Window Installation Or Replacement Cost. Prices Per Window In 2023 Year.

Fixed Window$100-$395
Operation Windows$125 - $415
Bay, Bow and Garden$550 - $1,435
Updated: 01/15/2023

Window Installation Or Replacement Cost. Prices Per Window in 2023.

When planning a budget for a new home or remodeling an existing one, window installation costs are an important factor to consider. The pricing for installing new and replacement windows is well-researched in this window installation cost guide. Factors affecting the cost of window installation are discussed, as well as ways to save money on window installation. We'll also assist you in finding a window contractor with whom you'll be happy. Finally, you'll see reader-submitted window installation prices to give you a better idea of the range of estimates you might receive – and you're welcome to add your own. If you're seeking window costs that include both supply and installation, go to our pricing guide website's "window prices" area.

Reasons to Consider Window Replacement

A house is only built once, but its windows will need to be changed several times. That suggests you're probably replacing old windows rather than selecting windows for new construction. Homeowners update their windows for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are as follows:

Improved Appearance: Replacing old, dingy windows with new, fashionable ones gives the entire property a new look. Today's greatest windows from Pella, Andersen, Marvin, Jeld-Wen, Simonton, and other leading manufacturers are stunning and come in a variety of styles ranging from conventional to ultra-modern.

Windows replacing in brick wall

The windows are worn out: One or more of the following issues may affect your windows. Worn hardware, rotten or cracked frames, warped frames that stick or allow air gaps, damaged seals that enable air draughts and moisture, hazy glass, and unattractive discoloration are just a few examples. Windows of poor quality that aren't maintained may need to be replaced in less than ten years, whereas good windows that are properly kept can last up to 25 years.

Energy Efficiency: In the winter, old windows leak heat, and in the summer, they let heat and humidity in. Both of these difficulties make it more difficult for your HVAC system to function properly. While decent windows with Energy Star glass packages are costly, you will notice a big reduction in your energy use and utility expenses once you install them. If you correctly caulk the window frames and pick energy-efficient window treatments, your new windows will pay for themselves in the first month!

What Window Installation Costs

We looked at actual window replacement pricing, so our figures should match what you get when you seek window replacement quotes. Keep in mind that we're only talking about the cost of installation in this guide; the cost of the windows isn't included because the significant price discrepancies would throw the calculations off. Check out our guides for window prices by type and window prices by brand if you're seeking window prices supplied and installed. Check out our user-submitted pricing for a variety of local window prices.

There are numerous types of windows, each with a different price tag. The types are as follows: Bay, bow, and garden windows are essentially combination windows since they usually consist of many windows that are connected in a window system. A bay window, for example, could have a fixed central window with casement or double-hung windows on both sides.

Fixed windows are non-opening windows that come in a variety of shapes (rectangle, round, half-round, hexagonal, and so on) and sizes.

Single-hung, double-hung, sliding/gliding, awning, and casement windows are examples of operational windows that open and close. They, too, come in a variety of sizes.

Let's take a look at window installation costs in your home. Below you'll find an explanation of the elements that influence the price and result in the wide variety of charges that you see in the tables.

Window Replacement Costs

The table below gives you an idea of what you may expect to pay for a window replacement:

Type Replacement Cost Per Window
Fixed Window $130 - $345
Operation Windows $154 - $399
Bay, Bow and Garden $610 - $1,210

In a new home, how much does it cost to install windows?

In a newly constructed home, the typical or average cost of new window installation is shown in the table below:

Type Installation Cost Per Window
Fixed Window $100 - $295
Operation Windows $125 - $340
Bay, Bow and Garden $550 - $970

Costs of Installing New Construction Windows in an Existing Home

In an existing property, the following table gives you an idea of how much new window installation costs on average:

Type Installation Cost Per Window
Fixed Window $140 - $395
Operation Windows $165 - $415
Bay, Bow and Garden $660 - $1,435

The figures above can be perplexing since, as you can see, new construction windows can cost less or more than replacement windows. This is why: There are two types of windows: replacement windows and new construction windows.

A complete window, including the frame, sashes, hardware, and glass, is included with new construction windows.

Windows replacing in an old house

Sashes, glass, and hardware are included in replacement window kits.

Because of this disparity, replacement windows are frequently less expensive than comparable new construction windows.

A replacement window has less material than a new construction window, resulting in a reduced cost. Here's how new construction windows vs. replacement windows affect installation costs:

It is less expensive to install new construction windows in a new home than it is to replace windows in an existing home.

Installing new construction windows in an EXISTING property is more expensive than replacing existing windows.

To summarise, the most expensive sort of window installation is adding new construction windows to an existing property. The reason for this is that it necessitates a lot more carpentry. On both the inside and outside of the house, the window trim must be removed. The window frame is eliminated. To fit the additional window, the window opening must typically be altered to larger or narrower. The trim must then be changed.

Window apertures are framed to accommodate the size of the windows in new construction, and installation is rather quick. Window installation costs are cheaper when labor time is reduced. When replacement windows are utilized instead of new construction windows in an existing home, the replacements are custom manufactured to fit the existing window frame. Installation is relatively simple, as seen by the decreased replacement window installation costs.

Additional Factors Affecting Window Installation Costs

Besides the differences in new construction and replacement windows and where they’re being installed, here are a few more factors that will affect the window installation estimates you receive.

Level of difficulty: When ladders or scaffolding are required to install windows, the cost estimates will rise in proportion to the increased difficulty.

Window Type: When choosing a window package for your home, keep in mind that fixed windows are the least expensive, operating windows are in the middle, and bay or bow window systems are the most expensive to install.

Who does the work: The labor for DIY installation is free, but only if you do a decent job. Poorly installed windows cost money in a variety of ways, including inefficient energy use, potential water leaks that cause costly damage, and decreased window durability and lifetime. A good handyman with experience may do a nice job and save you money, but you should be concerned about job quality, and the handyman may not be insured against faulty work. The next step up the price scale is labor provided by the window maker.


  • Unlicensed handyman
  • Manufacturer-supplied labor
  • Window installation contractor

Permits and inspections: Depending on where you reside, you'll have to pay anywhere from $35 to $100 for a construction permit. The good news is that it will involve a quality assurance inspection to ensure that the work is completed correctly. While some may consider the permit required to be a bother and an unnecessary expense, it is a protection that has protected many homeowners from the consequences of improperly installed windows. To find out if a permit is required for new window installation, contact your city or county's building department.

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Disposal of old windows: This is one of the fees that many homeowners overlook when putting together a budget for new windows. Expect to pay $10 to $25 per window for disposal.