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Siding companies near me - Wichita, KS

Continental Siding Supply

(1 of 1 reviews)
8630 E 32nd Ct N, Wichita  KS , 67226
The company was born from our founder's desire to help people take pride in their homes. Jerry O'Neal invented the perma-strate bar to eliminate the need for hammer and nails in the siding installation process and the problems that occur with such an ineffective method. Jerry then opened his own manufacturing facility where he specializes in seamless polymer siding, which is far superior to other siding products on the market. The perma-strate bar, form-fitting insulation, and seamless polymer siding are the three main components that make up the Seamless Polymer Wall System. For homeowners looking for the lowest maintenance, best insulated, and most attractive siding, Continental Siding's Seamless Polymer Wall System is the only choice.
(316) 941-4700

Mid America Exteriors

(2.3 of 9 reviews)
1900 E Douglas Ave, Wichita  KS , 67214
Dave Becker and Gregg Schmidt bring their collective 50 years of industry experience to serve homeowners of Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area. They believe that honesty, hard work, and dependability are an essential part of delivering expert home improvement services. When you choose to work with Mid America Exteriors, you are getting more than new windows or siding on Wichita KS area homes; you are getting an improved exterior that will add beauty and value to your whole home.
(316) 265-5444

Oak Pro Development

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, Wichita  KS , 67209
Oak Pro Development was started in 2019. We are new to the Wichita Kansas area. I felt the need to start it up, when so many people I know were continuously advising that I should. With all of the knowledge I've gained over the years, doing commercial construction I was convinced. The business took off almost instantly. We strive to do the best quality and precision work for a most affordable price.
(909) 977-0965

Beaver's Tree And Landscape

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, Wichita  KS , 67203
Beaver's Tree And Landscape is proud of the fact that we have been servicing Wichita for over 32 years. We offer a number of products and services for the residential and commercial sectors. We offer complete tree trimming, landscape design, construction, care and maintenance.
(316) 263-4221

Home Repair Kansas

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, Wichita  KS , 67208
Our company owner use to live in Kansas. When he came back, he noticed that the city had become much bigger. With his love for houses, he decided to stay and offer his expertise to local clients.
We have more than 25 years of experience in the home improvement business.
(316) 395-1118

Enlite Painting

(3.7 of 3 reviews)
, Wichita  KS , 67207
Enlite painting is a new company but with over 13 years experience in all painting,staining and all repairs weather big or small
(316) 833-1101

Home Exteriors

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307 N Seneca St Ste 106, Wichita  KS , 67203
Open 24 Hours
Founded to establish a higher standard for contracting.

Academy Contracting

(5 of 1 reviews)
550 S Westfield St, Wichita  KS , 67209
(316) 773-7663

Myers Exterior Products

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1003 S Edwards St, Wichita  KS , 67213
(316) 944-1024

Keeter Roofing and Remodeling

(5 of 1 reviews)
4094 N Hoover Rd, Witchita  KS , 67205
(316) 644-6206