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Roofing companies near me - Seattle, WA


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Main ave,   WA , 98101
(425) 156-7890

A Better Roofing Company

(3.9 of 20 reviews)
4126 Airport Way S, Seattle  WA , 98108
Kurt and Scott started their business on California Avenue SW in Seattle. This location was a half block away from where the brothers were born and raised on SW Findlay Street. As the company grew they needed to expand and a new location was needed to help facilitate this growth. They also wanted to be able to offer better pricing to their customers by buying certain items in bulk, so they purchased a property that had both office space and a warehouse.
This new location was still about a mile from their their previous office and childhood home. That property is located on Airport Way S in Seattle, just south of Spokane Street. Unknown at the time, was that the adjacent property just east on the other side of the railroad tracks, was previously owned by their great-grandparents. This was discovered only after their grandmother visited their new office space. Similar to their previous office it was again located near a previous home of the family. It was just like coming home again.
(206) 935-1575

3 Guys On A Roof

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, Seattle  WA , 98106
Open 24 Hours
Once upon a time..
First guy meets second guy. They become best friends. Apparently second guy is childhood friends with third guy so he introduces first guy to third guy(Don’t get confused). Realizing how similar they are in nature, they all become best friends. Life is good. Until.. one day first guy wakes up and tells second guy that he wants a Ferrari. Second guy now wants a Lamborghini. Third guy is stoned so he doesn’t quite understand or care about any of it. First guy and second guy join third guy. This goes on for a while. Finally one day, second guys gets an opportunity so he tells first guy and third guy about it. First guy t... (We will finish the rest of the story when we come to work on your roof).
(206) 867-6480

Bogman Company LLC

(4.7 of 17 reviews)
2400 NW 80th St Ste 314, Seattle  WA , 98117
By the age 15, Adrian was assisting his father roofing the flat roofs of L.A. buildings & homes. Hot & steamy business.
Adrian put himself through college (Interior Design/Fine Art), by working for himself performing high end plaster work & custom painting.
By 1990 he realized there was way too much hassle hiring and being stood up by plumbers & electricians, thus he studied the traits & worked for several outfits in order to learn the hidden tricks of the traits.
By 1992 Adrian opened Bogman Company. The company has reached 39 employees, performed numerous commercial & residential projects.
After opening three branches, L.A., S.F. & finally Seattle, Adrian decided to concentrate on family life.
Bogman Company is now 4-7 member strong, design, construction, plumbing, electrical service provider.
(206) 218-6577

Tekline Roofing

(4.5 of 20 reviews)
635 Industry Dr, Seattle  WA , 98188
Tekline is a Seattle based full service roofing company with a commitment to delivering excellent products and exceptional services to our customers. Tekline has over 30 years experience serving the greater Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding areas. We provide our customers superior quality roof systems through the use of skilled workers, professional project management and fair business practices. Tekline stands behind every project with pride and integrity. We treat our staff, customers, and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity recognizing the importance of safety. Our goal is to build lasting relationships, striving for complete customer satisfaction of all projects we undertake.
(206) 246-7663

Seattle Construction

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815 1st Ave Ste 82, Seattle  WA , 98104
Seattle Windows, Roofing and Construction was established in 2001. Seattle Windows and Roofing specializes in replacement windows, roofing, siding replacements, deck replacements, gutter replacements and fence replacements.
Our window and siding division offers FACTORY direct and factory INSTALLED affordable window replacement and siding replacement. We bring the FACTORY to your home.
Seattle Window, Roofing and Construction serves the King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.
Please give us a call for all your exterior replacement needs.
(425) 495-2882

Johnson Roofing & Gutters

(4.6 of 9 reviews)
14309 Midvale Ave N, Seattle  WA , 98133
David Johnson started Johnson Roofing & Gutters in 1984 and attributes the company's success to the personal pride he takes in making sure every roof maintains the highest standards of workmanship and will withstand the test of time. Attention to detail and an efficient and dependable crew are the principal hallmarks of our company and our record of customer satisfaction attests to this.
Extensive experience with tear off means that we know how to deal with unique job site challenges to keep your property from being impacted by the roofing process. We give special attention to leaving the jobsite neat and clean at the end of each workday.
(206) 542-6692

1st Choice Home Construction

(4 of 20 reviews)
, Seattle  WA , 98107
Open 24 Hours
For years we at 1st Choice have helped our customers feel as comfortable as possible with the process of choosing the best roof for them by being there every step of the way. The right roofing products will ensure that your new roof will give you a source of pride, and never cause you a problem. We will help diagnose potential leak or damage issues and address them in a budget friendly manner. Let us give you the peace of mind to rest easy, knowing you are being taken care of by the best.
(425) 293-5267

Gu-Wi Gutters & Windows

(3.8 of 20 reviews)
2350 N 115th St, Seattle  WA , 98133
If you'd have seen us when we started, you'd have laughed! Gu-Wi was the little guy; a hard working 2-person family business just trying to Get It Done. Our work paid the bills and our customers were always smiling.
Now you'd hardly recognize us. We're a fleet of 20 iconic green Gu-Wi-Mobiles with over 14,000 satisfied customers in 2 states. But the 5-star service we've always provided still brings smiles to homeowners faces when they realize that over and over and over again, Gu-Wi Gets It Done!
(833) 438-4894

Crystal Panes Window And Gutter Cleaning

(4.9 of 20 reviews)
2212 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle  WA , 98109
In 1985, we started out with a few ads in local papers, a lot of knocking on doors and handing out fliers to as many people as we could. Amazingly enough, we still service many of those first customers! Through word of mouth from these original clients, we now have thousands of satisfied home and business owners.
(206) 284-5183