Roof Replacement Cost: Average Price Per Sq.Ft. - 2023 Year

Average cost $9,200
Medium $6,840 - $11,760
Low end and high end$3,420 - $50,000
Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 01/12/2023

A single family home roof replacement project in the United States costs between $ 6,840 and $ 11,760. This is how much money is most often charged by contractors to install or replace 1900 to 2100 sq. ft. of asphalt roofing in a typical house up to two stories high. This means that a customer can expect to pay between $ 3.6 and $ 5.6 per sq. ft. to replace the roofing of their home. Averaging the figures we get a cost of $9,200 which the contractor usually charges to complete the roofing project.

Roof replacement cost

There are two methods for calculating a roofing project. Some companies' calculations are based on the cost per sq. ft. of roofing. Whereas many other companies break down the total cost by a percentage of 40% cost of materials and 60% cost of labor.

The cost of the work can range from $ 260 to $ 900 per square, or from $ 2.6 to $ 8.0 per sq. ft, to replace the roofing. Thus, considering labor, a typical home roofing costs approximately $ 4,940 to $ 36,000, with asphalt roofing as the cheapest option and ceramic shingles as the most expensive material.

The cost of materials for an average roof to be replaced

Most single family homes in the country have a roof covering of about 2,000 sq. ft. or 20 squares. The roof characteristics of large residential properties usually exceed 25 squares and reach 40 squares of roofing.

The average house is most often covered with asphalt roofing, which is the most popular roofing in the country. There are a number of other roofing materials that have pros and cons when compared to asphalt.

On average, the cost of the material reaches 40% of the total project estimate and can vary from $ 150 to $ 900 per square, or about $ 1.5 - $ 9 per sq. ft, without installation. Among traditional materials, asphalt is the cheapest, with prices ranging from $ 150 to $ 250 per square, while clay is the most expensive with a price of up to $ 900 per square.

Below is a list of materials in ascending order of cost for a roofing project for a typical home up to two stories.

Material Cost per sq.ft. Medium roof (1900 - 2100 sq.ft.)
Asphalt $3.60 - $5.60 $6,840 - $11,760
Steel $8.10 - $12.00 $15,390 - $25,200
Aluminum $9.15 - $13.40 $17,385 - $28,140
Wood $8.10 - $13.70 $15,390 - $28,770
Concrete $13.00 - $17.00 $24,700 - $37,400
Natural slate $15 - $18 $28,500 - $39,600
Clay $15.00 - $19.00 $28,500 - $41,800

Other cost involved factors of a roof replacement.

In addition to the material and size of the roofing, the total cost of the project is influenced by:

  • Local building codes and real estate market dynamics
  • Complexity of the roofing project (number of roof slopes, skylights, dormers, chimneys, ventilation pipes)

Like any job, roof replacement can lead to overhead costs that are not available to estimate at the initial stage of work. This is usually due to hidden wood elements of the roof, which can be damaged by rot and leaks. After all layers of the old roof have been removed, the contractor will check the decking. If there are many old, rotten planks or other wooden roofing elements that need to be replaced, the total cost will increase.

Geographic factor: Note that the owner of a private house in a large or coastal city will pay more than the owner of the same house in the outback. The price difference can be up to 100%. If the cost of the cheapest roof replacement project in the country is $ 360 per square, then in cities such as Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago, the contractor may charge up to $ 720 per square for the same work.

On the Florida coast, the cost of steel roofing can be more than $ 15 per sq. ft. It is also not surprising that Florida has the most strict roofing codes due to storms and hurricanes threatening Florida's coastline. Each asphalt shingle should be nailed with six nails every 4 inches without damaging the waterproofing and felt. Be prepared, the inspector will meticulously check if the roof meets local standards.

The cost depends on the competition and the number of contractors serving the customer's area.

Although contractors charge the highest price in major cities in the northeast or west coast, this does not mean, for example, that quote being $ 380 per square to replace roof is not available to a customer in Chicago. And for expensive Seattle, the price of $ 1000 per square to remove the old roof and install IKO 30-year shingles is too expensive a quote. Although if the re-roofing work was done off-season or the project was small or one was difficult to obtain, the price would be higher.

Extra skylight and chimney will take an extra $ 250 to be re-flashed when replacing or install new roof.

What to expect from typical roof replacement quotes

A typical quote involves removing and disposing of all layers of old roofing, shipping and installing new roofing, considering ventilation pipe and chimney flashing, eaves and valleys of the roof. All work must be carried out in accordance with local building codes and guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years. If the roof holds up for 10 years with no problems, it will hold.

When designing your project, consider expensive roofing options backed by a large guarantee more critically. It can only be a marketing ploy in order to become your supplier. Decades later, it is very difficult to prove that roofing problems are caused by manufacturing defects.

To get a fair price for roof replacement in any city in the country, consider several quotes from different companies, because roof replacement quotes can vary significantly between contractors in the same area. Larger, high-overhead contractors can charge more than local small pros. In addition, you can always ask for a lower price. Choose quotes that describe all the details of the roof replacement project: pulling a permit, removing old roof shingles, inspecting sheeting boards and replacing boards, installing a new roof material, replacing metal flashing on chimney, new pipe flashing, installing new baffled ridge vent. This gives you a better perspective on market pricing in your area for this time of year.