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Garage Doors companies near me - San Francisco, CA

General SF

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
3624 Irving St Ste A, San Francisco  CA , 94122
I always try to find the reason and purpose for any project. I give my opinion how it could be done better and efficient with guide of the local building codes. I could find an understanding with any costumer or client. I have experience in residential and commercial work, ranging from high end custom homes to office and retail space. My philosophy is to appreciate life now. What ever happened it happened for a reason. Life is too short, stressful and difficult and with my and your help we all can enjoy it as much as we can. I give every job the same respect and attention to detail as I would for my King or Queen or the most difficult inspector with bells and whistles. I have seen the profecial who can do only one thing and they do not think about the next step. By understanding the main goal of the client and what would be the best interest and benefits for the future and the finish product or project - I can schedule and organize the process of work.
(650) 303-1515

Lee Family

(4.6 of 20 reviews)
778 11th Ave, San Francisco  CA , 94118
The Lee Family Corporation (LFC) operates under the guidance of one licensed contractor, Chris Lee, who has practiced both the roofing and general contracting trades since 1981.
Prior to 2005, what is known as the LFC today once operated as a sole proprietorship named LC Roofing and General Contractor. Changing the name to "Lee Family Corporation" was meant to emphasize a few of the company's core values: accomplishing goals through unifying the people we love and trust most, progressing as a family owned business one generation after the next, building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers.
Over the course of one generation, the LFC has grown into a company that provides a well-rounded selection of repair and improvement services across various trades. Dedicated family members behind the LFC is prepared to continue serving the SF Bay Area for another 30 years, with plans to grow even further under the next generation of family ownership.
(415) 860-5505

Handyman Heroes

(4.7 of 20 reviews)
912 Cole St, San Francisco  CA , 94117
Handyman Heroes delivers the highest quality service to each and every client, solving their problems with integrity and honor. We are fanatical about what we do. Taking our inspiration from Apple's incomparable customer experience, we put smiles on our clients' faces and they LOVE us for it.
Handyman Heroes was founded by four serial entrepreneurs with over 20 years of shared history: two partners who built a successful boutique contracting firm for high profile clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, a Chief Financial Officer with the faith and vision to walk away from his Fortune 500 career track, and a Technical Founder with a lifetime of experience architecting modern data structures, bleeding edge telephony systems, and internet applications.
We speak the language of our cherished tradesmen.
We build a lot of really cool software.
And most importantly, we deliver serenity to our clients and their problems are solved.
(844) 382-4376

Dufficy Fine Carpentry And Design

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
660 Alvarado St, San Francisco  CA , 94114
There is a strong history of carpentry and furniture making in both my parents family's. I received a distinction in the London college where l learned my trade. Since then I have traveled the globe before settling in San Francisco fourteen years ago. One of the reasons l chose to live here is the opportunity to work on the beautiful Victorian houses of this area. The challenges that have to be overcome to recreate this wonderful spectacle is something I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many times. It is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job and something I easily gravitate towards.
Furniture Making is something I have entered into in the last ten years and I find it helpful in coming up with new ideas in approaching more conventional wood working such as cabinetry. As result, I started my own contracting business to try in my own way to bring a new look to a very old trade.
(415) 756-9750

Dragon Werks

(5 of 20 reviews)
, San Francisco  CA , 94121
My name is Leslie Cheng, and I enjoy building. My first house flip was when I was 20 years old. I enjoy tearing down the old, and from those ashes building anew. Helping clients create a home environment that promotes happiness and well being is what I also enjoy. I also receive so much happiness from constructing a lasting monument to hard work, design, and sound building practices. Dream, Design, and Build is at the core of Dragon Werks Inc. We can guide you through all of these three steps using our knowledge of design and building techniques that I gained through years of building. Training and communication skills are vital to a positive client experience and this helps me create a comfortable work experience! Let us help you build, repair, upgrade, or remodel something that will last and continue to make you feel proud to come home to.
(415) 425-7667

Spryscapes Construction

(4.8 of 17 reviews)
1255 Vicente St, San Francisco  CA , 94116
Spryscapes was started in 1990 by Greg Spry performing landscape contracting. In 2000 Greg partnered with Michael Galousin, his best friend from his Navy days, and expanded into general construction with Michael's extensive background in home construction.
Spryscapes IS the one call shop, "from the street to the wall we do it all".
As of January 5, 2011 and every year since, Spryscapes Construction has earned and maintained the prestigious Diamond Certified award which is only presented to contractors and other local service companies that rate 'highest in quality' in a detailed customer satisfaction study of their customers.
Each qualifying business must also pass a license, insurance, complaint status, legal and credit rating (for contractors). To maintain Diamond Certification, American Ratings Corporation conducts ongoing customer satisfaction surveys and checks credentials on a regular basis.
(415) 242-1196

CR Door Co

(4.7 of 20 reviews)
, San Francisco  CA , 94116
With over 12 years of experience in the door industry Cr Door Co. have maintained a high quality of knowledge and integrity to the door industry. Our service is based in San Francisco and Union City Ca. but is spread through out the greater Bay Area to serve customers needs regarding any issue with their residential or commercial garage doors and opener operator. We maintain all major parts and spring on our vehicles. Understanding the concept of reasonable and efficient service and will do so in a courteous manner. Give us a call if you have any technical issues perhaps we can answer it over the phone.
(415) 689-3453

Valex Construction

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
2151 24th Ave, San Francisco  CA , 94116
We are a family owned and operated construction company that is located in San Francisco, California. We have over 25 years experience in the construction industry and have worked on many residential projects in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area. All the services that we provide are done with the utmost integrity, honesty and quality. From simple remodeling to new house construction, we can do it all! Because we are a family operated company we are able to provide all our attention and focus on our customers, plus offer much more competitive prices. Our estimates are always fast and FREE.
(415) 269-8853

Ace's Garage Door Repair & Installation

(3.9 of 20 reviews)
1943 Mission St, San Francisco  CA , 94103
Open 24 Hours
Outstanding Customer Service and Repair
We understand you’re committed to maintaining the same home for many years, keeping your personal belongings safe, and housing vehicles you need to get around every day. To help you take care of your home, we’ve specialized in the parts and products that homeowners need the most. Our service includes everything from choosing the right materials to thinking about what you need for day-to-day use. Should you need us, we offer a stellar service agreement and provide round-the-clock access to our professionals.
Garage Door Services
Garage Door Selections
Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Repair
Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Door Accessories
24 Hour Availability
(415) 741-5481

Wise Stage of Remodeling

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
374 19th Ave Ste 4, San Francisco  CA , 94121
WSR was founded in 2016 by Serge Asadov, it's owner and president.
In 2011 Serge arrived to the United States of America. Immediately after his arrival, he began to work in his brothers company "Zeus Remodeling", where he gained extensive experience and connections with wonderful and honest people.
After 5 years work in Zeus Remodeling Inc Serge was ready to lead his own corporation and now his young, but very ambitious company helps people to find right solutions and bring their dreams into reality!
(415) 608-5579