How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sprinkler System In 2023?

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/14/2023

It is a challenging part to take care of your garden and lawns daily. So 'how you can maintain your garden' is a big question for you. Don't worry at all, here's the solution. A sprinkler system is very useful to keep in your garden easily and effectively. It can control the flow of water automatically by its controllers and water the lawns from time to time with its timers. On another hand, you may face some problems with sprinkler systems like cracks in the pipes, clogged heads, and valve issues.

Types of a Sprinkler System and Its Repair Prices

If we talk about sprinkler systems, it has various types of systems like above-ground sprinkler systems and in-ground sprinkler systems. In above ground sprinkler system, the head and pipes are fitted above the ground. This system is different from the in-ground sprinkler system. You can do repairs by yourself in above ground sprinkler system because it's easy to use and also costs less and in an underground sprinkler system, the devices are located under the ground. We can also talk about drip irrigation systems because it's also very famous around the world. Due to its efficiency and advanced feature like, it can be fitted above ground or in-ground. It has different types of costs depending upon the types of systems. Now we are showing a table of average repair costs for each type given below.

Sprinkler system type Average Repair Costs
Above-ground sprinkler system $80 - $370
Drip irrigation system $70 - $420
In-ground sprinkler system $90 - $470

Repairing Cost of Above-Ground Sprinkler System

Above ground sprinkler system

An above-ground sprinkler system repair cost $80 to $370 in-between. Above-ground sprinkler systems are set up at the ground so their heads and pipes are located, but the in-ground sprinkler system is placed under the ground, that's why it is difficult to repair but easy to use. Sometimes, you may face problems of damaging heads or cracks in pipes in the Above-Ground sprinkler system because of its features.

Repairing Cost of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation system

In a drip irrigation system, you may have to pay between $70 to $420. In a drip irrigation system, water is pumped out slowly and spread to the soil. This system is very efficient for the limited use of water. This system is suitable for above-ground or underground systems both. This cost you a bit high because you need to dig it up and covers irrigating part. Some problems which you may face with this system are, cracking pipes and damaged heads.

Repairing Cost of In-Ground Sprinkler System

In ground sprinkler system

For an in-ground sprinkler system, its repair cost is $90 to $470 in-between. This system is different from other systems because most of the parts and devices are located under the surface area. It creates a big problem for workers to repair and access the damaged components. Some of the common problems which were seen with these systems are the breakage of lines, valves, pipes, and manifolds.

Sprinkler System Average Cost of Repairing Completely Depends on the Types of Repairing

A sprinkler system is a great system for irrigating but sometimes it can create difficulties with heads, valves, pipes, and manifolds. In the case of repairing the sprinkler system, it depends on which type of damage occurs. The cost of repairing depends upon the type of issue the system creates. It may be less expensive to repair them because some components are simpler. We are showing you a table of sprinkler system repairs and the average cost below.

Type of Repair Average Repair Costs
Head $55 - $85
Wiring $55 - $95
Box $45 - $85
Backflow preventer $50 - $85
Valve $85 - $135
Solenoid $85 - $145
Controller $95 - $195
Manifold $85 - $210
Pump $120 - $250
Pipe $150 - $350

Repairing Cost of Sprinkler Head

Repairing cost of the sprinkler head cost $55 to $85 per head. In sprinkler systems, the heads are exposed, so that the chances of dirtiness increase and it is absolutely common for them, so there is no need to replace them due to dirtiness. You can just clean them from time to time and you can prevent them from blockage.

Cost of Repairing Wire of Sprinkler System

The cost of repairing wires of the sprinkler system is $55 To $75 for each wire. Wires create lots of energy in the system and in case of a breakage in wires due to any reason; the system may disconnect and shut down. It generates a big problem in finding the exact problem of failing your system to fix damaged wires and it should be reconnected and readjusted or you may have a new cover fitted. It may cost you more expensive as well.

Repairing Cost of Sprinkler Box

The average cost of repairing the sprinkler box is $45 to $85. If you are an expert/professional, you can fix any light damage and saves time and money. The valve box is huge. It is made up of polypropylene/ other plastic, which protects your system by controlling the valves and helps in replacements, repairs, and adjustments. Make sure to avoid damaged or cracked boxes that occur due to exposure to elements.

