Average Costs For Electrical Work And Wiring Installation In 2024

Apprentice $40 - $60 per hour
Journeyman $60 - $90 per hour
Master $90-$120 per hour
Updated: 04/21/2024

Different Types of Costs to Be Incurred While Hiring an Electrician

When talking about electricity, there comes the point of its updating. The updating may include panels or wiring, which you cannot always do correctly. Therefore, you require an electrician as he knows how to upgrade the system safely and in the correct manner. In addition, the electricians have experience in handling such installations.

As electricity is one of the important parts of any office or home or any other working area so it should be done correctly and with great expertise. Now another important thing to consider is the cost of hiring an electrician. Most electricians charge about $45 to $130 for most common jobs, and the cost would be charged per hour.

The costs depend on different kinds of installations which includes the high cost and low-cost tasks. For example, when you just need to install an outlet which is a low-cost project, the cost would be around $95. On the other hand, talking about high-cost projects, which include a alarm module and motion sensor, the cost would be around $8900. Thus all such costs would be highly dependable upon such different types of installation projects.

Cost of Electrician as Per Expertise Level

The cost of an electrician per hour depends upon your location and the grade of the electrician. There are in total three grades – Master, Journeyman, and Apprentice. Usually, the typical cost for electricians per hour is from $40 to $120. This is the average cost of an electrician, irrespective of grade. To qualify for each grade, the electricians needed to meet the specific requirements of the test of each grade.

The least experienced electricians are the apprentices who are at phase of learning of becoming professional electricians. Journeyman electricians are considered to be more experienced and are able to handle more complicated processes or installations. The electricians who are most experienced and handle tough projects are Master electricians. They are also able to supervise others due to enough experience.

Now each of the grades, as mentioned above, comes up with costs range that they will charge per hour:


Hourly Cost for Electrician


$45 - $65


$65 - $95


$95 - $125

Apprentice Electrician

For completing basic electrical projects like light fixtures and installing outlets, apprentices are hired. To receive the apprentice electrician license, there is classroom work that is required to be completed, which can be hundreds of hours. They also need to complete on-the-job experience, which can be up to 8000 hours.

The apprentice electrician is responsible for the installation of systems under the supervision of the Master electrician. Most of the time, they handle minor tasks and are not responsible for conducting larger projects. The average rate which the apprentice electrician charge is about $45 to $65 per hour.

Journeyman Electrician

The journeyman electrician is the one who is done with their apprenticeship and passed the exam of journeyman electrician. They are eligible to undertake more complex tasks and can handle the tasks with good knowledge and methods.

The tasks may include installation of electrical panel, car charging station, or wiring. Also, they are not required to work under Master electrician's supervision. They have more options for finding jobs but are not eligible for most complex tasks. The cost charged by a journeyman electrician per hour can be from $65 to $95.

Master Electrician

Master electricians are the ones who have worked as journeyman electricians for about 4000 hours of work. Therefore, they are considered as most experienced electricians, due to which they charge from $95 to $125 per hour.

They are considered master electricians after passing the exam of Master electrician. They are responsible for undertaking the most complex tasks which cannot be undertaken by the journeyman electrician. For example, the complex tasks they can undertake may be rewiring a property and installing a whole-house generator.

Along with all the challenging projects, they are also able to undertake minor projects as well. Thus these are considered the most educated and experienced from all electricians available there.

Electrician Service Call Cost

Whenever you need to call an electrician for any electricity task, you have to incur several costs even before the project starts. For example, in case there is a need to complete any diagnostics work, there would be separate costs incurred for this. In addition, the cost of installation work and wiring would be charged separately. Also, the call rates depend on the size of the business, extent of education, and experience.

The call rates would depend on the time taken by the tasks or projects. The apprentice electricians would take low call rates compared to the master electricians, who would charge high call rates. The reason that master electricians charge high is because of their knowledge and experience.

Most electricians charge high rates for first few hours and then shift back to their normal rates for the remaining work. The rate charged by them covers the time taken by them and the work done for the overall project.

The service call rates are waived off sometimes if you get an idea of the costs of a planned project. Some people hire electricians from companies who send not only one electrician but more than that. This is because they find it as a way of charging high service calls and high rates per hour. Also, large projects come up with different and high rates, which can be expected for a minimum of $150 per hour.


Average Cost

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

$95 - $145

Light Switch Installation

$125 - $185

Outlet Installation

$145 - $195

Hot Tub Wiring

$125 - $275

Electrical Inspection

$130 - $255

Doorbell Installation

$155 - $310

Light Fixture Work

$160 - $950

Circuit Breaker Switch Replacement

$250 - $300

Attic Fan Installation

$250 - $900

Bathroom Fan Installation

$275 - $550

Ceiling Fan Installation

$375 - $675

Electrical Meter Box Replacement

$525 - $750

Whole House Fan Installation

$625 - $1,350

Recessed Lighting Installation

$900 - $2,300

Average Costs of Electricians for Small Projects

There are different types of small tasks available that can be handled by every grade of electrician. The small tasks usually are less complicated and last for even less than an hour. These may be installing a switch which takes quite less time than installing a home fan.

The projects range with average costs of between $80 to $1300, and this is based on what work is done or which type of materials are chosen. There are simplest tasks included which may include installation of light switches, adding outlets, and other minor projects which take less work and time.

Some of the additional tasks are also included in the simple projects such as light fixture work, doorbell inspections, etc. Installation of ceiling fans and bathroom fans is also included in small tasks. Talking about the installation of ceiling fan with five blade rattan may cost about $450.

