How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs Treatment Cost In 2023.

Updated: 04/24/2023

What Is the Cost to Eliminate the Bed Bugs?

Are you suffering from issues with bed bugs? If yes, you may be willing to take services from a professional pest control company. Unfortunately, bed bugs have become quite common these days. These tiny insects of reddish-brown color feed on the blood of humans and other warm animals.

The process of eliminating such insects is very challenging. If you find any evidence of such insects in your house, consider hiring a professional pest control specialist to eliminate them. Doing this can make your house cleaner and healthier for your family members.

Bed bugs treatment cost

Bed bugs are known to cause various health issues such as anemia, allergic reactions, and skin rashes. The average price one has to pay for bed bug pest control is between $500 to $2,000. However, it often costs approximately $1,000 to treat a medium infestation in a single room. Remember, if the infestation is very severe, you are likely to pay more for pest control. You will be required to comply with preparations to your home prior to any services so that treatments are effective. You will waste a significant amount of time and money if you do not prep properly.

Cost of Pest Control Services according to sq. ft.

Size Treatment Cost
1,000 sq.ft. $1,000 - $8,000
1,500 sq.ft. $1,500 - $12,000
1,800 sq.ft. $1,800 - $15,400
2,000 sq.ft. $2,000 - $16,000
2,500 sq.ft. $2,500 - $20,000
3,000 sq.ft. $3,000 - $24,000

The price of bed insect removal per sq. ft. ranges from $1 to $8. As they are so tiny, bed bugs can hide in various places. Since it might be challenging to eradicate all bed bugs in one treatment, pest control businesses typically bill by sq. ft. to ensure they can eradicate the complete infestation.

The actual cost may vary depending on the condition and size of the infestation. In some situations, it may take several treatments to effectively eradicate bed bugs.

Expert says: “To receive a precise estimate of the price and course of treatment, it is crucial to speak with a reputable pest control business”.

Cost to Remove Bed Bugs per Bedroom

Number of Rooms Cost per Treatment
1 Room $250 - $600
2 Rooms $400 - $900
3 Rooms $700 - $1,200
4 Rooms $1,000 - $2,500
Whole House $1,500 - $6,000

The average price to get rid of bed bugs ranges between $250 for a single room to upwards of $6,000 for the entire house. Depending on the technique used, the extent of the infestation, and the number of affected rooms, the price of bed bug removal varies greatly.

The number of beds in the room determines the price, not the size of the room. As a result, bedrooms will cost more to be bug-proof than living rooms because they frequently contain two or more beds. Each bed will need to be inspected, handled by a technician, covered with specialty mattress encasements, and treated depending on which method of control is used.

The pest control service providers use glue monitoring traps in various areas of the house to ensure the infestation is only in one or two rooms and the remaining ones are not infected. Usually, professional pest control service providers use chemical or heat treatment to treat one infected room. However, they may also use freezing or team treatments to deal with two or more infected rooms.

Unfortunately, if the bugs have been in your house for a long time, they may have spread into more than three rooms. You almost always have to clean everything, including blankets, pillows, or clothing. In such conditions, insecticides and fumigation are the best treatments to take. Heat is the most effective treatment in smaller living spaces but is not in larger homes. New treatments using live fungus applications are now being used by certain companies in place of conventional insecticides.

Although it is very rare, there are times when the entire home needs to be treated for bed bugs. It is important to remember that this will significantly increase the price of the services involved. The professionals must visit all the rooms to inspect and eliminate the bugs.

Usually, the majority of infestations are found in sleeping quarters. However, entire house infestation happens in dormitory-like settings or overcrowded residences. There are also bat bugs that can spread throughout the home from objects taken out of attic storage if bats were present. They are very similar to bed bugs in appearance and require similar treatments in other areas of the home. If you are also suffering from issues with bed bugs, then you are at the right place. Here are the expenses one has to bear to eliminate bed bugs from the bedroom.