Repairing Cost of Backflow Preventer

Costing of one backflow preventer repair is $50 to $85. The work of the backflow preventer is to control the flow of water backwardly. But sometimes it may get cracked or damaged, in that case, you need to replace the system and for fixing it, you just stop turning off the water flow and the system has to be removed from inspection and cleaning. Several fresh parts of bell covers and bonnets need to be fitted.

Repairing Cost of Sprinkler Valve

Its repair cost varies between $75 and $125. The sprinkler system has several valves, which control the flow of water through pipes and with the heads. Most of the time the valves get cracked or damaged and start leaking over time. It may get loose, so you need to repair it by tightening a loose valve. The plumber may use tape on small issues and it's pocket-friendly also, but big damaged valves need to be replaced.

Cost of Repair Solenoid Sprinkler

The repairing cost of the solenoid sprinkler range is $85 to $135 per head. The sprinkler solenoid is attached to the controller by its wire coil. It has a magnetic force that controls a small plunger, which helps in opening up valves and in controlling the system force. It may be damaged by dirt, sand, and bugs also because they may block the system, in that case, you may need a repair man who can find the right problem and repair it.

Repairing Price of Sprinkler Controller


The average cost of repairing a single sprinkler controller is in-between $95 to $195. In a sprinkler controller, you may face many types of problems like its timeless activation process or its unusual working time. You may fix your sprinkler controller by setting up its timing and rewiring or installing fresh batteries for smooth work.

Cost of Repairing Sprinkler Manifold

The repairing cost of the sprinkler manifold varies between $85 to $210 per sprinkler manifold. A sprinkler manifold consists of various valves, and water comes out through many holes in the pipe, which allows water to flow into each line and head. When it comes to sprinkler manifolds, much damage may occur through exposure and you may need a replacement for heavy damage, or for minor damage you can just patch it.

Costing Of Repairing the Sprinkler Pump

Sprinkler pump repair may cost you between $120 and $250. A sprinkler pump is mainly used to provide and control heavy water flow, but sometimes it had problems with breakage in wires, fuses, and inconvenient fitting of the motor of the pump. So some rearrangements may be needed like replacing fuses and managing voltage or checking the loose wires and fixing them.

Repairing Cost of the Sprinkler System Pipe

The cost of repairing the sprinkler system pipe is between $150 to $350. In sprinkler systems, we give preference to PVC pipe because it survives for many years but has chances of cracking and bursting due to heavy pressure of water / freezing water into the pipes. If the thickness of the pipes is good then, the chances of cracking become less, so the repairmen should see first the damage, and then he can give you an idea of the cost of repairing it. If the damage is minor then, he can just patch it, on another hand if the damage is large then, the pipe may need a replacement.

The Repair Cost of the Sprinkler System By Type Of Replacement

We all know that the Sprinkler system has many components, which help us to make our work easy and fast, but most of the time these components had some major issues in their system, in which simple repairing is not possible, in that situation the replacement is necessary. If the damage is minor then repairing the parts is easy and quick and it cost less in repairing, in case of heavy damage, the devices can be replaced and cost much. We are showing a table of sprinkler system repair costs below.

Type of Replacement Average Replacement Costs
Head $55 - $115
Nozzle $65 - $105
Valve Box $75 - $150
Water Filter $75 - $125
Solenoid $75 - $140
Valve $85 - $155
Manifold $100 - $225
Controller $100 - $300
Pump $200 - $500
Backflow preventer $250 - $850

Cost of Replacement of Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler head types

The cost of sprinkler head replacement varies between $55 and $115. Various types of sprinkler heads coincidently get cracked and fractured. Some types are simple bubbler heads, pop-up heads, and impact rotors; however, some are more costly and create more trouble in repairing than others. If you had numerous heads to repair, repairing men may provide you with a discount. A table of sprinkler heads and repairing cost of replacement is given below.

Costing Of Replacement of Sprinkler Nozzle

The costing of sprinkle nozzle costs varies in between $65 to $105 per head. A sprinkler nozzle is a device that is used to distribute water in the formation of a spray. Sprinkler nozzle can get exhausted just like sprinkler heads and it stops over. In that case, you need to replace them and get a new one for efficient work.

Costing Of Replacing a Sprinkler Valve Box Cost

The valve box can be replaced at the cost of $75 to $125. The sprinkler valve box can leak if it is damaged due to general reasons. If there is a crack or hole in the box, water can leak and dirt and soil can get in. It may create big damage to valves and you need a new one, and return the old one. For changing the valve box, you may give labor cost for fitting, although the cost of material for the new valve is less expensive.

