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Gutters companies near me - San Rafael, CA

Home Stewards

(5 of 1 reviews)
369-B 3rd St Ste 521, San Rafael  CA , 94901
We maintain your home, so you don't have to.
You take your car in for oil changes. You go to the dentist for checkups. But when was the last time you had your home inspected or managed to check 250 maintenance items off your to-do list?
Home Stewardship is a philosophy and lifestyle change. We keep your largest asset in great condition and let you take back your weekends.
Our unique subscription service combines quarterly inspections and handyman repairs. Don't climb that rickety ladder to clean your gutters, or start projects you cannot finish.
Our team is ready to care for your home. But like a good personal trainer, we cannot do it alone. It takes you making a commitment to Home Stewardship. So pick up the phone today and schedule your free initial consultation.
(415) 360-8715

Bailey’s Exterior & Interior Cleaning

(4.9 of 20 reviews)
, San Rafael  CA , 94901
I chose to work in this industry because We strive to provide unsurpassed commercial and residential cleaning through outstanding quality control measures. We appreciate just how important superior cleaning is to our customers..
We started in this industry in 1998.
We describe our business as Family owned and operated
(510) 780-6305

Master Roofing

(4 of 4 reviews)
742 Franvisco Blvd W, San Rafael  CA , 94901
I started roofing 1976 in Oakland CA at the oldest roofing company in the Bay Area. I learned the trade the old craftsmanship quality from the start to the finish. They taught me how to handle small residential roofing to a large commercial scale roofing. My mentor was in the roofing business for 45 years and showed me all tricks you can learn from a experienced and quality craftsman. I learned how to appreciate your clients and give your your best at all times. He always said do it once and do it with a heart. I still follow his advice after 35 years in this business. In Marin County since 1978
(415) 320-9481

Urban Painting

(4.1 of 14 reviews)
40 Lisbon St, San Rafael  CA , 94901
Urban Painting is a genuine family-run business. There are six Urban brothers total, all of whom have painted professionally for the company at one time or another. We learned the trade during summers spent at our grandfather's, and haven't put down our brushes since graduating from college. Today, the company is a thriving and well-known commercial outfit, with headquarters in Marin County.
(415) 485-1130

Excellent Window Cleaning

(4.5 of 20 reviews)
2171 Francisco Blvd E Ste E, San Rafael  CA , 94901
(415) 821-9039

Ruiz Window Cleaning

(0 of 0 reviews)
, San Rafael  CA , 94903
I’m a young gentlemen who is motivated and excited to start my own window washing business ! Ive worked along with very high supported company’s & many realtors around Marin county all the way to Petaluma . I’ve gone a long way to where I am now & ready to take the next step .
(415) 323-8859

Marin Gutter Cleaning

(1 of 1 reviews)
34 De Luca Pl Ste E, San Rafael  CA , 94901
We are a professional painting and staining contractor in Marin County. in 2015 clients started to specifically request gutter cleaning of our crew so we have added gutter cleaning to our services offered.
(415) 462-2522

Tioga Construction Preservation Renovations

(5 of 5 reviews)
, San Rafael  CA , 94901
(415) 997-2030

Aussie Roofing

(2.7 of 17 reviews)
1716 Las Gallinas Ave, San Rafael  CA , 94903
(415) 472-2800

Marin Window

(0 of 0 reviews)
, San Rafael  CA , 94901
(415) 842-9423