Sliding Gate Cost In 2024: Hardware And Opener Prices, Technical Characteristics

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/21/2024

Sliding Gate: Hardware and Opener Prices and Technical Characteristics

Sliding gate: prices, materials, and assembly techniques. LocalProBook allows you to contact the best technicians in your area to request a quote for the installation of a sliding gate, based on your personal preferences.

Sliding gate: prices, design, and operation

The sliding gate is the ideal solution to protect the entrance to a garden, a courtyard, or any outdoor area in situations where limited space, or the considerable length of the opening, does not allow the installation of a swing. A sliding gate has different prices about size and weight, material, design, and technical characteristics.

The operating mechanism is similar for all models and consists of a single leaf that moves along a track equipped with two opening and closing limit switch points. It is a relatively simple structure to install that adapts to gates of different materials, from steel, aluminum, wrought iron, solid wood, or laminate.

The fluidity of movement and the possibility of installing the gate in such a way that, once opened, it can disappear in the space between a wall and a hedge makes this type of system particularly suitable for architectural contexts of a certain prestige. In some environments, such as the entrances to warehouses and industrial areas with a particularly long length, double-section sliding iron gates are sometimes used, which require much more complex installation work.

In most cases, the gates of a home or, even more frequently, of a company are equipped with a special openerfor a sliding gate that facilitates the management of the opening and offers an additional safety element. As with any other type of gate, even for the installation of a sliding model, you must contact an expert technician, who can accurately assess the destination and identify the leaf with the ideal weight and volume.

Furthermore, if your decide to mount a motorized sliding gate, the presence of a qualified installer authorized to carry out both installation and testing about specific US standards is required.

Automatic driveway gate

The following table shows the indicative prices for installing a sliding gate

Typically, a sliding gate has different prices based on the material, the opening technology, the dimensions, and the assembly methods. The standard size has a length that usually does not exceed three meters, the price may increase if the presence of particular decorations and finishes is required.

Sliding gate model Price including installation 
Sliding gate up to 500 Kg $1100 - $1600
Sliding gate over 500 Kg $1600 - $3700
Wrought iron sliding gate $2150 - $2850
Sliding steel gate $2150 - $3550
Electric motorization kit $375 - $750
A system with oloedynamic engine $125 - $1700

(NOTE that prices may vary due to the type of work to be performed, the quality of its execution, and the region you are in).

The different operating systems of a sliding gate 

As we have seen, the basic mechanism of a sliding gate is not particularly complex and consists of a rail on which the gate leaf, made of metal or wood, slides in the two directions of opening and closing. For a sliding gate, the prices differ about the material, the more or less refined finishes and the design, the dimensions of the door, and the presence of a specific opener for a sliding gate.

Most of the sliding gates for private use are made of ferrous alloys, if the opening requires a rather longleaf, steel sheet or aluminum can be used. If, on the other hand, the needs were mainly aesthetic, the best solution is a wrought iron gate, with an original and refined design. Concerning the type of material, the gate leaf is subjected to special treatments that guarantee its resistance to use and to atmospheric events.

Although the operation of a sliding gate is relatively simple, the intended use determines the choice of the ideal installation technique. First of all, it is necessary to check that there is sufficient space to the side of the opening for the sliding of the door, to then decide which is the suitable solution.

Indicatively, the sliding opening gates for the house allow you to choose between the following possibilities:

  • Sliding gates with wall support

This type of sliding iron gate can be considered the most widespread and offers excellent stability and safety qualities. In this case, the mechanism, in addition to the track installed on the ground, includes a support that is anchored to the wall against which the door slides during the opening. The installation of a sliding gate with wall support is slightly more complicated than a standard model, but consider that it is a solution that can offer greater resistance to use, stability, and long life. It is necessary to have a wall long enough to allow complete movement of the door.

  • Self-supporting sliding gate

A self-supporting sliding gate offers a small footprint since the mechanism consists solely of a guide installed on the ground that allows it to slide. You can use this solution if your entrance is small or medium in size and you intend to choose a relatively light gate, usually made of aluminum or sheet metal. In addition to periodic maintenance, it is important to carry out regular cleaning of the guide, to prevent the gate from blocking due to debris, earth, stones, and more.

  • Sliding gate without a guide or suspended

This type of sliding gate has relatively cheap prices since it does not require the presence of the guide installed on the ground and, consequently, requires less maintenance. It is an ideal solution for openings of less than 32 feet in length and is also suitable for indoor environments, such as underground garages, sheds, and warehouses. The absence of the track does not affect the durability and strength of the gate, but it is still important that the sliding sash is made of relatively light material.

You can install this type of gate for an entrance of limited size, keep in mind that, although the track is not present, the area under the gate is kept perfectly clean to avoid sliding problems.

  • Double leaf sliding gate

The presence of a double-leaf sliding gate usually concerns industrial environments, where it is necessary to have a very wide passage to allow the transit of vehicles of considerable size. It is a complex structure and requires extreme care both in installation and maintenance, and is practically always equipped with an opener.

Motorization systems for sliding gates

Motorization systems for sliding gates

When you decide to install a sliding gate, prices may or may not include the presence of an automatic opening system, based on your needs and preferences. The motorized opening is considered indispensable for the largest and heaviest gates and is always very useful both for the safety and practical aspects.

Consider that a gate closed by an automation system is not easy to force, and you can easily connect it to home automation or an alarm system, significantly increasing the security level of your entire home.

As for comfort, a motorized sliding gate can be opened by remote control, avoiding the inconvenience of getting out of the car and, if you already have a home automation system, you can program it in such a way as to manage all openings simultaneously.

If you have a sliding gate in excellent condition, you can contact a technician to install a motorization system and make it automatic, choosing the type of system that best suits the existing structure. The motors for sliding gates in kits consist of an external or underground motor, a control unit, remote control, and two photocells and have variable but never excessive costs.

Sliding gate: maintenance and safety standards

Do not forget that concerning the installation of a sliding gate, the prices, in the case of the presence of a motorization system, must include the control and testing by an authorized technician, with US quality standards. This type of system also requires regular maintenance that a specialized technician can guarantee: for this reason, it is important to contact only qualified and professional installers.

If you have chosen a motorized sliding gate during a renovation project, ask the installer for information as there may be the possibility of accessing tax incentives and deductions.