Cost of Replacement of Sprinkler Water Filter

The cost of replacing the sprinkler filter is around $75 to $150 per head. Irrigation filters are crucial components that are mainly applied to prevent the sprinkler system from dirt and debris. If the dirt enters the system, it damages the system badly and may block the area of the system from inside, so these filters play a smart role in protecting the sprinkler system. In case of high damage, the replacement of the system may need.

Cost of Replacement of Sprinkler Solenoid

Costing of the replacement of the sprinkler solenoid varies between $75 to $140. A sprinkler solenoid is an electrical valve that controls the flow of water throughout the system. Unfortunately, sometimes times they overheat and burn out, so they need to be replaced. In some cases, they are exhausted and can't the condition of repairing, so in this condition, you need a new solenoid and return the old one.

Cost of Replacement of Sprinkler Valve

Costing of the replacement of the sprinkler valve varies between $85 to $155. Some of the valves might need replacement and a shut-off valve or checking valve, and a ball valve in the sprinkler system. There are many valves with similar materials and costs, although some are easier to use, which impacts labor costs and duration.

Sprinkler Manifold Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing sprinkler manifolds is between $100 to $225 per sprinkler manifold. In this type of system, manifolds contain many valves, which can be broken. In this case, if one valve is damaged then, it will affect the whole manifold, beyond repair. A manifold cost always depends on the nature, design, and system layout. Their unique feature makes them different and highly rated. Its installation is easier compares to others.

Replacement Cost of Sprinkler Controller

The cost of replacing a single sprinkler controller is between $100 to $300 per head. A sprinkler controller is a device to operate the start time and settings of the system, but it controls when the heads and valves turn on. It faces problems when wires burn out or physical damage occurs, it stops working and became inoperable and unreliable. Many times, you just need to change the batteries, and because of a lack of knowledge, you can't find the right problem in the system. The new batteries cost is in between $5 to $10.

Cost of Sprinkler Pump Replacement

Costing of replacing a sprinkler pump is $200 to $500. The sprinkler pumps provide water to the whole system. An interrupted flow of water can be cracking the pump and the material cost can be expensive for new pumps, so you can fit the new pump.

Replacing the Cost of the Sprinkler Backflow Preventer

Costing of replacing a backflow preventer is $250 and $850. A backflow prevention device is attached to the main water line from your home and prevents water from your home, and prevents water from flowing back into your home's pipe. It allows water to flow in one direction, so it prevents the backflow of water. Any physical activity may crack and stop working. In case of big harm to the preventer, it demands replacement.

Various Types of Fixing a Sprinkler System And Its Costing

Sprinkler system has many components which unexpectedly affected during the work. Changing the pressure of water constantly, damages the pipes and clogs sprinkler heads. The cost of repair depends on the problem. We make a table below showing some general issues and the average cost for the repair, given below.

Type of Damages Average Repair Costs
Clogged Head $50 - $85
Heads Will Not Retract $55 - $95
Heads Will Not Rotate $60 - $105
High Pressure $90 - $400
Low Pressure $110 - $500
Overspray $50 - $450
Humming Noise in the System $75 - $150
Breakage $75 - $420
Leak $75 - $ 750
Pipe Burst $140 - $370
Frozen Pipes $170 - $420

Sprinkler System's Clogged Head

A clogged sprinkler head can be fixed between the range of $50 and $85. If your system had several clogged heads then, repairmen usually gave a discount for cleaning. Most of the time heads get clogged with the elements of clogged before installing it. Some heads may impact the cost of heads because some heads are different and typical to use.

Fixing of Sprinkler Heads Does Not Retract

The cost of fixing sprinkler heads that will not retract varies between in $55 to $95. Sometimes, the heads of the sprinkler system are retractable and pop up, which stay in the surface area and spray when pop up. The heads of the system show outside of the ground in open, which makes them dirty and blocked them with dirt, to the space they need to retract. Because of damaging the heads, they may need replacement.

