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Garage Doors companies near me - Richmond, VA

Apple Door Systems

(2.6 of 14 reviews)
2700 Pocoshock Blvd, Richmond  VA , 23235
Apple Door was founded in 1973 by Hubert Apple, Jr. Originally, the firm began operating as an overhead door service company in Richmond, Virginia. In 1978, Hubert's son, Dan Apple, joined the firm and began expanding the company's focus to include sales and distribution of new doors and related products. During the years Apple Door has grown from Hubert's one man operation working out of his mobile home to Virginia's largest independent door dealer. By the mid 1980's Apple Door was the premier door company in Richmond. In 1989, the first satellite store was established in Waynesboro to serve the western part of the state. Today Apple Door stores are in Richmond, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Waynesboro and Williamsburg. In 1998 Apple Door Systems had the honor of becoming the first fully accredited door dealer in the United States. This distinction is symbolic of the company's high professional ethics and was granted by the Institute for Door Dealer Education and Accreditation.
(800) 277-3667

The Carpentry & Painting Experts

(3.4 of 5 reviews)
3006 Lincoln Ave, Richmond  VA , 23173
The Carpentry and Painting Experts was founded in RVA in 2004 and has quickly grown from a two-person organization to a team of dedicated and energetic employees. CPE Contractors is a family owned and operated business. We have been serving Richmond Metro Area for a number of years and we are your neighbor. We see our clients in the store, restaurant or at the coffee shop, almost every day and we are proud to say "Hi", because we are proud of the work that we did for this customer. We offer variety of services to our residential and commercial/government customers. CPE Contractors LLC specializes in exterior/interior repairs and painting services, handyman service, tenant build-outs, Historical property renovations as well as small to mid-size ground-up structures.
At CPE Contractors a great deal of pride is taken in its long-standing customer relationships. As a result, more than 50% of its projects come from repeat clients and referrals.
(804) 441-8278

RBVA-Restoration Builders

(0 of 0 reviews)
8596 Sanford Dr, Richmond  VA , 23173
Restoration Builders of Virginia is a fully licensed Class-A contractor that has been in the business of breathing life into old buildings for 30 years. We have become specialists in the field of restoration because of our conscientious attention to detail and history. We believe that the history of older structures must be preserved and respected as an integral element in the fabric of our heritage. As such, our carpenters work closely with designers, conservators and preservationists to accommodate modern desires and utility without sacrificing the architectural elements that make old buildings unique. Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the building and the work of the carpenters that came before us while improving the fit and function of the structure as it is used today.
(804) 649-2162

Working Hands

(4.6 of 9 reviews)
, Richmond  VA , 23173
Working Hands, LLC, is run by a fantastic husband and wife duo: Gustavo and Kendall. In 2017, Gustavo approached Kendall with an idea - starting a home improvement company as a family. Excited to try something new, and with knowledge of Gustavo's good sense and follow-through, Kendall immediately agreed. On September 30, 2017, they formed Working Hands, LLC, together. Their company has continued to steadily grow since that day. Gustavo and Kendall are a young and hard-working couple, prepared to help you achieve your goals for your home.
(804) 893-0262


(4 of 5 reviews)
2025 E Main St Ste 16, Richmond  VA , 23223
BlueKnows company was developed with experience tradesman and certified inspectors. Each person understand the concept of quality and cost saving for the customer. We have knowledge in all aspects of structure components (design and performance), which enhance the cost factor on estimating and repairing time. Offering our customers a quality repair at the our best affordable price.
(804) 334-5676

The Pinnacle Group

(0 of 0 reviews)
3314 N Parham Rd Ste B, Richmond  VA , 23173
The Pinnacle Group, Inc. is a full-service, residential and commercial, Veteran Owned, Insurance Restoration General Contracting company. Whether your property has been damaged by storms, large water loss, or a devastating fire loss, we have got your back. Our team is made up of damage specialists, adjusters, industry insiders, engineers, and master builders; all with years of experience.
(804) 368-8798

Fit For A King

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, Richmond  VA , 23173
I'm a third generation carpenter. I've always loved to build and fix-up on things. I worked a secular job up until 8 years ago when I was promted to go into business for myself. I believe that everything you do should be done to perfection (or as close to it you can get). Thus the name and motto for my Incorporation...FIT FOR A KING; because we will only do work that's FIT FOR A KING!
(804) 522-3217

Precision Garage Door

(2.6 of 5 reviews)
2095 Dabney Rd, Richmond  VA , 23230
Open 24 Hours
With 75 locations serving more than 1000 doors per day, Precision Door Service is the nation's leading garage door repair company. We are very excited by the recent addition in RIchmond VA and look forward to continued growth and success by providing consumers the highest levels of customer service and value for all their garage door needs.
(804) 495-8075

A-1 Door Company

(5 of 5 reviews)
7741 Whitepine Rd, Richmond  VA , 23237
Open 24 Hours
A-1 Door Company was founded in 2002. A-1 has grown from two men and a truck to a staff of (20) with (10) service vehicles. Our work force has over 150 years of combined experience.
(804) 271-3035

Home Pro of Va

(1 of 2 reviews)
101 Cowardin Ave Ste 106, Richmond  VA , 23224
Home Pro of Va llc was established in 2000 to bridge the gap between custom designs and renovations with fair and affordable pricing. We hold our clients hands thought problem solving, design, planning, financing and construction.
We are your one stop shop construction company
(804) 257-4174