Expected Cost to Bear for Bed Pest Control Services by Method

Bed bugs image
Treatment Cost per Sq.Ft. Cost per Room


$1 - $3 $100 - $500
Chemicals $2 - $4.50 $200 - $600
Steam $2 - $7.50 $250 - $1,000
Freeze $3 - $6 $400 - $800
Fumigation $4 - $8 $500 - $1,050

Although the exact cost of the bed bug control services depends on the method you choose, the average cost one has to bear is between $1 to $8 per square foot. Professionals possess various methods to deal with bed bugs, but not all the methods are suitable for each situation.

All the bed bug control methods come with their pros and cons. For example, heat treatment is one of the least expensive but not suitable for eliminating the residual pests in larger spaces. Professionals recommend the best method according to the size of the infestation and the area that needs to be treated.

Expert says: "Heat is one of the best methods. However, it may have higher failure rates due to poor prepping. Chemical is more effective in a setting with poor prep but still will not yield the best results."

If the infested area is very big, then professionals may use two or three methods simultaneously.

Important information:Remember, an inspection or follow-up visits every six weeks is necessary to ensure all bugs are gone.

Heating Treatment

Generally, the cost of heating treatment to get rid of the bed bugs ranges from $1 to $3 per square foot, which means you are expected to pay approximately $100 to $500 for each room. During the heat treatment, professionals pump the hot air (temperatures 135 to 145 degrees) to the infested areas to kill the bed bugs.

The average temperature at which all the bed bugs and their eggs die is 118 degrees; therefore, heating treatments are the best method to eradicate all the bugs in your house. Bed bugs and their eggs will die after 90 minutes of sustained 118 degree heat. Generally, this method is preferred in empty places because the extremely hot air used in this method can damage various objects in the room.

The majority of low heat-tolerance objects are either removed from the room or placed in another space where the heat will not reach. But this must be done before the treatment starts because this can damage the objects completely.

Although this method does not use harmful chemicals, it will not prevent re-infestation. Remember, no homeowner is allowed to enter the home during the treatment. However, you can enter the house immediately after the treatment is over. You should always hire a professional service provider because they use their generators, which does not increase your electric bill.

Cost of Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments are the most all-around effective and commonly used for bed bugs. The average cost of such treatment is between $2 to $4.50 per square foot, which means it will cost you around $200 to $600 per room.

Chemicals are usually laid or spread in the home. EPS tells us that the most common pesticide used to treat the bugs includes:

  • desiccants
  • pyrethroids
  • pyrroles
  • pyrethrins
  • neonicotinoids
  • insect growth regulators

The working pattern of each pesticide is different. Some may work as a poison for the bugs that will directly kill them in little time. While others may destroy the outer coating of the bugs, eliminating them from the outside.

Some insecticides destroy the cellular functions of the bugs and prevent them from growing by killing them in the egg stage. Depending on the size of the infestation, a professional can use them both either separately or by combining them with other pest control methods.

Cost of Steam Treatment

The average cost the homeowner has to bear for the steam treatment is between $2 to $7.5 per square foot, which means you are expected to pay between $250 to $1,000 for one room. Usually, most people prefer stream treatment over other treatments because it does not use any dangerous chemicals and kills bugs much faster than heat treatment. It also requires a technician to slowly re-inspect infested areas as they steam, giving them a smaller chance of missing any bugs.

Everyone knows bed bugs cannot survive in both extreme hot and cold temperatures. A steam above 200-degree temperature will be pumped to the infested areas during this treatment. But remember, this treatment needs several passes. Unfortunately, the steam method cannot be used in large areas; it only works well in smaller areas.

Steam treatment is capable of killing bugs of all ages. It penetrates soft surfaces and materials more effectively than other pest control procedures. However, it can damage certain objects in the room, such as wood furniture or electronic products. Therefore it is advised to shift these products out of the room before this treatment starts.

Cost of Freeze Treatments

Treatments for bed bugs should cost between $400 and $800 per room or between $3 and $6 per square foot. One of the more recent, chemical-free techniques being used by exterminators is the freeze treatment. Usually, bugs cannot handle the intense cold, just as they cannot tolerate extreme heat. This technique pumps extremely cold temperatures into bed bug-infested areas using high pressure.

