What Is The Cost To Plumb A New House In 2024? What Affects The Price Of A Project?

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/01/2024

Plumbing Cost In New House in 2024

We will not write about the fact that a beautiful design of your kitchen or bathroom can be significantly more expensive due to the cost of plumbing. And so it always is - a beautiful, high-quality thing cannot be cheap. And if your budget does not allow you to spend so much on plumbing, you will have to change your design project. Good advice from an expert: a project should not be just a pretty picture. The project must be designed taking into account the cost of the engineering systems of the house (plumbing is one of the most expensive options in this). 

So, what makes up the cost of plumbing in a new house?

There are only four factors:

  1. Location of plumbing pipes
  2. Number of bathrooms and their location
  3. Applicable pipe material
  4. The cost of the plumber's time and the amount of time to implement the project

1. Location of plumbing pipes.

Factors that can increase the cost are:

- difficulty accessing parts of the house for installing plumbing pipes - complex work costs more

- many turns and obstacles that need to be bypassed by pipes - pipe consumption is higher

- the difficulty of connecting to the septic tank due to its location. When connected to the sewer, an excavator may be required, and these are additional costs. Connecting to the sewer usually costs more.

2. Number of bathrooms and their location

Plumbing drawing

The more bathrooms you have, the more pipes you need to use and the longer it will take for a plumber to do his job.

The remoteness of the bathrooms from each other will increase the consumption of material and work time. Position your bathrooms one above the other or side by side.

The remoteness of bathrooms from a septic tank. For example, bathrooms are located in one part of the house, and the septic tank is located at the opposite wall of the house. We'll have to run pipes through the whole house.

A number of connected plumbing fixtures - you can have a toilet, bidet, shower, bathtub, and two sinks in one main bathroom. On the other, there is only a toilet bowl, a washbasin, and a bathtub. The difference in the cost of plumbing work will be quite different.

Having water outlets for the garden or supplying water to the summer kitchen or gazebo will also cost extra money.

3. Applicable pipe material

You can read about the cost of pipes, environmental friendliness, and benefits in our other article with us. But in short, the cost for 100 feet can be from $55 to $295 of the pipe itself. If you add the necessary connectors, turns, bends, and other fittings here, then the amount may vary by 2-2.5 times. And this is quite a lot of money. The difference between copper and PEX pipe alone can be up to $4200-5500 (for a 1500 square foot house with 2 bathrooms).

4. The cost of the plumber's time and the amount of time to implement the project

The most flexible project option. The cost of a plumber's work is highly dependent on his experience and credibility. A high-class expert will not go to do work for little money.

There are two options for completing the work - the cost of each connection and the hourly payment. For example, the cost of connecting a washbasin is $65, the cost of connecting a toilet is $120, the cost of connecting a bidet is $85. Paying by the hour is not always a good option because hours depend on the experience of the plumber. Every experienced plumber knows how long each type of work will take him.

As can be seen from the article, all 4 factors can vary greatly. Therefore, it is better for you to have the most detailed project in order to get the most accurate cost of your project. How to draw up a project for an accurate assessment is written in our article.

But we'll still quote average prices for a 2,500 square foot home with two bathrooms. The option using PEX pipes is $5500-6500, using a copper pipe is $9000-11000. These numbers can somehow give you an idea of ​​what budget plumbing in your home will cost.