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Garage Doors companies near me - Bowling Green, OH

McCurdy's Custom Remodeling

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, Bowling Green  OH , 43402
McCurdy's Custom Remodeling, LLC is a veteran owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality home remodeling services to the community and friendly, professional customer service!
We Build Beautiful Better!
(419) 601-0502

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Perrysburg Premier Garage Door

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26020 Glenwood Rd, Perrysburg  OH , 43551
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Scott has worked with the garage doors for over 30 years.
He started in the manufacturing plant. Work as a service
technician. Then he became an installer.
When the business was selling he bought it.
It is a family owned business. He now has his three sons working with him.
(419) 874-4356

Dick's Automatic Door Company

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1535 Woodville Rd, Millbury  OH , 43447
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Dick Zeiter worked at the Spicer Transmission Division of Dana Corporation in Toledo Ohio. As a younger employee he was faced with numerous layoffs as the Corporation began moving production out of Toledo. In 1974 while working part time at a gas station, a customer introduced him to the business of installing TV Towers part time.
As his new company, Dick's Antenna Service, began to grow, he was asked to install some garage door openers by one of his wholesale suppliers. Finding that the task took similar tools to the TV Tower Business and that it had a different busy season made it a comfortable fit to the business. He began Dick's Automatic Door Service in December of 1975. Over the years, the TV Tower business diminished, first due to cable and then satellite TV. The garage door business, however, continued to grow. After his final layoff from Dana in 1983, he finally went full time with the garage door company.
(419) 472-2100

Spike's Door Serv

(5 of 1 reviews)
23037 Lime City Rd, Perrysburg  OH , 43551
Open 24 hours
Spike's Door Service, Inc. was started in 1962 by Ernest A. "Spike" Haas. In 1989 his son Nicholas J. Haas took over as President and continues a fine tradition of prompt service backed by our local, family-owned business. Our customers are our best advertisers.
(419) 874-5720

Affordable Garage Doors And More

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26250 Glenwood Rd, Perrysburg  OH , 43551
7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
(419) 874-3667

E B & H Sales

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, Perrysburg  OH , 43551
(419) 874-1212

Northwood Door

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30733 Drouillard Rd, Walbridge  OH , 43465
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
(419) 666-3070

Excellent Garage Door

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1109 Radcliffe Dr, Toledo  OH , 43609
(419) 215-5657

Arnolds Home Improvement

(2.3 of 11 reviews)
1770 Tremainsville Rd, Toledo  OH , 43613
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Almost 27 years ago, a young man named Jason Arnold bought the van and tools of his retiring mentor, Toledo Firefighter Tom Dugan and started his entrepreneurial journey with "Arnold's Roofing".
In the beginning, Jason's days consisted of getting up around 5am, going and picking up all his roof crew, going to the job site and working all day for 12 hours, dropping his roof crew off at their homes, showering and dressing up for canvassing and estimating to get more jobs. "I'll never forget those days", recalls Arnold with a laugh. "For the 1st ten years of being in business, that's all I did. They may not be the fondest memories, but they're treasured memories nonetheless, because I owe the success of my company today to those days so long ago."
Today, as Arnold's Home Improvement, LLC, many things have changed. With sales over 20 times that of 27 years ago, we're a thriving, busy, debt-free and very successful General Contractor, fully licensed and insured in Ohio and Michigan.
(419) 605-0445

A+ Building Maintenance & Home Repair

(1 of 2 reviews)
130 Oakdale Ave, Toledo  OH , 43605
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
A+ has evolved over the years in an effort to service the multitude of needs for home owners. From complete bath and kitchen remodels, to simply installing a floor, we aim to provide prompt service for all clients.
(419) 478-1542