The Heads of the Sprinkler System Do Not Rotate

The cost of sprinkler heads, which will not rotate varies between $60 and $105. If in case you have multiple damage issues, you may offer a quantities discount for repairing. The heads of the system are placed in an open area, so they easily come in touch with dust and dirt, that's why the heads get damaged and stop working. Usually, the heads discharge water in spray form. It distributed water through pipes by pumping. Unfortunately, if they stop rotating, some parts get soaked and the other parts didn't get anything because of the dirt and debris. You need to replace and clean them from time to time.

The Water Pressure of the Sprinkler System Is Very High

The cost of fixing the sprinkler system while the water force is a bit high varies between $90 and $400. Sprinkler system has many valves working with heavy pressure of water and them interfering with each other, so they might be affected during working and must need replacing and cleaning.

Low Water Pressure of Sprinkler System

The cost of fixing the low water pressure of the sprinkler system is around $110 to $500. There may be several causes for this issue. One of the main causes of this problem is backflow preventer is not adjusted well. It can happen due to polluted water in the tank, so the heads may get blocked and the pump and heads were affected. If you are professional, then you can fix the problem on your own but if a major problem arises, then you may go take the help of a repairman.

Over Spray By Sprinkler System

Repairing the overspray of the sprinkler system average cost is $50 to $450. Spray becomes a big problem, leading to the wastage of water. When water sprays out to the positioning area it spread all over the streets, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Due to high pressure in water pipes and wrong positioning of heads or wrong nozzles, overspray is caused. Fitting of new heads, pipes, and pumps can be needed.

Humming Noise of Sprinkler System

Repairing of humming noise of the sprinkler system, an average cost is $75 to $150. A solenoid valve is usually making noise when it generates the magnetic field and AC. If you should not be able to hear the humming noise unless you put your ear near it, then it's normal. But if you can easily hear it, then it had some issues in it. IT can be caused by any bad part, damaged wire, under voltage, etc.

Breakage in Sprinkler System

Fixing a sprinkler system breakage ranges between $75 to $420. Due to the heavy pressure of water, excessive damage may occur in the pipe and can cause leakage. It depends upon the type of problem. If the problem is severe and couldn't tackle by professionals, then you must go to repairmen for finding the root of the problem. Several issues may occur like, cracking in pipes, valves, or lines. So in minor cracks, you can use the patch; otherwise, you need to replace the whole part.

Repair Cost of Irrigation Leak

The repairing cost of leakage in sprinkler systems varies between $75 to $ 750. Repairing cost depends on the severity of the leaks. Several kinds of leaks may occur in different areas, firstly you need to find the affected part, small leaks can be repaired by basic methods, but in case of having leaks in several parts, you have to fix them by spending more money. You need to detect the leaking parts because any valve may be affected. A Low-pressure line would help you to find the issue within your system.

Repairing Cost of Burst Sprinkler Pipe

The cost of repairing a burst sprinkler pipe on average is $140 to $370. Due to the dramatic change in the weather, the pipes can burst. In the winter season, the chances of bursting the pipes increased because of freezing water in pipes, cause burst the pipes. Due to the high pressure of soil or water, the whole system would damage and when we start the system, a large amount of water may be leaked. Repairing this system may cost a bit high because the burst part should be replaced.

Repairing Cost of Frozen Sprinkler System

The cost of repairing a frozen sprinkler system ranges from $170 to $420. During the winter season, pipes usually freeze. A Professional can defrost the pipes and remove obstacles. You should remove ice early because it can generate big harm to your system.

Repairing Cost of Sprinkler As Per Hour

The cost of repairing depends on the type of sprinkler system and the type of repair it needs. The average cost charged by the repairmen is $60 and $120 for an hour. In general, most of the repairing jobs can be done in a few hours. You must complete the replacement of the sprinkler head within an hour. The total labor cost for replacement ranges between $60 to $120 which splits into labor costs ranging from $50 to $100 and material costs between $10 to $20. If you live in a remote location then you might have to pay an extra amount for the traveling expense of your plumber. This extra amount depends on the distance of the plumber from your location or it is sometimes fixed for a particular replacement professional. Certain times there is an extra fee asked by professionals under call-out for the visit and inspection. The choice is up to the person; they can pay and can also decline depending on the acceptance of the project.

Repairing Cost of Emergency Sprinkler

Emergency repair sprinklers cost you an extra $150 to $250 for urgent work completed. In a sprinkler system, a backflow preventer plays a vital role in the system. In some cases, the system gets burst and an overflow of water started, which makes your system fail. In this situation you can't figure out, how to switch off the system, you should consult with your repairmen. He can check the area which damaged and repair faulty valves. However, they clear out blockages and replace the product.

