Metal Roofing Costs. New Metal Roof Installation Prices Guide - 2024

Steel$6 - $12,5 per sq.ft.
Aluminum $11,5 - $13,5 per sq.ft.
Cooper $20 - $40 per sq.ft.
Stone-Coated Steel$11 - $13 per sq.ft.
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 01/15/2024

The average cost to install a metal roof

On average, most homeowners will be charged between $9.70 and $16.90 per square foot or $970 and $1690 per square (100 sq.ft.) to have a new residential metal roof installed or replaced on a typical house. This cost involves all the necessary additional materials, expert installation, building permits, and workmanship warranty. This would match a final cost range of $18,500 to $35,500 for a typical 1,900-2,100 square foot roof on a single-family house.

Roofing Metal Type Installation Cost Cost per sq.ft.
Copper shingles or copper standing seam panels $39,000 - $75,000 $20 - $40
Aluminum shingles or Aluminum standing seam panels $23,750 - $28,350 $11,5 - $13,5
Steel shingles $15,200 - $23,000 $9 - $11
Steel standing seam panels $20,900 - $26,250 $10 - $12,5
Corrugated Steel Roofing $11,400 - $18,900 $6 - $9
Stone-coated steel 21,850$ - 27,300$ $11.5 - $13

Basic cost factors for metal roof installation

Metal roof

The final price of a new metal roof will depend upon the overall roof complexity, choice of metal type and profile, accessibility, contractor rates, and your house's location. Involving these factors, across the US, metal roof costs range between $6 to $21 per square foot or $600 to $2100 per square installed. So, the wider metal roof installation cost range is between $11,400 to $44,500 for a home with total roof square footage of about $1,900-2,100.

Geographic Location Cost Factor

Your contractor quotes depend on the relative cost of living in your area. Factor in the high cost of living in your area meaning a high cost of doing business for the roofing specialists, whereas most contractors in the cheap cities will have a low cost of doing business. The higher the cost of living in your area, the more costly it is to have a new metal roof installed. Roofing contractors in Boston or Seattle will charge more for their work compared to roofing pros in Memphis or Joplin. If you have a house on Florida coastal line you can expect roofing contractors to charge higher than in other US areas.

Metal Types and Profiles in the terms of Installation Costs

There will always be a variety of options at different price points, depending on which material and profile of metal roof you choose to install.

Steel Roofing Costs

If you expect the final price of a metal roof installation to fall between $9 and $12, you may want to consider mid-value roofing options such as steel shingles, steel standing seam, and stone-coated steel roofs. With the expert roofing job, it will cost around $9,5 per square foot to install a G-90 steel shingle roof.

Corrugated Steel Roofing Cost

There are the most affordable metal roofing options, like corrugated steel, which are designed to attract budget-oriented consumers. The cost of corrugated steel roofing could range from $6 to $9 per square foot or $600 to $900 per square installed. So you can expect the quoted prices in the range of between $11,400 and $18,900 to install a corrugated steel roof with total a square footage of about 1,900 - 2,100. This roofing is usually made from G-90 - Galvanized Steel which is the cheapest of all roofing metals.

Standing Seam Steel Roof Installation Cost

Steel standing seam panels

Based on the $11 per square foot average price you can expect to pay between $20,900 and $23,100 for a typical standing seam steel roof with a total square footage of between 1900 and 2100. Standing seam or vertical sheet metal panels are the most common metal roofing style due to their aesthetic appearance and longevity.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Costs

Stone-coated steel roofing will cost between $21,850 and $24,150 to install a 1,900-2,100 sq. ft. roof on a typical house. It is based on the $11.5 per square foot average price most roofing contractors will charge to perform stone-coated steel roofing.

Stone-coated metal roof has the appearance of a traditional asphalt shingles roof but is highly resistant to damage from hail, and gusty wind.

Aluminum Roofing Costs

Aluminum roofing

An aluminum roof will cost a little more than steel. On average, this is from $1 to $2 more per square foot installed. Aluminum roofing products come in the form of vertical sheet metal panels, tiles, and shingles. So aluminum roof cost is around $12,5 per sq. ft. installed. This average price translates to the range of $23,750 and $26,250 for aluminum roof installation on a typical house.

Copper Roofing Costs

On average a new copper roof installation costs can range from $39,900 to $75,000 to install copper standing seam panels or copper shingles on a typical house with roof footage of about 2000. The higher costs of cooper roofing is due to the higher cost of cooper alone which is priced from $9 to $16 per square foot, depending on the weight of copper standing seam panels or copper shingles.

Metal Roof Considerations

To keep your metal roof lasting as long as possible and not giving you problems such as metal noise, rainwater leakage, or loss of curb appeal, keep in mind some tips listed below.

  • Make sure you deal with an experienced metal roofing installer.
  • If you are going with steel or aluminum roofing materials, make sure it has a high-end coating like Kynar 500.
  • To prevent any noticeable noise during rainfall or strong winds, a metal roof should be installed over plywood, or tightly-fitted boards.
  • It's recommended install a breathable synthetic underlayment as insulation layer over roof wood deck.
  • It's a bad idea to install standing seam panels over an old asphalt shingles to prevent standing seam panel underside rubbing against the hard granules on asphalt shingles. Adding battens to the roof is the most common way to keep the metal panels from contacting the old roof surface.