On the other hand, other ceiling fans may cost less or more than this. This category also includes installation of whole-house fans and meter box replacement. The ceiling light fixtures, pendant lights, chandeliers, and track lighting are also included in this.

The electrician can do various simple and basic tasks in few hours or even less than an hour. However, the final cost would be determined after considering all the factors or all the additional costs. You will get to know about some of the common small projects and their average costs with the help of the below-mentioned table. The prices are not fixed and can be higher or lower depending on the project level.


Average Cost

EV Charging Station Installation

$95 - $145

Upgrading an Electrical Panel

$130 - $190

Home Automation

$150 - $200

Electrical Rough In

$130 - $290

Generator Transfer Switch Installation

$135 - $280

Wiring / Rewiring a House

$160 - $340

Grounding a House

$170 - $950

Generator Installation

$225 - $275

Cost for Larger Tasks

The process of larger tasks takes more time and costs higher as compared to smaller tasks. These tasks can be handled by electricians who are more experienced in handling complicated tasks.

As the job of larger tasks requires more effort and expertise, so it’s better to hire a journeyman or master electrician. This is because they have the experience to handle such kinds of projects. In addition, the tasks can take days instead of hours, so it’s better that you hire the most experienced electrician. Also, the cost they charge would also be high due to the work efforts and their experience.

For example, installation of EV charging station can cost as less as $1100 than and as much as $2700 for a more complex installation. The up gradation of electrical panels comes up with a range of costs which varies from low to a high degree. This can have a cost of about $1700 to $4500.

Home rewiring also comes under this category which can be one of the most complicated tasks, and the price depends on the work and the size of the home. The expected costs per sq. ft. (for residential) for wiring can be about $8 to $12, and for rewiring, it can be around $10 to $15.

Installing generators, grounding and rough-in tasks also come under this category. Grounding is about creating a connection between the ground and electrical components in the house. On the other hand, rough tasks include the construction taking place after all the boxes, and electrical wiring is inserted into the walls.

Emergency Electrician Cost

Sometimes there comes an emergency regarding electrical issues that you cannot wait for too long to repair such issues. The issues may include burning doors caused due to outlets or cords, power outrages, and hot electrical panels. Also, you can face sudden problems on holiday or even overnight and cannot be waited until business hours. In these cases, you have to pay higher rates due to the emergency call. The rate or costs would depend upon the electrician's grade and the nature of work or time taken.

In most cases, the emergency costs may start from around $170 per hour and can go as per the demand. At the time of high demand or holidays, the rates may be charged with the inclusion of an additional fee of $120 to $250.

The rates for emergency calls do not depend upon the time taken. That means you still have to pay the minimum fee, whether it takes hours or just 20 minutes. Always verify the rates before you call them for work. Make sure that it is a true emergency or that you can wait until business hours when you will find lower rates.

Upgrade an electric meter

When to Hire an Electrician

In case you find that there are sparkling appliances or fuses are blowing, then it’s better to call an electrician. Also, if you find that the lights are flickering or any kind of buzzing occurs in the walls, then you should hire an experienced electrician. If there are any issues related to electricity, then you are required to hire a professional electrician. The licensed professional is only able to handle the repairs or installation without any risk.

How to Hire an Electrician?

You would be able to find electricians in all the locations whenever you need them. It does not matter whether the city is large or any small town, capable electricians can be found easily. However, each of the states comes up with its licensing requirements so this should be considered before you hire any electrician. You also have the option to search for electricians through online means.

It’s an important thing that you need to consider for sure is that check for the electrician you hire with proper research. Just check out that the person you hire should be experienced and licensed according to your work; before hiring, research the electrician properly and communicate with him so that you can complete the task at a reasonable price. This would be very helpful in maintaining your overall budget.

Hourly Rate for Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is always considered a high-rate charging electrician compared to residential electricians. The rate charged by residential electricians is about $85 to $135 for an hour. The hourly rate charged by commercial electricians is quite high than this, which can be around $130 to $180 per hour. Industrial electricians charge $170 to $280 per hour.

The reason behind this is there are different demands of the customers, and the complex tasks are there which are only done by them. Also, most of the electricians handling commercial tasks are Master Electricians. So it would be an obvious thing that they charge as per their experience and expertise.

Wiring an old house

Additional Costs

Requirement of a professional

Most of the large electricity tasks require the hiring of a professional electrician. This would come up with high skills, precautions, and expertise, and the charges would also be high as the experienced electricians would also charge some additional costs. Also, it would always be better to hire experienced and professional electricians.

Electricians charge per hour.

The rate of electricity takes upon the rate per hour. Therefore, to reduce costs, make sure that the electrician can easily start with the work and get it done quickly with the job. So just research properly between different electricians and their average rate per hour.

Save money

It would be better if you purchase your fixtures and then hire an electrician. This would help you a lot in saving your overall costs and also you can have the fixtures which you want. However, the electricians cannot then charge for the fixtures separately.

Overloaded circuits signs

One of the most dangerous things which can occur is overloaded electrical circuits. Just check out for the signs, such as flickering, buzzing, or dimming of lights. If you find any of the problems showing the danger of overloaded circuits, just call a professional electrician. This would help in correcting the problem timely and at once.

Labor rates as per state

The location where you live plays an important role in the rate of the electrician. There are some locations that charge low rates, and some others charge high rates per hour. All this depends upon the state's requirements and the market conditions.

Rate per square foot

In some cases, the cost depends upon per-hour rates, while sometimes the rates are decided as per the home square foot size. This is unusually considered at the time of rewiring or wiring, and the rates would be charged as per your home’s size.