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Mold Removal companies near me - Brooklyn, NY

Megerian Rug Cleaners

(4.4 of 20 reviews)
93 Division Pl, Brooklyn  NY , 11222
In 1917, the Megerian brothers opened the first Megerian retail store in Manhasset, New York. Their business included the buying and selling of rugs, carpets and antique rugs, as well as the cleaning, repair and restoration of rugs and carpets.
Megerian Rug Cleaners serves the entire tri-state area, including numerous rug/carpet dealers, designers and cleaning agencies around the United States. Megerian prides itself on its high quality of workmanship in ensuring that every rug/carpet is given the utmost care. Specifically, each rug cleaned and/or repaired is reviewed by a Megerian family member before being delivered to its clients, to ensure first class results. Megerian feels that the most important part of running a successful rug cleaning and repair business is to maintain an honest reputation, while striving to ensure that clients receive the best final product at the most cost-effective prices.
(718) 782-7474

OnTime Steam Cleaning

(5 of 20 reviews)
2379 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11223
Proudly serving the New York Metro Area, On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc. was founded with the commitment to provide quality without compromise in carpet cleaning. On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also offers a broad range of other cleaning services that includes:
Tile & Stone Cleaning Granite, Limestone, Marble, Terrazzo, Tavertine
Carpet cleaning ,area rug repair and cleaning ,wall to wall carpet,upholstrey cleaning
When you choose On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc. to clean your carpet, rug or upholstery, you can always rest assure that:
All our employees have been hand-picked for experience, competence and courtesy.
We purchase all our products and materials directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you.
We use environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning products
(888) 512-2055

House Pro Home Inspections

(5 of 12 reviews)
600 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11218
Unfortunately too many inspectors take an "in and out" approach to something so important. They " Zip in and Zip out" so fast it leaves the buyers head spinning and confused . Its a little deceiving , to even call that "act" an inspection, yet this is the kind of service many buyers are receiving. House Pro Home Inspections does not play those games. Not only do i perform thorough, detailed inspections but also explain and teach the buyer how their house works. So by the time the inspection is over, usually 2-3hrs, they usually no more about this house than the one they lived in the past 10yrs! Within 24hrs you receive a personalized detailed narrative report with pictures clearly explaining and reinforcing everything they saw at the time of the inspection. I am always available to the buyer way after they have moved in for any questions they may have.
(917) 529-6349

Apex Mold Specialists

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
, New York City  NY , 11234
Apex Mold Specialists began its' foray into building related mold issues by initially being a consulting and remediation company, specializing in water damage and flood restoration issues. Generally speaking, water damage, if not promptly addressed, creates a variety of mold and bacterial issues on structural and surface materials. The instrumentation and equipment, used to address water issues is also directly applicable to all mold issues. Apex is one of the best equipped mold abatement companies in the 'tri-state' area. In addition, we have the ability to address any of these issues regardless of the size and scope of the project.
(800) 217-6897


(5 of 5 reviews)
325 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11217
Since 2007 EnviroBliss has been engaged, and successfully completed thousands of indoor environmental evaluations and decontamination projects.
EnviroBliss is a company whose mission is to help our community and clients by becoming aware of environmental problems that affect their homes, offices, and workplaces that in turn will negatively affect their holistic well being. Our goal translates from making awareness into something positive by correcting such problems. Our seasoned staff demonstrates their expertise in performing indoor environmental solutions including: allergen and asthma trigger identification and remediation: microbiological: heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) system evaluation. Other areas of our expertise include the preliminary determination and remediation of water damage related mold problems; odor identification and reduction; and A/C and duct system cleaning, disinfection and re-insulation. Insulation replacement is highly recommended when there is evi
(718) 252-0404

Spot On Carpet & Tile Care

(4.2 of 5 reviews)
1574 President St, Brooklyn  NY , 11213
2006 was a great year for me! Visiting homes in the Southern California and coming into what was seemingly a mess, I walked out with an accomplished clean. Both the customer and I have a great big smile. Cleanliness is not a job or a means to an end for me, and it's not a price tag for you. A fresh clean look is something you not only see but something you FEEL. For a cleaning we can both be proud of, let me come to you and show you what I mean.
Here's a quick read about our team!
Spot On Carpet & Tile Care is driven by educated technicians who care about cleanliness and hygiene and are committed to providing the most thorough cleansing process in the industry, ultimately providing you with the best results for your home and office. Confronting heavy traffic areas, stubborn dirt spots, tough stains and bad odors head on, enables us to give you the result that is just Spot ON. We love being clean. Our homes, service vehicles and cleaning equipment are a testimony to that.
(718) 412-1001

Big Apple Mold Removal

(4.6 of 20 reviews)
922 E 15th St, Brooklyn  NY , 11230
After years of working with other restoration companies, David wanted could contribute more to people from all walks of life that have dealt with traumatic experiences. When Hurricane Sandy hit, David knew there was a need for proper restorations and remediation services. Which led him to opening his own company and going through extensive training to get the certifications and liceansings he need to get to become a master in all areas of remediation.
(877) 763-6999

Mold Remediation Brooklyn

(0 of 0 reviews)
2524 Mcdonald Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11223
Mold Remediation Brooklyn developed a strong foothold in the mold remediation industry within a short span of time. Initially, it began its journey as a mold removal and consulting company with specialization in flood restoration, water damage and other relevant issues. It is vital to remember that if any issue related to water damage is not addressed instantly, then it can create different types of mold as well as bacterial problems on structural or surface materials. Plus, our professionals know the effective use of instruments or devices that are normally used in order to address any type of mold issue. Irrespective of the goal or size of the assignment, we proudly claim that we have the capacity to handle all the issues.
(800) 215-0094

Indoor Mold Specialist

(5 of 1 reviews)
10 Bergen Beach Pl, Brooklyn  NY , 11234
Open 24 Hours
Indoor Mold Specialist originally ventured into the water damage restoration field as a consultant for common household issues such as water damage, flooding, damaged building materials, and providing restoration services. Over the years, we have acquired a plethora of knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship as it relates to indoor mold issues, which has become our specialty field. We do still provide water damage restoration, mold inspection and removal, as well as air quality maintenance services. A knowledgeable member of our team is one phone call away to assist with any environmental concern, small or large.
(800) 596-9640

Prime Mold Removal

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
1072 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11216
We are in business for the past 7 years , licensed and insure.
Specialized in the water damage and mold industry for residential and commercial properties around NYC.
(929) 732-4244