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Gutters companies near me - Portland, OR

Neighborhood Gutters

(4.4 of 20 reviews)
5800 SE Westfork St, Portland  OR , 97206
I started this business in 2013 after helping a neighbor who couldn’t climb to his roof to prepare his gutters for the rain. Using my business degree from Portland State University and my background in rock climbing, I extended the offer to our neighborhood, and eventually to the entire Portland area.

Basic gutter cleaning
Clear debris and obstructions from gutters
Bag debris and place in yard debris can or compost
Flush gutters and downspouts with water, exterior hose bibs required
Clear clogged downspouts
Apply moss treatment to roof
Install or replace downspout caps ($5 per downspout)
Remove Debris from roof
Haul debris from site
Wash visible face of gutters

Schedule your gutter cleaning today!
Call or text Eric at (503) 305-4070.
Include your address and needed services and I'll reply with an estimate.
I take pride in doing a thorough job and making my customers happy. Scouts honor... yup, I'm also a decorated Eagle Scout.
(503) 305-4070

Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows

(4.3 of 20 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97201
Open 24 Hours
Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows was founded in 2016 by a local duo whose main purpose was to serve and improve their local neighborhoods, while making homeowners happy in the process. This 'ma-and-pa' team was met with great enthusiasm as customers were beyond satisfied with their quality of work and attention to detail. Gu-Wi (pronounced goo-wee) gained an outstanding reputation locally, and within a few short years was able to expand to all of the Pacific Northwest and now nationwide!
We started as a small gutter & window cleaning company, and now offer a wide variety of services, including: gutter installation/repair/cleaning, window installation/repair/cleaning, roof installation/repair/cleaning, and siding installation/cleaning.
Now over 50-strong, we are those bright green 'toaster' cars you might spot driving around town. If you see us, wave! We love the positivity.
Contact us today for a quote! Our representatives are ready and waiting to serve you :)
(503) 380-6618

Good Green Neighbors

(4.1 of 20 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97214
Good Green Neighbors is a locally-owned, family business.
We strive to be good neighbors by using green alternatives whenever possible.
We use only organic fertilizer and moss control. We prefer to pull weeds by hand rather than spray unnecessary, toxic chemicals.
We have converted our mowers, power washers, edgers, tillers, and generator to run on clean-burning propane.
We also use a variety of battery-powered tools and the quietest leaf blowers available.
Our experienced crew is reliable, honest and friendly.
We respond to inquiries quickly and we finish projects on-time and on-budget.
Good Green Neighbors is licensed and insured for both commercial and residential properties.
(503) 453-6057

All Pro Metro Services

(4.9 of 7 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97206
Jeff Boak started nearly 30 years ago and continues to proudly operate his, all year round, business today. All Pro Metro Services is a family owned and operated business. We do business the old fashioned way, with hard work and a handshake. Today's economy requires a service based business to provide exceptional value, value built on gaining your trust by performing a job well done. That's how Jeff Boak, owner, and the team at All Pro Metro Services like to do business. We take the business of professional cleaning seriously. For over 25 years, All Pro Metro Services, LLC. has been earning the trust and long-time patronage of Portland residents and businesses through hard work and excellent results. Our team of professionals has the experience, equipment, and drive needed to provide all of our customers with the premium quality service they deserve.
(503) 777-2209

PDX Clean King

(5 of 20 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97212
Started off working for a painting company pressure washing cleaning gutters and cleaning roofs since 2005. And always like to focus on the customer and their needs. And after that I started PDX Clean King. You'll never be treated like a faceless paycheck. We strive to make sure all our customers are happy and satisfied with the work we do and the way they are treated.
(503) 473-7936

Dr. Downspout Gutter Services

(4 of 19 reviews)
6707 NE Alberta St, Portland  OR , 97218
Dr. Downspout started in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in 2006. Amazing work, industry best products, and genuine relationships are the foundation of our company. This philosophy created a huge list of happy customers. In 2011 the owner moved to Utah and started a second branch there. Since then our family has launched in Portland Oregon and Aspen Colorado with other locations slated to come online in 2015.
Making friends, doing awesome work, and providing the best gutter products continues to be our core focus.
(503) 765-7366

DMR Gutters

(5 of 2 reviews)
10432 SW 52nd, Portland  OR , 97219
DMR Gutters is just a small Specialty Contractor started in mid 1993 in the Portland, Oregon metro area. I am based just 10 minutes South of Down Town with a small custom sheet metal fabrication shop. I've been licensed, insured, and bonded for gutter work in the State of Oregon under CCB #92250 since 1993 without a single dispute filed. DMR was honored as a Finalist with the BBB Integrity Award in 1997 up against Neil Kelly. and again in 1998. My sheet metal work has graduated into forming some elaborate and decorative copper rain management products for clients across the Nation over the last decade. See our web sites for details and thousands of photos with prices listed including a crate and freight for those out of Stare Clients.
(503) 351-7082

Wilderland Roof and Window Cleaning

(4.9 of 20 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97202
(503) 765-8708

Squeegee Clean

(5 of 8 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97201
Our owner, Robert Coffman, has been in the cleaning industry for a number of years, and has been dedicated to providing the best customer service out there. Our greatest joy is making all of our clients happy!
Proud to be born and raised in Portland!
(971) 712-8160

A-Bright Services

(4.2 of 9 reviews)
, Portland  OR , 97225
A-Bright Services is a family owned company and has been providing excellence for the past 2 years. Back by our 5 star reviews on Yelp and Thumbtack, A-Bright Services goes above and beyond your expectations and treats their customers accordingly.
(503) 619-6528