stamped concrete floors.
  • Industrial concrete: a sturdy, massive, and economical floor. It is used in industrial premises or for large outdoor areas for vehicles. Coupled with electro-welded mesh, it guarantees a seal against cracks even with large thermal changes. The prices of concrete floors of this type depend on the square footage and finish you want. In general, for cement left unfinished, the cost is quite low, and large surfaces can be covered quickly with special machinery.
  • Concrete effect floor: among the porcelain stoneware tiles there is no shortage of gray industrial-style tiles that imitate concrete. These are real tiles that create a concrete effect floor with a smooth and resistant finish. Compared to the concrete floors seen so far, in this case, there will be gaps between one tile and another, unlike other types of concrete floors. The price of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware floors depends on various factors such as the skill of the professional and the size of the tiles you have chosen.
  • Concrete outdoor floors: Concrete self-locking is perhaps the best-known type of outdoor concrete flooring. They are placed on a bed of sand with a simple rubber hammer and lots of experience. They have the advantage of being totally demountable and quickly reversible if you are tired of this outdoor concrete floor or you need to intervene on the floors that run under it. The prices of self-locking concrete outdoor floors are more influenced by the installation, compared to the industrial concrete seen above.
  • Stamped concrete floors: if industrial concrete seems ugly and not very personalized but you are interested in its strength and practicality, you can opt for a stamped concrete floor. This surface can mimic wood, rock, or other nobler surfaces than raw concrete, combining quick installation with the other price advantage. Stamped concrete floors are beautiful to look at, easy to install, and inexpensive. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

Concrete floors: advice for choosing

The various concrete floors have different prices but above all different characteristics. In this section, we will see in detail which aspects to evaluate according to your needs. In fact, in addition to the price of the concrete floor, it is good to know the pros and cons since it is a long-term investment.

  • Versatility: versatility in laying is a common feature of the concrete-effect floor and the stamped concrete floor. If you need concrete outdoor floors that can be dismantled quickly, self-locking is the ideal solution. Turn to serious installation professionals for a satisfying and long-lasting result with a concrete base. The price of a concrete floor including installation is not high when compared with the alternatives and the final result of a professional job is visible.
  • Aesthetics: microcement, trowelled concrete, and micro-topping are the most beautiful concrete floors among the categories already analyzed so far. They can take on different colors and offer a uniform, consistent and smooth surface. In addition to being easy to clean, it is also beautiful to look at. The prices of these concrete floors are usually above average but the end result is worth the expense. Also, for this reason, it is the preferred choice in modern luxury homes with a minimalist style.
  • Compatibility with underfloor heating: all floors seen so far are compatible with radiant floors. In fact, the high inertial thermal capacity and the discrete conductivity give a feeling of comfort to the feet and help to maintain warmth for a long time. With a concrete effect floor, therefore, you can have the external appearance of wooden parquet but the strength and comfort of concrete. With this type of heating you can save on your bill: consider this too in addition to the simple price of a concrete floor.
  • Weather resistance: for those looking for outdoor concrete floors, even if industrial concrete is cheaper, we recommend stamped concrete floors. The final finish and the treatment it undergo make it more resistant to rain and sun. In any case, outdoor concrete floors perform well in both heat and cold. The prices of a concrete floor are very competitive but the performance does not disappoint. In any case, it is advisable to rely on serious professionals who follow all the requirements of the case, avoiding, for example, damage from humidity to the concrete floor. Price does not, therefore, have to be the only indicator influencing your choice.
  • Slipperiness: if you need a surface that guarantees full sealing even with ice or patches of moisture, there are outdoor concrete floors with a rough effect that is resistant to ice. In this case, we recommend the actual floor over a concrete effect floor in stoneware, which could have a surface that is too smooth and potentially risky. These seemingly secondary aspects should not be forgotten in addition to the price of concrete floors.

These are just some of the features to consider in order to choose the perfect concrete effect floor or stamped concrete floor for you. You must have clear in mind the function that the concrete floor must perform: the price is a secondary aspect, on which we at LocalProBook can help you with our free online quote service from the best professionals in your area.