Home Window Repair Cost In 2024. Window Crack, Screen, Frame, Leak Repair Prices.

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Updated: 01/15/2024

Home Window Repair Cost In 2024. Window Crack, Screen, Frame, Leak Repair Prices.

Window repair can extend the life of your windows and help you avoid having to replace them. What does it cost to fix a window? There are a variety of possible fixes, each with its own set of costs. The table below provides an overview of the average cost of window repair, as well as several factors of the cost. Please keep in mind that in some cases, replacing a window is more cost-efficient than fixing it, and in these cases, you should visit our house window pricing page for a complete list of costs by kind and brand.

Repair DIY Cost Pro Labor
Install sash replacement kit-windows $30-$90 $100 - $150
Window Locks Replacement $10-$50 $70 - $150
Window Seal Repair $10-$30 $60 - $160
Double-pane assembly Replacement $60 - $120 $80 - $260
Sash Replacement $120 - $130 $110 - $150

Typical Window Repairs

Let's take a look at some common window repairs, what they include, and how much they cost.

Cost of Replacing a Broken Windowpane

This is the most common type of repair. It's not surprising given there are numerous ways to break a window, including balls, wind-blown objects, even the shifting of a house, and many more.

The cost of replacing shattered glass in a window ranges from $120 to $490, and a sliding glass door can cost up to $600. Taking it apart:

  • $120 to $250 for a single window pane
  • $205 to $375 for two window panes
  • Low-E glass replacement costs between $340 and $490.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The larger the window, the more expensive the repair will be. This is especially true when handling a huge piece of glass that requires the assistance of a second person and this will most likely, will take more time.

On-site or at a shop: Removing the window sash and taking it to the handyman will save you money over having the expert come to your home. Argon gas will cost you an additional:

  • $110 to $165 - for a double-pane window.
  • $305 to $450 - for a large fixed/picture window.
  • $420 to $610 - for a sliding glass door.

Glazed windows: The term "glazing" refers to the glass itself. We're talking about the firm putty that keeps the glass panes in place on older windows, though. The cost of these windows is lower than when

Location: Second-story window repairs are more expensive than first-floor glass repairs if done on-site rather than taking a window sash to a repair business.

Wooden windows with molding: Some older windows utilize wood molding strips instead of putty to hold the glass in place. The molding is adhered to with nails. Removing Mold is very very important as it can affect your health in a very negative way. The broken glass is readily removed once the molding has been removed. If the wood is damaged or rotten, it will need to be replaced, which will be more expensive.

Because the repair is more time-consuming when the glass is concealed, costs for window glass repair are 28% to 35% greater. A significant amount of disassembly and reassembly is necessary.

DIY Option and Cost

It's easier to repair a window with putty/glazing or wood molding than it is to repair a window with hidden pane edges.

Premixed glazing compound ranges in price from $5.20 to $8.00 for each tube. Plastic putty knives cost around $3.5, whereas metal putty knives cost between $6 and $11. Depending on the size, the glass pane will cost $17 to $90. Wearing protective gloves, sturdy boots, and eye protection is also recommended.

When the glass edges are hidden, we recommend hiring a professional for window repair.

Cost of Repairing a Seal. Cost of Defogging a Window

Window glass seals are prone to failure. The glass fogs up when moisture travels between the panes, bringing moisture with it.

There are gimmicky ways to do this, such as drilling little holes through one pane of glass, one at the top and one near the bottom, with a Dremel tool. After that, you heat the glass with a blow dryer, allowing the moisture to evaporate and exit the two holes. The holes are sealed – or should be – once the fog has dissipated. This is a temporary solution, but it does not heal the seal. We're sharing this trick because if you search for a how-to video on defogging a window, you'll almost certainly come across it.

Cost: The most rate-effective option is to remove the window sash and take it to a window specialist, or have the specialist come to your home for a greater cost.

Take the sash to a repair shop: Window prices range from $55 to $100 per window.

Have a professional come to your house to make the repairs:

  • The first window will cost between $90 to $165.
  • Additional windows cost between $70 and $140.
  • To replace the double-pane assembly (see below), follow these steps: $240-$510

Older windows: Older windows are repaired by removing one pane of glass and replacing it with the techniques described above for shattered glass. The moisture between the panes is dried, and the panes' interiors are cleaned. The window is sealed with silicone or another sealant when the pane is reinstalled.

Newer windows typically contain a two-pane glass system that may be replaced as a single unit.

Size: The larger the window, especially if it has to be handled by two people, the more expensive it is.

Re-sealing vs. Replacing: As you can see from the table above, re-sealing a window is less expensive than replacing the double-pane assembly, as seen in this video.

Costs and Benefits of DIY

Most people are hesitant to take on this project for fear of causing more harm to the window rather than mending it properly.

It takes time to seal an older window with the technique described, but it only costs $11 for a tube of silicone sealant and a putty knife.

To replace a double-pane assembly, disassemble the window, replace the assembly, then reassemble the window. It's more difficult, and it can result in a shattered frame and the need for a full window replacement. The cost of an assembly might range from $140 to over $380.

Replacing a Window Sash Cost

It is feasible to replace a sash if the frame of the sash breaks. This is a simple fix. Place an order for a new sash. Replace the broken sash when it arrives.

Replacing the sash with a sash kit is a more complicated repair, but one that could save you money if you do it yourself. They aren't available in all Window Types.

The cost of the sash and professional installation is as follows.

  • Replacement of all sashes: $250-$500 for most window sizes.
  • Installation of a sash kit costs $225-$450 or more for the first one. The cost of additional kits installed during the same visit will be reduced by 10% to 25%.

Due to the additional labor cost of assembling a sash kit, there isn't much of a difference in total cost.

Cost Influencing Factors

They're the same as for other repairs: window size, window type (single or double-hung, casement, sliding, etc.), and whether the repair is done in a shop or on-site.

Costs and Benefits of DIY

It only takes 10 minutes to remove a sash and replace it with a new one. A sash kit will take an hour or more the first time you do it but will take less with practice.

Sashes range in price from less than $120 to more than $430, depending on the characteristics listed. The size and kind of the window are the most important considerations.

Because sash kits aren't designed for small windows, the initial cost is higher. Sash kits for the most common window sizes should cost between $130 and $350.

The first important consideration is whether or not a sash or sash kit is available for your window. If not, a custom sash for a wood window may be necessary. If the window is vinyl or fiberglass, the entire window must be replaced.