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Mold Removal companies near me - San Diego, CA

Bob Boyce Painting

(5 of 19 reviews)
, San Diego  CA , 92115
Open 24 Hours
Bob Boyce Painting is a full-service, licensed, insured painting contractor. We have been in business in San Diego since 1999.
We have worked dozens of projects, large and small, residential and commercial. We have worked on new construction and commercial jobs including the Sky Chef, federal prison, juvenile detention center, condominium developments, bank buildings, property management company projects, retail, office and tenant improvements, restaurants, military bases and government projects. We also work evenings and weekends as the job requires.
We work on time and on budget and do not leave until the job is complete. We guarantee you professional level work and direct contact with the owner, no run-arounds or hyped up sales techniques. Bob Boyce personally supervises every phase of a project, from the rough sanding at the beginning of a job to the final touches at the end. He is always reachable by phone should you have any questions or concerns about your project.
We are car
(619) 991-2320

Blue Moon Window Cleaning Service

(5 of 20 reviews)
, San Diego  CA , 92114
My bussiness has been evolving since its inception in 2009. It is my hope to grow my bussines and hire employees over time. Window cleaning is its roots, but, other specialized services like low pressure roof cleaning, house washing and deck and wood restoration and staining are also offered as alternatives to high pressure cleaning of hard surfaces. Low pressure roof cleaning and house washing uses biodegradeable algaecides and surfactants to kill mold, mildew, algae and lichens more effectively that pressure washing alone. pressure washing only removes the visible top layer only and leaves spores behind, in effect leaving seeds behind that will quickly begin to take root again, somtimes within two years. Low pressure cleaning is the newer and more effective, longer lasting clean available.
Give me a call if you have questions or concerns as I am always happy to answer them 7 days a week!
Kevin Hansel
Blue Moon Window Cleaning
(619) 292-4890

City's Finest Carpet Care

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
, San Diego  CA , 92115
About Us
City's Finest Carpet Care in San Diego is a company that guarantees the quality of its work, leading us to provide you with the best possible cleaning services for your carpet, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout, air ducts, and more. Our company is thorough, reliable, and competent, traits to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe that quality service isn't just something that exists in words, but most importantly in execution.
A Quality Cleaning Team
Our company is built on quality from the technicians, tools, procedures, and the customer service. At City's Finest Carpet Care in San Diego, we follow through with quality work every single time. City's Finest Carpet Care in San Diego utilizes advanced drying techniques, clean water rinse systems, and uses safe cleaning agents to make sure you're home will get the deepest cleaning possible. We'll carefully choose the method of cleaning, and implement that technique to thoroughly get the job done.
(619) 485-0696

Olympia Services

(4.5 of 20 reviews)
10030 Marconi Dr, San Diego  CA , 92154
Open 24 Hours
We understand that the people we work with are going through a stressful and emotionally difficult time. Because of this, we strive to provide caring and courteous support, upfront communication, and effective services to our customers. We handle water damage, fire cleanup, smoke odor removal, mold remediation and any other services needed to restore your home or business.

At Olympia
We are committed to customer service.
We are available 24/7.
We have 100% satisfaction guarantees.
We are licensed and insured.
We are fully trained and certify all our restoration specialists.

Our reputation is based on fast responses, unparalleled quality, and uninhibited commitment has contributed to our growth as a company. We understand that the need for property restoration services can come at the most unexpected times--which is why we are always ready to help! Olympia aims to exceed the expectations of every customer we work with and restore their property to its pre-damage state.
(619) 651-8111

Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning

(4.9 of 20 reviews)
10931 Via Banco, San Diego  CA , 92126
Founded by Gerardo and Sylvia Rojas as they moved to San Diego in 1995 and found a lack of workmanship and transparency from carpet cleaning businesses. Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning set out to do things differently and offer customers what they wanted from other organizations - excellent customer service from start to finish. Mega Dry has been a professional family owned and operated business for more than 17 years. Thanks to their loyal and grateful customers, Mega Dry keeps growing.
Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning strives for excellence with every job. Gerardo personally makes sure all clients are content with the work provided by handling each appointment. Gerardo hopes to offer customers what he would want for himself, a great carpet cleaning experience.
We care about our customer's satisfaction. Give us a call today and see for yourself why our customers LOVE our company. You'll be happy you did!
(858) 530-0328

