Gutter Cleaning Cost Service Near Me - Average Cost Plf - 2024

One story home cost $ 135 and $ 215
Two story home cost $ 237 to $ 297
Low end and high end cost plf?$ 1.00 - $ 1.50
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 01/15/2024

How much does gutter cleaning cost? Average Cost plf.

The average cost of cleaning gutters is $ 1.00 to $ 1.50 per linear foot. In our experience, most homeowners pay between $ 135 and $ 215 for this service. If you are the owner of a two-story home, then you should be ready to pay for the service in the amount of $ 237 to $ 297 (on average, this is 200 linear feet of gutters). But there are factors that can significantly affect the cost of cleaning the gutter. We will talk about them below.

Factors That Will Increase Your Gutter Cleaning Costs

  • If you are the owner of a luxurious 3-story building, you must understand that the work will cost you more. It is more difficult for employees to work at high altitudes and therefore pay ranges from $ 1.50 to $ 2.00 per linear foot.
  • If you paid for the installation of protective grilles on your gutter, it is still necessary to clean the case. At the same time, additional work appears for employees - it is necessary to dismantle the protective grilles and then install them back. But there is also a plus - with the grills you will be able to clean your gutter 2 times less!
  • You haven't called a gutter cleaning company for a long time, or your house is among large deciduous trees. In this case, cleaning the gutter will take more money, which means the cost will be higher. Clean your gutter regularly and the price will be reasonable.
  • If the specialist's approach is hampered by something, be it tree branches or some other elements, then here you will have to fork out extra money.
  • Factors that are not related to the performance of the work itself, but can affect the cost: how urgently it is necessary to complete the work, how far are you from the contractor.

When you know all the factors, we advise you to negotiate them right away with the contractor in order to get the fairest cost of the gutter cleaning service.

How often do clean the gutters?

The correct owner of the house, who takes good care of his property, orders a drain cleaning service 2 times a year - this is autumn and spring. In the fall, leaves fall, and during the winter all the garbage along with the snow falls into the drain. Therefore, all gutter cleaning contractors are usually heavily loaded during this period and reservations must be made in order to clean up clogged gutters in time.

Of course, cleaning can be done less often when you're overflowing, but we do not advise you to wait for this state. You just need to monitor the condition of the drain and take into account the number and size of trees from which foliage falls on the roof.

Do it yourself or hire a professional gutter cleaner?

If you are young and not afraid of heights, you have the necessary equipment and, most importantly, time for this. Then, of course, you can try to do it yourself, and then decide whether you are ready to pay the contractor for this work. From our experience, many homeowners do this once, and then call professionals.

There are several reasons:

  • Lack of experience. The work takes many times longer than professionals do.
  • Lack of tools. To get the job done, you need a good ladder with an anchorage at the top and proper support at the bottom so that you don't accidentally end up on the ground with it. Treatment bills will need to be paid on time and are unlikely to be covered by your health insurance. In addition, expensive equipment is often used to flush downspouts in case of clogging. Watch this video for details
  • You do not have insurance in case the stairs fall and damage your neighbor's property, such as a car. Professionals have it (be sure to take an interest in this issue when choosing a contractor).

How to clean the gutter DIY?

The easiest way is with a hand tool and your hands. To do this, you will need, of course, a fairly high ladder, always with a good emphasis and preferably with additional fastening to the roof or gutter. By rearranging the ladder along the gutter, you remove the foliage and other debris from your gutters.

The second method requires equipment to clean gutters and downspouts. This is a pressure washer with an optional gutter cleaning kit. You install it at the beginning of the gutter according to the instructions, then just turn it on and the device under pressure itself moves along the gutter and cleans it of leaves, branches, and debris.

Cleaning the gutters near me

You can find a gutter cleaning company in any city, in such a large metropolis as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, or Boston, and in small cities. Look for company offices closer to your home, this will reduce the time the contractor arrives at your place.

To receive an offer for the execution of work on cleaning the gutter of your home, you need to create a project, answer the necessary questions, select the criteria for finding local pros, and receive the cost of the gutter cleaning service from all contractors who are ready to perform it. For a more accurate estimate, be ready to send photos if necessary. The more you give the necessary information, the more accurately the cost of the service will be calculated.