Modern Epoxy Floors In 2023. Four Trendy Solutions For Epoxy Floors For Garage Or Basement.

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 09/20/2023

4 trendy solutions for modern epoxy floors

Among the modern floors that are more trendy today, we certainly find modern epoxy floors, for homes with a contemporary style and innovative design.

They are increasingly in demand because they are versatile and designed. They manage to be discreet but also trendy in the most stylish environments.

Today we find them in domestic solutions for an extraordinary application in all environments, because they are easy to clean but also for the multiplicity of colors and styles to choose from.

Let's see, first of all, what are the characteristics of modern epoxy floors and, later, let's explore together its intended uses thanks to the different types:

  • for interior
  • decorative
  • rustic effect
  • matte or glossy

Modern epoxy floors: characteristics

The characteristics of an epoxy floor, in its most modern use, are the following:

  • it is monolithic, has no gaps or joints, uniformly covering the entire surface of the floor
  • it is resistant and this makes it long-lasting thanks to its ability to resist wear and chemical agents
  • it is thin, its thickness is about 0.375 inches and this allows it to be laid overlapping the previous floors without having to modify the doors and create the unsightly steps at the entrance
  • it is easy to clean, thanks to its compactness and the absence of joints, where dirt often collects and can be cleaned with any detergent, because it is not porous and therefore does not retain moisture, thus not favoring the occurrence of bad smells.
  • it is flexible and malleable, it can be found in many colors and styles, and it can be treated to ultra-modern and customized solutions.

From the list of its peculiarities, it is easy to understand why the epoxy floor is in great demand today and easily adaptable to all domestic environments.

Now let's see what are the most requested uses at the moment compared to the types on the market and those that interior designers are offering in the most popular catalogs. And if you do not find the epoxy floor suitable for your needs, do not lose heart, consult local flooring pros on LocalProBook and you will certainly find the solution in line with your tastes.

Epoxy floors for interiors

If the resin floor was once used mostly in public environments, such as hospitals and industries, today its trendiest version is enhanced and is in great demand for the interiors of more contemporary style homes.

The resin that is mostly used for interiors is epoxy and can be of two types: self-leveling and film.

Modern self-leveling epoxy floors should be laid on a perfectly level surface for a smooth and compact solution.

Modern film epoxy floors are ideal for surfaces that are not perfectly level because in the presence of cracks or unevenness they can cover them to make the floor uniform and compact.

After laying the resin, the floor needs at least two days before it can be walked on.

The resin for modern indoor floors is, therefore:

  • epoxy, the most used
  • it can be self-leveling or film
  • it needs two days before it can be walked on

Modern decorative epoxy floors

Since the epoxy floor has entered our homes it has also taken on different shapes and decorations to amaze and make our interiors unique and original.

Among the effects recommended by interior designers, which also drive interior decorators crazy, we find the following solutions: glossy, matte, spatula, cloudy, material, mother of pearl.

Furthermore, the resin also lends itself to decorative variants that require the use of colors, different shapes, and original and personalized creativity, making our home environments unique and inimitable.

Thanks to its properties, the resin also allows objects and decorations to be incorporated with an incomparable scenic effect. In fact, in addition to the floors, the resin can also be used for other surfaces. such as for the perimeter wall of the bathtub, where any type of decoration can be applied, such as shells, crystals, and other small objects.

Epoxy floors can therefore be conquered for many reasons including the different decorations, which we review in summary below:

  • they can be: glossy, opaque, spatulated, cloudy, textured, mother-of-pearl
  • they can be made with any color and pattern
  • they manage to incorporate even small decorative elements

The rustic effect of epoxy floor

Trendy and highly sought after is the rustic effect that an epoxy floor can offer to super-lived spaces such as the kitchen.

Thanks to its resistance and its water-repellent properties it is suitable not only for widely used environments such as the bathroom but also for kitchenettes and living room kitchens. The resin is so versatile that we find it in a rustic version for modern kitchens, easily combined with the furniture we have chosen and practical thanks to a quick cleaning without the use of special detergents and easy to clean due to the absence of joints.

It is possible to find it in the rustic, beige wood effect and spatula version for a contemporary effect.

For a trendy kitchen or warm and ultra-modern environments, the epoxy floor is available in the versions:

  • rustic
  • beige wood effect
  • spatula

Epoxy floors: matte or glossy?

When it comes to choosing outdoor flooring, epoxy floors are the most popular thanks to their peculiarities. Furthermore, they are trendy because they are practical and stylish and we find them above all in the outdoors of contemporary homes.

The trendiest types to choose from are matte, glossy, or satin. But what's the difference between these versions of epoxy floors?

The opaque effect does not reflect light, this style recalls the untreated natural stone effect. It does not amplify the light, but it is trendy for its more rustic style typical of outdoor spaces.

The glossy effect, on the other hand, reflects the light and offers a "mirror" effect thanks to which the furnishings reflect in the floor giving a feeling of a larger space. It is especially required in stylish environments, such as the living area and trendy outdoor areas.

The satin effect is a middle ground between glossy and matte and has not very sharp reflections as it does for glossy. It is the right compromise between those who cannot choose between the glossy and the opaque effect, but who still do not want to give up the practicality of a modern and designed floor.

For exteriors, but also for trendy interiors, the most popular epoxy floors are:

  • opaque
  • shiny
  • the satin effect

How much does a modern epoxy floor cost?

Making an epoxy floor is not particularly expensive, but its cost varies depending on the type chosen.

We have seen that there are different styles and decorations and different environments in which to place it. Furthermore, if we choose to use it for other surfaces, walls, or more, then the cost could vary significantly.

It can also be applied over previous floors thanks to its minimum thickness, which we have seen to be 0.375 inches. This certainly involves optimization of costs because the previous floor will not have to be demolished.

In any case, to get an idea of the costs, just read our price guide for epoxy floors and how to laying epoxy floors.

If you already have everything clear in mind about measures, applications, and decorations, you just have to ask for a quote from our specialized companies with a simple request on the LocalProBook. It is easy, fast, and safe.