Expert adds:"Freezing works solely because of the "shock" of the extreme sudden temperatures. If you lived in an area where it got below zero and you left your windows open, it would be a more gradual cooldown. The bugs would likely be able to hide and shut down their internal organs to survive. Many insects have this adaptation in order to survive winter."

It acts like fine snow that instantly kills bed bugs upon contact. Yet occasionally, instead of killing the bed bug, it may simply blow it away. Although it might be challenging to penetrate soft materials like mattresses, this technique is safe for many materials that may not withstand intense heat. But, this must be done correctly because if done carelessly, it can result in a failed treatment and future infestation.

Cost of Fumigation

Fumigation is a bed bug pesticide treatment that costs between $4 to $8 per square foot. Therefore, you must budget for anywhere between $500 to $1,050 for each room. Remember, the chemicals used in this procedure are very dangerous and harmful; therefore, professionals must handle them.

This technique of eliminating bed bugs is very complex. During the fumigation, professionals deal with the infested area with tape, plastic, or other materials or create tents around the outside of the structure and fill it with harmful gasses. Doing this kills all the bugs in the particular area.

Remember, you are not allowed to enter the house for at least three days after the treatment. This is necessary to ensure the safety of your family and pets. Many people have gotten severely sick for disregarding this advice. Although it does not avoid reinfestation, this is the most effective method to kill the bugs in cracks or other parts that are hard to reach. You may be surprised to know that fumigation can kill 99 to 100% of bugs, which no other method can do. However, it releases VOCs, which are very harmful to humans.

Expert notices:"The industry is moving away from fumigation all together. However, there are many states in the US that use it in extreme situations or for termite issues that pose a threat to the public due to compromised structures."

Cost of Bug Pest Control by Frequency

The price of bug pest extermination varies according to how frequently treatments are administered. Treatment for bed bugs ranges from $750 to $8,500. Most businesses advise getting a contract with recurring visits. Without a contract, hiring a business for a solitary visit will cost between $900 and $1,250.

Often, a contract for a recurring service is more expensive than a single-time solution for bed bugs. This is because it helps avoid recurring infestations; the monthly strategy might be more beneficial in the long run.

The size of the region that needs to be treated also affects how much bed bug pest treatment costs. For example, a small home may only require basic treatments, which result in minimum cost. At the same time, the big apartments may need multiple treatments, which increases the project cost significantly.

Cost of Pest Control Treatment Depending on the Severity

Level of Infestation Cost per Treatment
Small $250 - $600
Moderate $400 - $1,200
Severe $1,500 - $8,000

As discussed earlier, the exact cost of pest control services depends on various factors, including the severity of the infestation. The treatment costs start from $250 for the smaller treatments and go up to $8,000 for the severe infestations.

Detection of bed bugs early is considered better for any level of infestation. It is cheaper and requires less effort to get rid of the light infestation. However, you have to pay a significant amount if the infestation is severe. You can hire professional pest control service providers to inspect and identify the level of the infestation.

Doing this helps the professionals to suggest the best suitable methods to eliminate the bed bugs that affect your overall cost. Usually, a light infestation includes up to 5 bugs with no symptoms and bleeding. You can eliminate the bugs if found and removed within six weeks. Most pest control service providers use the following methods to deal with such infestations:

  • Steam
  • Chemical
  • Freeze

However, the moderate infestation is mainly found in the main bedroom, and this must be caught within 18 weeks of entering the home. In such a stage of infestation, you will find various symptoms such as droppings smeared on sheets, nymphs, eggs, and adult bugs. Steam, chemical, and freeze treatments work excellently to deal with a moderate infestation.

But this is not the case with severe infestation. In such cases, the entire property gets infested by bed bugs of all ages and has a higher chance of spreading to adjoining properties. Fumigation and heat treatments are the most effective techniques used in such situations. Given below are the costs to bear for treating a 2000-square-foot house.

