Costs For Garage Door In 2024: Repair, Replacement, Installation, And Insulation Prices.

install a garage door $850-1300
install a garage door opener $220-500
replace garage door springs $200-400
replace an individual panel $250-450
repair an individual panel $160-210
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 07/17/2024

Average Costs For Garage Door in 2024: Repair, Replacement, Installation, Insulation.

Speaking about the replacement or repair of the garage door panel, it is necessary to clearly understand why we want to do this and what effect we want to get. Natural wear or bad luck can be the reason for doing something. If your garage doors do not suit you and you want to update the look, then the option to replace the entire garage door is obvious. Another thing is when your garage door is damaged as a result of careless actions. For example, because of fatigue, haste, or inattention, you crash into the garage door, leaving damage. It can be a slightly noticeable dent on a single panel or a significant breakdown that breaks the functionality.

Repair of the garage door panel

If the type of damage and the actuality of the model allows you to make a spot repair of the panel there is a high probability that this might be the cheapest option to make your garage door look properly. The cost varies according to the material. The most used materials in the design of garage door panels are wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Repairing a wooden panel is the most expensive and costs you an average of about $200. Repair of the metal panel is the cheapest, costing an average of $135. The average prices for panels made of aluminum or fiberglass are $190 and $160, respectively.

Replacing the garage door panels

Often, for garage doors to work properly, you need to install new panels. Although this has a higher cost, it significantly improves the value of the home. The average cost for replacing the garage door panel is $250 for the 9'panel and $700 for the 16'panel. Considering the replacement of several panels, pay attention to the option of replacing the entire garage door. The cost of replacing the entire garage door starts at $700. The difference in cost might be insignificant to you against the benefits of getting a new garage door. After all, you get not only the panels, but all the other parts are new. The external appearance of the door corresponds to the modern design. Any technical innovations such as electronic eye sensors, high-quality insulation, automated reverse mechanism, and others could be used as functions that the old door might not have. Consult with professionals to choose the most appropriate option.

How much does garage door panel repair or replacement cost?

  • repair a single panel: the cheapest option is a spot repair of a single panel which could be costing you around $160-210.
  • replace a single panel: if this option does not suit you, then be prepared to pay around $250-450 to replace the damaged panel.
  • repair all of the garage door panels: It's bad if your garage door model is no longer produced. In this case, to solve the problem you have to replace the entire door. This is the most expensive option but in some cases the most effective.

Garage door spring repair and replacement. How does it cost?

Springs are subject to mechanical wear. By most technical guidelines for garage doors, the standard number of open/close cycles is 10,000. This does not mean that the garage doors will not open 10001 times, but the estimated lifetime of springs, rollers, and other consumables. Therefore, opening the gate twice as often as your neighbor, be prepared that the gate springs will require repair or replacement much earlier than the neighbors.

Depending on the type of open/close mechanism, the configuration of your door can have torsion or extension springs. The cost of springs depends on the size and it is between $4-35 for the extension type and $35-110 for the torsion type.

How much is it to get a new garage door spring?

This can be a dilemma if your doors have two springs and one of them needs replacing. Perhaps if your garage door is almost new, there is a chance to replace only one spring because of its manufacturing defect, rather than natural wear and tear. In most cases, you can not avoid having to replace both of them. This is correct to avoid the headache when the second spring breaks. This can happen too soon, and you will pay the service fee again. Therefore, it is recommended to replace both springs when only one is broken. Following this recommendation, service companies include in the service charge to replace both springs by default. Given this, you can save only on the cost of one spring, but not on labor charges. Service labor to repair or replace springs could be costing you around $40-60 per hour.

If you have a roll-up door, then most likely the spring used is a torsion bar. In this case, it is recommended to contact the service. For 1-3 hours, the technicians will neatly replace the spring and adjust the correct tension. It's going to cost you between $198 and $297

How much does it cost to install a garage door opener?

The modern world is filled with all sorts of technical devices that make our life comfortable. In this row, we can put opener garage doors with remotes. It is doubtful to speak of this device as a thing of first necessity, but it is difficult to forget about it if you used it once. If you are just going to install the garage door opener, then this guide is for you.

When buying an opener you should decide on the type of drive. There are chain, screw, and belt drives.

  • chain drive - The chain drive option is the most suitable if the cost of installation is the decisive factor of choice. This type of drive costs between $160 - $310. If the price, reliability, and ease of installation are advantages of such a drive, then noise could be its disadvantage.
  • belt drive - The belt type is free from this drawback and is the most suitable solution for attached garages. A belt-driven opener is a quiet and powerful and the most preferred option for your garage. The price will be from $200 to $265.
  • screw drive - The third type is a screw drive. It is slightly less quiet than belt-driven, but much more unpretentious, with a cost of around $195 - $270.

Carrying out regular maintenance of your doors is the right practice, which can extend the life of the door to save you money. Lubricate tracks regularly and keep your doors in good condition.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Garage Door?

The average price to install a garage door is between $850-$1300. As a rule, this includes one door, tracks, fasteners, connectors, and labor. The range of cost is quite large. However, keep in mind that by choosing cheaper solutions, you are likely to compromise the quality of performance, comfort, or curb appeal. It depends on some factors which you need to keep in mind, so you don't have to upgrade later.

The garage door is one of the prime spots to add curb appeal to your home's exterior. Therefore, pay proper attention to this in order to improve the value of your property and not spoil your mood.

To keep warm or cold air in your garage, install a garage door with quality insulation materials such as polyurethane or polystyrene foam. This will also improve the sound insulation of your garage.

If you are strained by the noise of the doors during open/close operations choose a belt drive garage door opener.

If you decide to hire a contractor to replace the garage door, agree with the main stages of work. Note that removing an old garage door is a job that may not be taken into account in the total cost. Make sure the contractor includes this in the total cost, as well as any other work and parts that may be required.

Do not forget about security. There are two main functions to make your doors safe enough for you. These are Pinch Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Brackets. The first feature is designed to pull your fingers out from door panel joints during bringing the garage door down. The second feature is engineered to prevent loosening of the brackets by those who are not enough trained door system.