Smart Dry Restoration

(5 of 20 reviews)
8910 Activity Rd Ste A, San Diego  CA , 92126
Water Damage and Mold infestation are serious issues. Smart Dry Water Damage Restoration has developed a meticulous, professional, and reliable approach to restoring your home or business.
Quite simply, we are confident in our services and you will be to. as you see us efficiently handle the worst of interior water damage restoration or mold remediation. Smart Dry Water Damage Restoration fully guarantees the Removal of all mold, mildew, moisture and odor from your Home or your Business.
Smart Dry Water Damage Restoration uses only top of the line equipment and EPA approved disinfectants to rid your property of mold, mildew, moisture and odor from your Home or Business.
Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to providing premium service. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their needs and concerns both during and after the Restoration project
(858) 433-5100

San Diego Home and Mold Inspection Service

(4.5 of 20 reviews)
757 Emory St Ste 202, San Diego  CA , 92101
Dave Wilkins, owner inspector of San Diego Home & Mold Inspection Service, is a highly qualified, professional inspector. His background includes 35 years in the construction industry, 20 years as a journeyman carpenter/mason and independent subcontractor, and 15 years as a Civil Engineering Technician and a Construction Quality Assurance Inspector for the Department of Defense. Dave has completed one of the most comprehensive home inspector training programs available through Inspection Training Associates, and is Certified in Mold Inspection and Sampling by Environmental Solutions Association, Inspection Training Associates, and is INFRARED Certified by INTERNachi. He is also IAC2 Mold and Radon Certified with the International Association of Indoor Air Consultants. We are also a member in good standing with the San Diego Better Business Bureau with an "A+" rating and a member of the Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce.
(619) 253-4149

Mighty Ducts and Chimneys

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
1675 Garnet Ave, San Diego  CA , 92109
We have done Air Duct Cleaning in surgical rooms for The Health South Hospitals. Also, we are a Mold Consultant for the entire Regal Entertainment group (one of the largest movie theater groups).
We can have a heating and air system change out from progressive supply installed with free air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, mold prevention in ducts with an anti-fungicidal coating.
We can re-line a masonry chimney with a 2000 degree heat mortar that makes a chimney within a chimney. Usually, chimney companies place a pipe re-liner in the chimney shoot. The smoke tends to go between the chimney and the pipe. We also can design a new fire box with black heat paint that creates a theater motif for the fire and a blue fire glass for gas fireplaces that gives of a sparkle effect to the living room usually with a cool backdrop.
(858) 869-3688

Precision Mold Testing

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
3356 2nd Ave Ste B, San Diego  CA , 92103
Precision Mold Testing was founded by Kenneth Okin as an off-shoot of his experience as an Environmental and Health Safety Investigator. Mr. Okin has been serving the public in this capacity since 1985. He has worked for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Mr. Okin is a certified microbial technician. Precision Mold Testing is insured and is a participating member of the Environmental Solutions Association (ESA). All PMT technicians providing on-site inspections are certified and trained in mold and allergen investigations. The staff at PMT is dedicated to working with prospective and current homeowners, real estate agents and home inspectors. PMT ensures efficient and precise results and recommendations for mold and allergen inspections.
(858) 442-7786

KIC Restoration

(4.6 of 20 reviews)
13220 Evening Creek Dr S Ste 111, San Diego  CA , 92128
In 1998 Jason Widmer, a retired Naval Engineer opened doors to a building maintenance & restoration company. In 2011 KIC brought on Mark Whatley, Sr Estimator & VP in effort to spearhead the marketing and operations associated with the insurance claims aspect of the business. Over the last 3 years, Jason & Mark have grown KIC into a business that is doing millions annual gross sales and employees 19 full-time staff. When KIC achieves $4Mn in annual gross sales (~2016), the ownership has pledged to curtail growth and focus on delivering top-quality results to a select group of previous clients and preferred local adjusters. KIC has no intention of being the biggest, only the best. It is fair to say that, our countless 5 star reviews capture the to notion that we care deeply about our clients and we know how to get it done.
(858) 257-1383