Cost of Bug Removal by Company

Provider Treatment Cost
Orkin $400 - $3,000
Terminix $500 - $2,000
Ehrlich $650 - $3,000
Rentokil $800 - $1,500

Various pest control businesses offer whole-house treatments between $400 to $3,000. Orkin, Ehrlich, Terminix, and Rentokil are the top bed bug extermination businesses in the US. Before choosing the best line of action, all businesses offer a free examination. Usually, most companies provide a 30-day warranty including:

  • Ehrlich
  • Terminix
  • Orkin

Expert says:"Food for thought: Terminix and Rentokil began a corporate partnership after Rentokil bought 50% of Terminix. Ehrlich is owned by Rentokil and is one of their four biggest representatives in the US."

Rentokil (Ehrlich) offers a 30- to 60-day warranty against the appearance of bed bugs. Heat control techniques and Chemical treatments are included in the majority of Orkin’s bed bug treatment costs. They are aggressive because if they miss one bed bug, there could be a re-infestation.

Terminix frequently uses freezing techniques to get rid of bed bugs from a house. Ehrlich individualizes every therapy strategy for every patient. The pest control business uses mostly heat treatments but uses more modern methods like bug-sniffing dogs.

Rentokil employs a multi-step procedure to permanently eradicate bed bugs. The organization often targets regions with high levels of activity with ecologically acceptable smells and sprays. They could use heat and chemical treatments to completely get rid of bed bugs in the area. Rentokil is one of the companies that has begun using a fungus that is applied by a small hand sprayer. The product is called Aprehend. The fungus rests on surfaces and will clog the spiracles on bed bugs' backs, which suffocates them. This method poses less risk to humans and pets.

Cost for the Emergency Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs on skin

An emergency bug elimination appointment typically raises the price of the bed bug service by $200 to $500. The plan for control of the bug emergency pest control service depends on the location or infestation and whether you are able to find the pest or not. For example, if the infestation is only limited to a single room, then you can leave that room until the pest control service providers come and inspect depending on that company's policy.

Experts adds:"Terminix: I could do this for people. Ehrlich and Rentokil: I could not even spray inside for ants with people present per company rules."

The majority of bed bug treatment professionals know that the bugs need quick and effective treatment, so they won't keep you waiting for too long. A severe infestation that makes the home uninhabitable is a great example of it. The best part is that emergency visits can prevent widespread infestations from dormitories or apartments.

Inspection Cost for Bed Bugs

Bed bug inspection is necessary because bed bugs usually hide in the places which are not visible such as behind picture frames and walls. The inspection process is very straightforward and only takes up to 4 hours to complete.

Expert notices:"Personally, I have never spent four hours at an inspection. If I believed it would take that long, I would have the office coordinate a canine inspection and wait for the information to come back about where they were detected so I could focus my efforts in those areas."

During the inspection process, professionals check various things, including:

  • Walls
  • Carpets
  • Bedding
  • Crack
  • Crevices
  • Furnishings

Usually, most pest control service providers include the inspection cost within their package, while some charge extra to the customers, ranging between $50 to $200.

Cost of Bed Bug Canine Detection

The average cost for the bed bug detection dogs range between $300 to $600 for a home of average size. Everyone knows how difficult bed bugs are to detect, therefore various companies even use canines to determine the location of the bed bugs.

You may be surprised to know that dogs can detect 96% of bug infestations, even in areas that are very hard to reach. But still, the majority of inspectors and homeowners do not solely rely on these methods to determine the bug's location.

During this treatment, various insect monitors are set in the regions where dogs have sensed the pests. But before you hire any professional, make sure to ask about the certification of their dog. According to government laws, each bed bug-sniffing canine must meet standards for the Canine Bed bug detecting team certification.

Everything about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish brown, so they are very hard to find. They hide throughout the day and only become active at late hours, typically when humans are sleeping. Usually, these bugs hide in areas where they can easily access the blood of the host while it is sleeping. This is why they are commonly found near the bed in the bedroom.