Cost of Maintenance of Sprinkler System

Firstly you should maintain your system properly. It is a big task to maintain the system, and for that, you need to be active in terms of cleaning your machine on regular basis. Due to heavy pressure, the system gets damaged and because of dirt and pollutants, you must inspect the valves, clean heads, and prevent clogs. You must be ready for spending money near about $20 to $50 on maintenance. For regular checkups, you can contact the company, which cost $75 each to bring out checkups annually.

A specialist repairs the system properly, starting with the sprinkler heads, pump, multiple controllers, and sprayers and the backflow preventer should be carefully cleaned. They find the root problem of the system and fixed them properly. After checking up, they restart the system and assure that the machine will be running effectively.

You can make a contract with the companies for checking the system at least once a year. For the smooth running of the system and changes in the weather, you can deal with your contractor for mid-season checking and setup services. Inspection costs may vary between $150 to $250, mainly depending on the type of system you have.

Cost of Repairing and Replacing Of Sprinkler System

The cost of installing a new sprinkler system is around $3,000 to $7,500, but the average cost of repairing is $150 and $500. Whether you need a small part of a replacement or full system upgrades, you should hire a professional service to do it. It depends on you because many factors like cost and age should be considered first.

In general, replacing the system is more costly than repairing it. It depends on the situation, whether your system needs a minor repair or it just burst. You need to pay a big amount of cost for maintaining your system for smooth working. If in case, your system gets busted, then you will need a whole system replacement.

The age of the sprinkler system is the main factor to examine. It can run smoothly for at least 10 to 20 years. By the old age of the machine, it gets damaged and new problems may occur. The older your sprinkler system gets, the more damaged parts need replacement.

Cost of Improvement and Enhancement

Sprinkler System Cost to Winterize

Winterize a sprinkler system

The cost of winterizing a sprinkler system is between $75 and $150. As winter comes to a close and you're getting ready to perform a checkup on your sprinkler system because, in the cold season, the water in pipes gets frozen and may create big harm to the sprinkler system. For preventing the system from freezing, you just need to shut off the water supply to the system, so that multiple valves and pipes are protected.

Installing Water-Saving Sprinkler System

The Cost of Installing A Water-Saving Sprinkler System Ranges From $60 To $100. The Cost Always Depends on the type, size, and count of heads you require. The high-efficiency rotating nozzle and heads are perfect for reducing the chances of wastewater. They are efficient for homeowners also, who want to use less amount of water because water-saving heads were installed to shower less water than traditional heads.


Is One Sprinkler Zone Enough For Working?

There are many reasons for one sprinkler zone not working. One sprinkler zone has low pressure, they may simply get dirty and the heads were blocked or destroyed. The one sprinkler system could face trouble in working and the multiple valves and lines could also be affected.

Is My Sprinkler System Leaking? How Do I Get To Know?

In an above-ground system, it is easy to know the problem of the system because the parts of the heads were fitted on the ground and it is simple for professionals to find the cracks in the pipes from which water is leaking. On the other hand, in an in-ground sprinkler system, the water pressure changes, and an overflow of water may occur. It may cost you high for repairing or replacing it.

How Much Does A Sprinkler Valve Cost?

The replacement cost of the sprinkler valve cost around $85 and $150. But generally, the sprinkler valves cost in the range of $15 to $50.

When A Sprinkler Breaks, What Would Happen?

Breaking of sprinkler head gives impacts the whole system. The nozzles can stop working and spray out water in an undefined direction.

What Does It Cost To Replace A Sprinkler Solenoid?

In general cost of replacing a sprinkler solenoid varies between $85 and $150. The cost of repairmen and its component were included in it.

What Makes A Sprinkler System Not Working?

If your sprinkler system not working, there is some problem created by the wires fuses or with its pump. In this situation must have to switch off the system once and go through to the specialist.

What Does A Replacement Of Sprinkler Valve Box Cost?

Cost of replacing a sprinkler valve box range from $75 to $125. The cost of the new box and repairmen cost were added to it.

What is the best possible way to fix a broker sprinkle pipe?

More often than not, it is required indeed to remove the damaged pipe section and fit a new one. The repairmen might do patching of the damaged portion if it is a suitable option.