Dumpster Rental Prices In 2024. 6 Yard, 10 Yard, 15 Yard, 20 Yard, 30 Yard Dumpsters.

6 yard dumpster rental $ 315
10 yard dumpster rental $ 345
15 yard dumpster rental $ 375
20 yard dumpster rental $ 415
30 yard dumpster rental $ 505
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 01/15/2024

Dumpster rental price in 2024

Most construction work in one way or another creates a large amount of waste that must be collected and disposed of. If there may not be much waste in new construction if the materials are calculated correctly, you probably won't need a container. When it comes to repair or modernization, it is worth considering renting a container for construction waste.

Imagine if you need to remodel the pool or all the floors in your house. Even in the case of roof repairs, you cannot do without renting a garbage dumpster.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

The dumpster rental price depends on 4 main factors that influence the price to vary degrees. Let's take a closer look at each factor.

1. Location. The costs of shipping to you and then recycling is directly related to the cost of renting a dumpster. In some companies, there are restrictions or additional fees, and the amount of these payments depends on the state and rarely on the city.
2. Type of garbage. Disposal costs depend on the type of waste, as well as the recycling facilities of the particular type of waste. Major garbage groups:
- Residential: Household Debris, Furniture, General Trash, and Junk
- Yard Waste: Shrubs, Bushes, Trees, Dirt, and Soil
- Construction: Drywall, Plaster, Wood, Flooring, and Cabinetry
- Roofing: Asphalt and Slate Shingles, Underlayment, Flashing, and Roof Vents
- Heavy: Concrete, Brick, Gravel, and Asphalt
3. The size and weight of the garbage. The heavier your garbage, the more dumpster you need. This affects the rental price of the dumpster - the heavier, the more expensive.
4. Lease time. The more days you use the dumpster, the more expensive it will be. The usual rental period for a dumpster is 7 days. Additional rental days will increase the price. But with a long enough lease, you can get a discount - it all depends on the specific situation.

What else can increase the price of a dumpster rental?

If you have exceeded the weight specified in the rental agreement.
If you did not provide the conditions for unloading or loading the shipping container and the contractor was unable to unload or load the dumpster. You will need to pay shipping costs.
You are running out of time to finish your project and want to renew your dumpster lease.

What materials shouldn't be thrown into the dumpster?

The following materials are not accepted:

  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents of Any Kind
  • Asbestos
  • Oil Tans or Oil Drums
  • Radioactive
  • Volatile
  • Highly Flammable Liquids or Materials
  • Explosives
  • Bio-Medical Waste
  • Infectious Waste
  • Toxic or Hazardous Materials
  • Liquids of Any Kind
  • Tires

Dumpster rental price.

Straight to the numbers. Average dumpster rental price depending on size:

Dumpster Size Rental Price
6 Yard Dumpster $315
10 Yard Dumpster $345
15 Yard Dumpster $375
20 Yard Dumpster $415
30 Yard Dumpster $505
40 Yard Dumpster $565

Also available in dumpsters sizes are 4 yards, 8 yards and 12 yards.

Please note that these are average prices. They can be either more than 20% or less than 20%. To calculate the cost of renting a dumpster, use our service, receive offers from local contractors, and choose an offer that suits you in terms of price, terms, and other conditions of use.