Bed bugs often prefer fabric and wood materials to hide. This is why they’re commonly found in a group at the edges and seams of the box springs and mattresses. You may be surprised to know that they even hide under the bed or in the footboard or headboard.

Bed bugs cannot infest materials like plastic and metal. Such insects always search for a place to hide which is no further than eight feet from humans. Unfortunately, such insects can live for several months without a blood meal. However, they will not be able to effectively breed during this period.

What Shape are Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can multiply themselves into the hundreds and thousands in very little time. You may be surprised to know that female bugs can lay hundreds of eggs. These eggs are very small; each egg is around 1m, which is even hard to see with the naked eye. Usually, the eggs take approximately ten days to hatch.

These eggs are very hard to see, especially on white surfaces such as mattresses or box springs. This is because these eggs are off-white. The outer surface of the eggs are very sticky, which helps them remain in the same place for longer and potentially attach to a future host, spreading the infestation to other areas or even other homes.

Bed bugs, at their early age, look entirely different from adult ones and are commonly known as nymphs. Generally, nymphs do not have any color; they are translucent because, till now, they have not fed on blood. However, they turn their color yellow after the first feed.

These bugs often are approximately 1mm in height in the early stage, which grows up to 4-5 mm in the adult age. Nymphs take almost thirty days to metamorphosize through each stage and become adult bed bugs.

Adult bugs look entirely different from young ones. Adult bugs are fully grown bugs that are brown and are the size of an apple seed. They also have a flattened midsection. But after feeding, their color turns reddish-brown and also increases their size. An adult bug can increase its size to as large as 5mm after feeding.

How Are these Bugs Attracted?

Bed bugs are often attracted by warm living conditions and blood hosts. But remember, they only thrive in temperatures around 70 degrees; they will die in extremely hot conditions. They discover a means to attach to soft goods and are carried to a new site. After moving off the items, they start to infest it. Bed bugs most frequently infest a bed, including:

  • Headboard
  • The mattress
  • Baseboard

Moreover, all bedding must be examined for signs of live larvae, bugs, and eggs. Wooden furniture may also contain bed bugs. They can be found hiding in the crevices and cracks of nightstands, dressers, and other pieces of furniture throughout the house. Unfortunately, these bugs can also occur in electronics, but this is uncommon.

Most people think bed bugs only target houses with dirty living conditions, which is not always the case. Bed bugs can impact any home, since they only require a blood host to survive.

What are the Early Signs of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs bites

As bed bugs are so small, they are very challenging to find. It is very uncommon for the signs of bed bugs to remain unnoticed for several months. This is because most people get the signs of bites on their bodies or find excrement from the bugs on their bedding. The first symptoms of infestation that homeowners typically notice are blisters and a rash. However, there are also some other signs of infestation that, include:

  • Under the carpet
  • Mattresses
  • Box strings
  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Couch cousins

This is because they usually hide under these places. However, you should also check the other areas like wall joints, famed pictures, and electrical outlets and between the drawers. Take pest control services even if you find a single egg or bed bug because they multiply themselves in no time.

As these bugs live in groups, you will find multiple eggs in the same place. If you are also suffering from the infestation of bed bugs, then it is best to call a professional pest control service provider for confirmation.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful or Dangerous?

The study by CDC tells us that these bugs are not directly dangerous as they do not carry any life-threatening disease. But they can cause minor problems like rashes and itching, leading to an additional infection due to scratching. In some cases, it leads to psychological issues later on. Some people report being bitten after an infestation has cleared up, but are traumatized from the initial infestation and end up with Delusional Parasitosis.

Unfortunately, some people even suffer from allergic reactions caused by the bites of bed bugs that need to be treated with immediate medication. Some common infections that the bug's bite can cause include:

  • Lymphangitis
  • Ecthyma
  • Impetigo

These bugs can even cause psychological problems. In addition to Parasitosis, many cases were reported in which people suffer from insomnia and anxiety due to these pests. Although they are not as dangerous, professionals must treat them on time. Immediately call a professional if you do not want these bugs controlled and removed.

