Tree Removal Cost Service In 2024. Stump Removal And Tree Trimming Cost Near You.

6 to 12 inches in diameter: $ 550
12 to 24 inches in diameter $ 1,400
diameter 24 to 36 inches: $ 1,800
36 to 48 inches in diameter: $ 2,300
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Updated: 01/15/2024

Tree removal average cost in 2023

Felling a tree is like pulling out a tooth. It's in your best interest, but it's a monetary cost that no one wants to bear! There are several reasons why it is worth removing a tree: a dying tree that can fall on your house or car, on you or your family members, and thus pose a danger. After all, there are often strong winds with gusts, which can cause a tree to fall. Or maybe you decided to expand the area of the lawn, or update the landscape design and the tree is interfering with the implementation of your plans. And if you decide to add a pool to your lawn, then you will additionally have to deal with removing the stump with the root system.

As for the cost of removing a tree, the base cost for removing a tree can be estimated by the diameter of the tree at chest height:

Chest Height Average Price
6 to 12 inches in diameter $550
12 to 24 inches in diameter $1400
diameter 24 to 36 inches $1800
36 to 48 inches in diameter $2300
diameter 49+ inches from $2700

But it should be borne in mind that this is only an approximate cost for removing a tree because several factors can either slightly or significantly change the cost.

tree removal

Factors affecting the cost of tree removal services.

Here are some of the most common factors affecting the cost of woodworking, with explanations:

Tree Height: Do you have a magnolia that is 70 feet tall? Sturdy 60ft oak? Pine 40 feet? Mahogany at dawn 10 feet thick? Why this factor affects the cost of the work: it is more difficult for climbers to work on a tall tree than to work from the ground. The barrel must be removed in parts. Additional hardware may be required.

Crown Size: Do you have a large oak or hickory with wide-spread branches in front of your house? Or a small pine tree in your backyard? The number of branches also affects the running time and increases the cost of the service.

Accessibility to the worksite: are there any problems with the access and equipment tray? Will the size of your yard allow for large equipment? How far will the shredder be installed from the tree to be removed - this also takes time for the performer.

Relief: for example, the tree is located on a slope, there are other plantings or structures around that should not be damaged during the removal of the tree.

Is the tree healthy or dry? Are there signs of destruction and damage on the tree that require increased safety measures? Rotten wood is more difficult to remove.

The urgency of the order: is the immediate removal of the tree required, or can its removal be scheduled at a convenient date and time? If a tree fell on the roof or a car, then it is necessary to urgently perform the service if the street or access road is blocked.

The customer should pay attention to one more detail: the prices for tree removal may not include the cost of chopping stumps or removing stumps. Chopping a tree stump costs an average of $ 2.5 - 3 per inch, but can be cheaper if the tree stump is rotten and requires less time and effort. If we take the average prices for removing a tree stump, then it will look like this:

Stump diameter Average Price
1 to 12 inches stump $225
12 to 24 inches stump $325
24 to 36 inches stump $450
36 to 48 inches stump $575
48+ inches stump from $600

Tree pruning cost, tree trimming cost

And really, what is the difference? Trimming a tree is a lot like trimming a tree. But pruning is done mainly by removing dead branches and parts of the tree, infected and diseased. Trimming is shaping a tree or simply reducing the size of the crown so that the crown is thicker. Usually trimming is performed for pine trees, maple trees, oak trees, magnolia trees. Pruning is done for: apple tree, peach tree, pear tree, banana tree and other fruit trees. Any trees need regular pruning at least once a year.

The cost of this service is influenced by the same factors like the tree removal service.

Below are the base prices for pruning and trimming trees to give a general idea of the cost of this service:

  • Less than 25 feet: $ 500
  • 25-50 feet: from $ 750
  • 50 feet and above: $ 750 to $ 1,000

Permits for tree maintenance and removal services.

When you hire a tree care company, you don't have to worry about municipal or city ordinances, permits, or tree conservation requirements. Your tree removal contractor should have all of this.

Tree trimming companies

How do you find companies and contractors who are willing to take care of your trees? You can enter your ZIP on our website and get a list of contractors who provide services for the removal and maintenance of trees. In this case, you will need to call each one and explain what you want. Or create a project as a customer, answer the necessary questions and receive offers with a specified cost of removing your tree from contractors who are ready to perform this work. So you will see the price range for your order, and you will be able to discuss the details with the contractors and make the right choice. Do not forget to leave a review on your project later, it will help other customers to choose the right contractor.