Wrought Iron Gates Cost In 2024: Design, Prices And Aesthetic Characteristics

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/21/2024

Wrought iron gates: prices and aesthetic characteristics

Wrought iron gates: prices, models, and processing techniques. With LocalProBook you can ask the best professionals in your city for a quote to make a wrought iron gate tailor-made for you.

Wrought iron gates

Wrought iron gates: prices and installation methods

In a private residence, a wrought iron gate remains one of the most common devices for closing and protecting a garden, a courtyard, and, in general, an outdoor space. Not overly expensive and with great customization possibilities, wrought iron gates have variable prices, especially concerning the size and aesthetic finishes, and can be considered an advantageous solution due to the relatively simple installation and maintenance operations.

Based on the aesthetics, iron gates for the garden are divided into two main categories:

  • gates with one or two swing leaves;
  • sliding gates on track.

The choice of one or the other version essentially depends on the space and size of the target environment. The swing gate consists of one or two leaves that open by rotating on a pivot like a door: to be able to install it, it is necessary to have sufficient space for the movement of the leaves. The sliding version is ideal when the available surface is not large enough to allow the opening of a swing gate, however, it must be considered that this type of gate occupies a double space in length due to the sliding of the structure.

Usually, sliding gates are more suitable for a fairly large garden, bordered by a wall, a railing, or a fence hedge, while the hinged versions are also suitable for closing the entrance to a courtyard.

Regardless of the aesthetic aspect, these gates are made of ferrous material, necessarily treated to withstand external events: in most cases, it is galvanized iron or painted with epoxy paints for outdoor use, able to withstand humidity, the sun, and thermal changes.

Like any other type of gate, even the wrought iron versions can be equipped with a motorization system with remote control opening and the possibility of connecting to a home automation system. The installation of a swing or sliding gate opener is always recommended for the simple fact that the wrought iron structures are quite heavy.

To obtain the best result and best meet your needs, we recommend that you contact a specialized and qualified technician, who can advise you on both the aesthetics of the gate and the technical characteristics and any automation system.

The following table shows the indicative prices for laying wrought iron gates

As you can see, wrought iron gates have different prices based on the size, type of workmanship, and finish. Usually, this kind of gate is custom designed, for this reason, the price is per square meter. However, there are also ready-made models made in standard dimensions. Consider that for galvanized iron gates the prices usually include the galvanizing treatment, while the epoxy painting involves a 30% -40% increase.

Variants of wrought iron gate Price excluding installation
Simple wrought iron gate (per sq ft) $35 - $55
Wrought iron gate with swing doors (per sq ft) $55 - $85
Sliding wrought iron gate (per sq ft) $55 - $90
Wrought iron gate (per sq ft) $55 - $75
Wrought iron and sheet metal gate (per sq ft) $65 - $85
Antique wrought iron gate (per sq ft) $55 - $110
Electric motorization kit $65 - $95
System with oleodynamic engine $110 - $170
Installation and assembly (per sq ft) $8 - $15

(NOTE that prices may vary due to the type of work to be performed, the quality of its execution, and the region you are in. It is also worth considering the instability of iron prices. Changes in the cost of the material can be within 50%).

Wrought iron gates ideas

The aesthetic characteristics of wrought iron gates

In the wide range of wrought iron gates, the prices refer in particular to the dimensions and finishes: a larger gate is more expensive, but at the same time you must consider that complicated processing also involves a higher cost. The possibility of making this type of custom gate allows you to install it both in pedestrian and driveway entrances and even to combine the garden gate with the front door and the garage door.

Usually, the most popular model of the wrought iron gate is with two hinged leaves, or with a single leaf for pedestrian crossings, this does not mean that this product cannot be used even in the sliding version, however, the aesthetic impact is not the same.

Being a customized product, to get a precise idea of what the final cost will be, the best solution is to ask a craftsman specialized in this kind of processing for a quote. Keep in mind that a custom wrought iron gate created to harmonize with the architectural style of your home is a prestigious element, which adds value to the property and creates a sophisticated and unique atmosphere.

Installing a wrought iron gate essentially offers you two very important advantages:

  • the opportunity to create a unique product design and designed for you;
  • the possibility of combining different materials and following the architectural style of your home.

To obtain an excellent result, however, it is necessary to contact a professional who can accurately evaluate the choice of materials, the aesthetic style, and the construction technique of the gate.

Why prefer a wrought iron gate

Two-leaf wrought iron gates

Iron is a metal widely used in the field of architecture, furniture, and design due to its versatility and relative ease of processing. If treated properly, iron is very resistant to atmospheric events, frost, and high temperatures, it is stable, robust, and non-deformable.

These qualities make it particularly suitable for making gates that guarantee a high level of safety and, at the same time, offer an exceptional scenographic effect. For wrought iron gates, prices are partly related to the desired aesthetic effect: very complex processes have a higher cost. However, you must consider that the iron also offers an additional advantage, which is that of the minimum need for maintenance.

A wrought iron artifact has an extraordinary value, it allows you to embellish your home with unique detail and guarantees you high functionality: to obtain a perfect result it is very important to contact an experienced and competent master craftsman.

With wrought iron, it is possible to create splendid decorative motifs, leaves, floral elements, arabesques, sometimes also by combining iron with different metals, such as copper and brass, or reviving it with a colored finish.

Wrought iron gates with a motorization system

Of course, even a wrought iron gate, whatever the model and size, can be moved by a suitable motorization system. To create this type of system, the intervention of an expert technician is required, who is effectively capable of evaluating the weight and dimensions of the doors and of matching the ideal type of motorization.

A wrought-iron gate can reach a considerable weight and must therefore be equipped with a suitable motor. Due to their considerable weight, large iron double-leaf gates, which represent the most widespread model, often require motors equipped with a hydraulic arm, to move the leaves without the risk of deforming and blocking.

The installation of wrought iron gates can reach higher prices due to the need to install a high power automation system and the presence of a specialized technician is essential both for the choice of the suitable type of system and for proceeding with the completion of the works, to the testing operations, to verify the stability of the automated gate.

It is important to remember that iron gates and automated gates, in general, must correspond to precise US safety standards: also for this reason the presence of a qualified technician is necessary.

Maintenance and savings options for a wrought iron gate

When asking for a quote for wrought iron gates, in addition to the prices for construction and installation, always also inquire about the cost of maintenance, which is essential for this type of structure and must correspond to US safety and quality standards.

The maintenance of iron gates is not particularly onerous: it generally consists of a periodic repainting and checking of hinges and small metal parts. The presence of the opener requires a further check by an authorized technician.

Remember to ask the installer if there is the possibility of obtaining a tax incentive: sometimes if the installation of a motorized gate concerns a complete renovation project, it is possible to access interesting and advantageous deductions.