Cost of Pet Safe Bug Treatment

Treatments that are pet-safe for bed bugs often cost between $1,000 and $2,500, comparable to regular treatments. Pests like bed bugs are particularly challenging to get rid of. It's critical to eliminate them effectively to protect people and pets.

While many providers utilize pyrethrin, a safe substance for cats and dogs, the ASPCA claims that other chemical treatments are unsafe for pets if used inappropriately. Pets should be kept away from the treatment area until the chemicals have dried, as all pest control firms advise. Also, the rooms need to be well-ventilated before reintroducing dogs.

Ways to Prevent the Bed Bugs

Preventing the bugs from entering the house is the most effective way to stop the bed bugs. The majority of people get bed bugs while traveling. Therefore we suggest you always inspect anywhere you rest for evidence of the bugs, including the rust colored spots or carcasses.

Also, keep your belongings like a suitcase away from a bed to avoid the infestation of bed bugs in your home. It is recommended to buy new toiletries for the trips and later throw them away before returning home. Do not forget to clean your clothes properly with hot water after coming back from the trip. Running your clothes through the dryer for at least 30 minutes is also a great way to prevent an infestation. Do not run them through the washer first.

Remember, hotels and dorms are not the only places where you can pick up the bugs. But they are commonly found in public transportation and even movie theaters. This is why it is essential to only use well-maintained public transport. Also, check for the signs of bed bugs.

However, you can use various chemicals and sprays to get rid of the bed bugs, which cost between $9 to $40 per bottle. Buying bed bugs-proof mattress encasements is also a great idea, costing around $20 to $130.

Additional Costs And Considerations One Has To Bear


Remember that the higher government authorities must license any company or any individual providing pest control services for compensation on property that they do not own. Everyone should always hire a licensed professional pest control provider to ensure the work will be done perfectly and safely. Also, the EPA requires manufacturers to both register and certify pesticides used in pest control.


Undoubtedly, the DIY process of eliminating bed bugs can be a great way to save lots of money. Various methods can easily be performed, but they are not as effective and efficient as professionals.

Various home remedies like lavender, mint, tea tree, and other herbal plants work as a repellent. Also, there are some remedies like steam cleaning, silica gels, and vacuuming; diatomaceous earth and baking soda work excellently for removing bed bugs in very small populations.

Leaving Your Home

If your house is suffering from a minor or a moderate bug infestation, freeze or steam methods are an excellent choice. During such treatments, you can remain in the house without worries; however, if the infestation is severe, the professionals will use harmful chemicals to kill the bugs. It is necessary to leave the house during the treatment. However, you can re-enter the house once the treatment is dried, which typically allows for re-entry four hours after.


Always select the pest control service providers who provide you with a warranty that will get rid of the bugs immediately after the treatment. Usually, the pest control service provider gives a 30-day guarantee with no extra cost. If you face bug problems within the warranty period, they will do the procedure again for free. However, most companies will deny a second visit until at least a week after the first treatment to allow it to work.


Insect control is often considered the home maintenance service and is usually not covered in the home or renters insurance. Although typical bed bug insurances exist in the market, they need a bit of effort to find. The average cost one has to bear for such insurance policies is around $50. However, depending on your location and insurance company, it can be a bit higher or lower.

Inspect And Treat Other Rooms.

Although you have to pay extra to inspect the other room, it is completely worth it. Various factors must be discussed with the professional present. For example, if the infestation is minor and limited to one room, inspecting the other rooms is unnecessary. However, if the infestation is at a moderate and severe level, then it is also great to check the other rooms. Doing this will significantly decrease the chances of re-infestation.

Damages During The Pest Control Treatments

As we all know, all home items cannot tolerate pest control techniques and may get significantly damaged. Such damages are often categorized as indirect because they are not getting directly damaged by the treatments. Instead, they are getting harmed by the products used in the procedure.

