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Plumbing companies near me - Brooklyn, NY

Robert Sessa Plumbing

(4.7 of 13 reviews)
179 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11220
Robert Sessa Plumbing based in Brooklyn, New York, is owned and operated by Robert Sessa.
After almost 40 years in the plumbing trade and after selling his hugely success plumbing company, master licensed plumber Robert Sessa decided to set up Robert Sessa Plumbing in 2012, a plumbing company that focuses on the very best customer experience possible.
So, when you hire Robert Sessa Plumbing, it's the boss who will personally show-up for your plumbing job. If he misses your calls, he'll return it in a timely manner. You'll have continued communication, iron clad guarantees, service after the fact, and even a pretty nice Christmas card at the end of the year.
He has gained his trusted reputation by providing simple, professional, reliable and no-nonsense plumbing advice and services to resident of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Once you've used Robert Sessa Plumbing, Robert Sessa will be the only plumber you'll want in your home!
Thanks for business and for leaving your kind reviews.
(718) 745-5210

A Real Good Plumber

(3.5 of 19 reviews)
910 Grand St, Brooklyn  NY , 11211
Paul arrived in NYC in 1978 armed with a degree in Math and determined to acquire skills to start his own business. He concluded that plumbing is a highly specialized profession, always in demands and cannot be outsourced to computers and Bots.
He noticed that many of the buildings in New York City are a century old, with mostly steam heating systems & poor distribution of heat.
Paul found a mentor in a plumbing supply store owner, an old timer New Yorker, who gladly shared his knowledge and answered Paul's incessant questions. Paul, forever the student, began reading every book on plumbing and heating he found. Before long, Paul became a licensed plumber and specialized in designing and executing creative solutions to heating, cooling, plumbing, sprinklers and backflow prevention.
If you are looking for a thinking, knowledgeable, concerned plumber who will make sure that you get the best solution to your heating, cooling, plumbing issues Paul and his technicians are your men.
(212) 505-1837

Irwin Friedman & Son

(4.4 of 20 reviews)
139 Banker St, Brooklyn  NY , 11222
My late grandfather, Louis, started the business with my late grandmother, Ida, from their home in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in 1926. My late father, Irwin, would come home from school & put on his work clothes & work beside my grandfather. My father got his license in 1961. I, Jay Friedman, started working with my father during summers at the age of 16. I started full time when I was 19, took & passed the Master Plumbers test & received my Master Plumbers license at the age 24, at which time I took control of the company in 1987. I'm now accompanied by my wonderful son, Brandon, who is preparing himself to be the 4th generation Master Plumber. We Hope to Make Your Pipe Dreams A Reality!
(718) 782-7150

JPeral Piping & Heating Sewer Service

(3.9 of 20 reviews)
, Brooklyn  NY , 11204
My grandfather was a licensed plumber for 40 years and I seen how much people needed his services. Watching him help people was very inspiring to me, so I decided to follow in his footsteps into the plumbing business world. I am not a licensed plumber yet, however we provide great service and guarantee all our work. We are insured and licensed as Home Improvement.
(718) 701-0347

Philco Plumbing and Heating

(4.3 of 18 reviews)
137 29th St, Brooklynn  NY , 11232
Philco Plumbing & Heating was established in the year 1990. From humble beginnings, the owner Phil has made the Philco name a staple in the Plumbing and Heating industry. As the years have progressed, the business is now run by Phil and his son to be a household family owned and operated business.
(718) 605-0450

Main Man Water Works & Sewer Service

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
10009 Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn  NY , 11236
NYC Licensed Master Plumber. Proudly serving Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the Plumbing Industry.
(718) 614-6655

Trumpet Emergency Plumbing

(3.6 of 20 reviews)
617 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn  NY , 11225
I graduated from Berk Trade in 1989 and began working in the plumbing industry right away. I have experience as a maintenance plumber for four buildings on 8th Ave.
Before deciding to start my own business I signed up with two online home improvement contractors, where i was awarded the Angie's List plumber of the year in 2008.
(917) 743-2807

John Hlad Plumbing & Heating

(4.4 of 20 reviews)
154 26th St, Brooklyn  NY , 11232
We are a third generation family owned business, serving the downtown Brooklyn area for over 40 years. We are New York City licensed master plumbers.
(718) 768-0689

A1 Construction

(4.4 of 20 reviews)
, Brooklyn  NY , 11225
A1 Construction got started in 1993 by the owner Peter R, a person with a taste for quality work and an interest in customer satisfaction
(347) 592-0202

Aladdin Plumbing

(3.6 of 20 reviews)
55 Garnet St, Brooklyn  NY , 11231
Aladdin Plumbing & Heating is a full-service, professional plumbing contractor based in Brooklyn, New York. We have been serving the area for more than 35 years, and we are proud to be a second-generation, family-owned business with nearly 60 years of experience.
(718) 768-6367