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Plumbing companies near me - Saint Petersburg, FL

Palmer's Hardware

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
4650 49th St N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33709
We have a little bit of history documented here. If you have ever visited our store before, you would know that there is a fair amount of history displayed. My father has always maintained an antique mystique about the store.
I have worked with my father off and on for the past 38 years. It started out on Sundays from 9 to 1. I have been back with him fulltime for the past 25 years, and I would not change a thing. I have had so many wonderful changes in my life, but there has always been one constant, our hardware store and my Dad. My father was right when he said that there is no greater joy than being able to help a customer accomplish something that they never would have been able to do without you. I had always wanted to be a teacher!
We appreciate our customers and fellow businesses that continue to support us. Please feel free to email me any pictures or questions you have. We will be happy to help!
(727) 527-3792

Max Solon Plumbing

(4.6 of 19 reviews)
, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33708
CFC 1429697
We have established a great Team that is Honest, Friendly, and Reliable. We strive our best to please every customer to the best of our ability with quality work and competitive pricing. Feel free to call or text my personal cell at 727-422-9062 for services.
Thank you, Max Solon
(727) 422-9062

Antone's Plumbing

(3.7 of 7 reviews)
6412 7th Ave N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
Antone's Plumbing was established in 1988 with the goal of providing customers with high quality, professional work and excellent customer service. We are a small, family owned and operated business located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We value and appreciate our loyal customers and strive to always maintain the relationships we've established along the way.
(727) 343-4193

Discount Rooter

(4.1 of 18 reviews)
6822 22nd Ave N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
Open 24 Hours
Worked in Washington DC for over 10 years doing remodeling.
Moved to Florida in 1990 to do drain work and emergencies.
(727) 328-7720

Billy The Sunshine Plumber

(3.3 of 20 reviews)
6335 Haines Rd N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33702
Open 24 Hours
Billy the Sunshine Plumber was opened in 1924 and has been owned by the same family since 1986. Billy the Sunshine Plumber now services Pinellas and Hernando county with 24 hour plumbing services available.
(727) 526-2313

Kurt MacIntyre Plumbing

(0 of 0 reviews)
, Saint petersburg  FL , 33733
We are a family owned and operated business. I have been an active Plumbing Contractor and Certified in Pinellas County and surrounding municipalities since 1979. Consequently I have acquired many years of experience and knowledge about our community. Our focused service area is Southern Pinellas County and the beaches.
(727) 687-0404

Holder Plumbing

(4.3 of 6 reviews)
2700 65th Way N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
Open 24 Hours
We are family owned and operated, I started business one customer at a time without advertising, I achieved it by giving my customers exactly what they wanted and I have a good eye for detail.
(727) 343-7400

Don's Plumbing

(4.3 of 15 reviews)
, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33707
(727) 360-8886

Adams Home & Maintenance Service

(4.3 of 12 reviews)
, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
(727) 742-1590

Shamrock Plumbing

(3 of 2 reviews)
, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33714
Shamrock Plumbing is a one-man operation run by John Rodgers. John has 50 years of plumbing experience and has been serving St. Petersburg with low-price, quality plumbing repairs for 33 years.
(727) 522-0647