For example, electronic products can malfunction due to pesticide or heat exposure. Also, moving out the things made up of wood is essential because they may get warped due to the extreme heat or other treatments used in pest control.


It is beneficial for the homeowner to remove the smallest items from the room before the treatment starts. This is because the more clutter that is present, the more money you spend on repeated pest control services. You can hire a home organizer to remove all the clutter, charging you approximately $50 to $100 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Way To Kill The Bugs Instantly?

Heat treatment is the most effective and commonly used pest control technique that can kill bed bugs in no time. Bed bugs often get killed when the temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit. But this treatment can damage the various things in the room; therefore, consider shifting the furniture to another room before taking the treatment. Be sure that the furniture does not contain any evidence of bed bugs to avoid spreading them to other rooms if they are not infested.

What do the bugs Look Like?

It is very challenging to find bed bugs on mattresses. This is because, most times, they are found in the cluster of various crème color eggs of approximately 1mm each. However, you can find adult bed bugs on the mattresses from their shedded moults or blood spots. The adult bug is of a reddish brown color of up to 5mm in height and looks like an apple seed on the mattress.

Which Chemical Is The Most Effective In Killing The Bed Bugs?

Chemical treatment is commonly used to deal with severe or moderate bed bug infestation. Although the chemicals can be a bit harmful to humans and pets, they are the only way to eliminate severe infestation. Most professionals use pyrethrin because it is not harmful to pets and children.

Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs DIY?

>Although one can handle pest infestation DIY in the early stage, the process is very challenging and time-consuming. Vacuuming along the walls and clacks or using pesticides can be an excellent option to deal with the small infestations yourself. However, if the infestation is severe, hiring a professional company is better.

What Is The Right Way To Prepare The Home For Bed Bug Pest Control?

The most important thing that you can do is have a clear discussion with the pest control provider about what is necessary for full treatment preparations. The first step to preparing the house for bed bug control includes decluttering the infested areas. You are recommended to throw out all waste and materials that have not been used for a while. Also, bag up belongings in sealable trash bags and steam or put fabrics through a dryer prior to bagging. Do not wash fabrics from an infested area before putting them into a dryer to avoid spreading the infestation. Shift furniture out of the bed rooms and empty all drawers, as the technicians will likely need to treat this furniture. Also, consider removing any decorating items that cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold.

How Many Times Does It Take To Eliminate The Bugs?

Usually, it takes almost 48 hours for treatment to begin working throughout an entire house against bed bugs. In some cases, multiple applications are required to eliminate the bugs. It is recommended to take a follow-up visit or inspection from the professional pest control services provided.
It usually costs between $75 to $200 after six weeks of the treatment. However, this cost may exceed if additional treatments are required depending on your service agreement. Also, this cost varies for each service provider.
Expert adds:"Some contracts have free follow-up services until the problem stops. Some don’t."

What Do Adult Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

The bites of bed bugs are quite small. You will feel a raised surface on the skin if you are prone to reactions from the bites. After being bitten, the skin around the bite often turns red or pink. Generally, the common areas bed bugs will target are; the face, neck, legs, and arms.
This is because such parts of the body are not covered by the blanket while sleeping. Although the bites of such insects disappear within a day, in some cases, they can last as long as five days.

Is It Worth To Hire Professionals For Pest Control?

Yes, it is completely worth hiring professionals for pest control. This is because they are experts; they can suggest the right pest control technique according to the infestation condition of your home. We also recommend calling the professional for an inspection after every six months.


These days, the majority of homeowners are not suffering from the problem of bed bugs. If the infestation is at an early stage, then you can save a lot of money by dealing with it yourself if handled properly. However, if it is in a large or moderate stage, do not waste time and immediately call a professional pest control service provider. They will suggest the following steps toward stopping the issue. Usually, most professionals include the inspection cost in the package, but some may also ask for additional fees.

Expert notices:"A survey from (reputable magazine) says only 1 in 5 Americans have even seen a bed bug."

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