Garage Door Installation Cost In 2024. Average Prices For Replacement And Insulation Garage Door.

Single tilt-up $400-700
Single roll-up $800-1000
Custom roll-up $1200-2000
Door openers $150-300
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 01/15/2024

A single-car garage door installation costs between $510 and $812, while the average cost to install a new two-car garage door is from $769 up to $1421. An average cost of labor is about $290 to install it, while the price of a new door ranges from $295 to $1160.

Service providers estimate such a project, considering the cost of labor, a new door, new tracks connectors, fasteners, adhesives, and any other hardware. It also includes cleaning up the area and disposing of your old door if it is a replacement. As a rule, pros complete the task in an average of 6 hours.

Value of a new garage door

The total price you spend to add value to your home ranges from $ 650 to $ 2,450 and depends on the design, materials, and unit quantity. Many suppliers offer various customization options the larger the set of customization options, the higher the cost of the service. Some customization options do not increase the base price, while others may increase the initial price by several hundred percent.

Customizing your door

You can spend from $ 790 to $ 9000 to customize your door by the color scheme and style of your home.

  • Decorative hardware gives your home personal touch
  • Windows create a unique look and let the sunshine in
  • Low-E (Low Emissivity) Glass helps with heating and cooler concerns
  • aluminum door with glass panels as options for contemporary architecture
basic ($250-$810) it's a basic set of options the door can be installed with as soon as possible. These doors are the easiest to make.
additional ($790-$2490) door customizing from predefined sets of color, panels, materials.
exclusive ($1400 - $9000) exclusive or multiple colors expensive natural materials such as wood or metal non-standard engineering solutions.

Labor pricing

Labor price to install a new garage door averages from $220 to $510 per unit.

Cost of garage door by material

A new Garage door will be cost you from $590 to $4200 excluding all labor charges to install the unit. The type of material or style doesn't affect the labor and time involved in the process. So pros spend the same time installing steel custom option as they would install wood custom one.

Material Average Cost
Steel the most popular option for homeowners. These doors are budget-friendly, durable, and energy-efficient. There are some options if using a steel panel:
  • Three-layer insulated sandwich steel construction
  • Two-layer bonded construction
  • One-layer steel frame construction
Aluminum doors are characterized by contemporary design with modern materials clean lines and colors like gray and black. $720-$2,100
Fiberglass is a type of steel door with a fiberglass coating. These doors can provide a finish that has the look and feel of real wood, which is much less maintenance. There are up to three fiberglass layers in the design of the unit with insulation between each layer to boost energy efficiency. $1,100-$1,500
Vinyl options are low-maintenance, lightweight, and highly resistant to damage, making them an ideal choice if homeowners have kids. $980-$2,650
Wood or Wood Composite This is for those who love the look of wood and prefer natural, traditional materials. If you love the high-end look of wood, then you might consider hemlock, cedar, or redwood. $1,270-$3,600
Faux Wood garage doors are built from fiberglass that provide the way to have everything you love about real wood doors and get avoided all the negatives of real wood. $900-$4,200

Costs by opening and closing type

Type Average Cost
Roll-Up Using this option allow you to park your car right as tight as you can to the garage. When the door is retracted it rolls up around the head axle and that sits neatly at the front of your garage. $420-$1,700
Sectional This one moves vertically along the tracks and does not occur as swinging doors. But there is a need for a ceiling track to retract your garage door. The usual materials are steel, fiberglass, and wood with a variety of colors and finishes. Selection can also be made between insulated or non-insulated plates. $1000-$2500
Tilt-Up Since this type of door is built as one piece of material, a slightly wider range of design options is opened up for them, though it tends to be not a make or break factor. $500-$1,300
Swing-Out This is a very simple and ancient architecture of garage doors, which are usually made of wood. These days this is a very rare installation option, but it can be very expensive if you use valuable wood and exclusive accessories for the manufacture. $1000-$2,800

Garage Door Insulation

To minimize heat transfer, you need at least R-11 insulation. It can cost from $ 50 to $ 300 for a single garage door depending on the material. Given the labor, the insulated version costs $ 150 - $ 350 more than the same non-insulated one.

Insulation Average Cost
Polyurethane with 7-8 R-value per inch. It's the best way to improve the energy efficiency and soundproofing level of your door. $200 - $250
Polystyrene provides 4-5 R-value insulation and some soundproofing per inch. $100 - $120
Fiberglass provides 3-4 R-value insulation and a little soundproofing per inch. $50 - $60

Cost By Size

A single-car garage door ranges from 8 to 10 predefined feet wide. Most single bay doors tend to have at least 9 feet wide. Given both labor and materials the customer spending ranges from $500 to $2,100.

Double car units range from 12 to 17 predefined feet wide. Most double ones tend to have at least 14 feet wide to fit two cars. These could be costed between $770 and $4,200 installed.

You can also order a door with a custom size to fit your opening.

DIY garage door installation

A professional can install a new door within five hours while an inexperienced homeowner would have to spend around nine hours. So, does it make sense to do it yourself? Frankly speaking, it's not a good idea. Most experts claim that a new garage door installation is a job for two persons requiring both advanced carpentry skills and profound knowledge of the household electronic system.

So let's estimate the approximate cost of installing a new garage door using professional services.

Cost breakdown

Door installation costs will include:

    Locating a contractor - there are plenty of companies providing garage door installation services. It is always worth contacting at least 3 different companies and asking for quotations. Make sure that every quote you get includes costs for all door types as well as all installation fees and prices for electric openers wiring. The typical prices range is specified below:

    • Single tilt-up models - the cost is between $400 and $700;
    • Single roll-up models - the cost is between $800 and $1000;
    • Custom roll-up models - the cost is between $1200 and $2000;
    • Solid wood custom models - from $2500 to $3000.

    Door style is incredibly important, but besides we need to consider other features - for instance, a window at the top of the door letting the light into your garage, door frames made of wood or steel, and garage door insulation that allows for significant reduction of energy costs - up to 20%.

    Door openers - there are many different openers for a garage door that cost between $150 and $300. Secure automatic openers are a bit more expensive and may cost up to $50 more. Of course, it would affect the total cost of the project.

Costs and other things to consider

Width - another important characteristic to consider is door width. A garage door can be single or double-width. Both options have significant pros and cons, but one should be ready for serious modifications if he wants, let's say, to use a single-width door for a garage with two cars;

Lighting - a great number of homeowners choose exterior lighting when installing a new garage door. It's a great solution when you have a professional electrician working on-site as in this case you would save some money without the need to call the specialist twice;

Steel exterior doors - a garage and entry doors can be made in the same style. It would look great. Therefore, together with a new garage door installation, it would be a good idea to opt for a single 3x68 front door with locksets and half-glass. It's always better to have more than one entrance (and exit, too) in your garage, isn't it? A steel exterior door solution cost varies between $250 and $1000.