Wooden Gate Cost In 2024: Design, Prices For Driveway, Garden, And Fence Gates

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/21/2024

Wooden Gate: Design, Prices for Driveway, Garden, and Fence Gates

Wooden gates: prices, design, and opening system. Thanks to LocalProBook you can contact the best professionals in your city who are experts in this type of construction and ask for a quote for the installation of an elegant and safe wooden gate.

Wooden gates

Wooden gates: prices, materials, and closing mechanisms

Wood is a natural material, resistant, versatile, and aesthetically very pleasant, a wooden gate represents not only an excellent closing system to delimit your garden or your private outdoor space, but also a complement of great refinement. The wooden gates have different prices based on the size, design, and technical characteristics, the more elaborate models, both for the appearance and the structure, cannot be considered cheap, however, the possibility of choice is quite wide.

Generally, a traditional wooden gate, without particular safety requirements, is usually installed more for aesthetic than functional reasons, however, there are outdoor wooden gates designed to ensure a high level of resistance to both attempts at tampering and natural events.

By contacting a craftsman specializing in the installation of iron and wooden gates, you can get an idea of the possibilities and costs related to this type of accessory, and choose the one that best suits your needs. In summary, wooden gates are divided into three main categories:

  • single-leaf gates and doors used for footpath;
  • gates with two leaves wide enough to cover a driveway;
  • sliding gates in wood and metal operated by an automation system.

If your needs were exclusive of an aesthetic nature, without the need to install a particularly heavy structure, you can choose a simpler, handcrafted, and rustic wooden gate. Those who have sufficient technical skills and love do-it-yourself work can proceed to make this type of gate even independently, however, it must be borne in mind that obviously, it does not offer any security features.

The following table shows the indicative prices for installing a wooden gate

In the great variety of wooden gates, the prices differ according to the solidity of the structure, the type of wood, and other materials used, the dimensions and the presence of additional elements, such as safety locks, metal protection plates, decorative elements, or automation systems.

Wooden gate pattern Price excluding assembly
Footpath gate with wooden bars $250 - $450
Driveway gate with wooden bars $550 - $750
Driveway gate in wood with panels $650 - $850
Wooden footpath gate with panel $550 - $750
Driveway gate in wood with louvers $750 - $950
Rustic gate in impregnated wood $250 - $350
Assembly (hourly cost) $45 - $60

(NOTE that prices may vary due to the type of work to be performed, the quality of its execution, and the region you are in. It is also worth considering the instability of wood prices. Changes in the cost of the material can be within 50%).

Gates in laminated wood and solid wood

Generally, gates made entirely of wood are made of laminated wood, i.e. wood worked in such a way as to obtain a series of panels assembled to obtain a surface with an exceptional aesthetic effect and at the same time guarantee resistance to atmospheric events and long duration over time. With this type of procedure, the wood also offers greater qualities of versatility and can be worked to create different shapes.

For wooden gates, the prices also refer to the essence used: in the case of laminated wood, pinewood subjected to an impregnating treatment using an autoclave is preferred, while for outdoor gates made of solid wood the reference material is the beechwood or harder grades such as teak, padouk, and iroko.

The choice of one type of wooden gate or another depends on your needs in terms of safety, your aesthetic preferences, and also the budget you are willing to invest. A high-quality wooden gate may seem slightly expensive, however, you must consider that it is a product made with ecological and sustainable material, guarantees a high level of resistance, and offers a unique elegance. The presence of a wooden gate adds a note of prestige and charm to your garden and, if treated properly, keeps its beauty and original color intact for a very long time.

Of course, like any other wooden element, it must be subjected to regular maintenance: the wood needs to be periodically painted with special protective products, and the metal parts, hinges, screws, nails, and finishes, must be often checked and, if necessary, replace. Hinges also require adequate lubrication.

Match the wooden gate to the suitable fence

The construction of wooden gates can have different prices concerning the installation system of the structure and the type of fence to be combined. Also in this case the solutions are numerous: you can choose? for example? a very simple gate, anchored by wooden poles and combined with a fence of the same material, ideal for creating a very rustic and original effect.

The gates of this type are made of solid wood and above all offer an aesthetic and scenographic effect: it is not advisable to use them to protect the entrance to the home garden as they cannot guarantee high safety qualities and are better suited to delimit an internal area.

Wooden gate design

If, on the other hand, you want to install an outdoor wooden gate as an alternative to a traditional iron gate, the best solution is to insert it in a brick fence or, if you prefer, in exposed brick.

From the point of view of resistance, stability, and safety, glulam is undoubtedly the material that manages to offer greater performance even of a technical nature: if your intend to install an automatic gate, which must correspond to precise standards in weight and proportions, glulam is the best material.

The aesthetic versatility of wooden gates

Depending on the model and characteristics, wooden gates have different prices and can be made to satisfy any type of aesthetic preference: you can embellish the structure with decorative elements or, if your need is of a functional nature, choose a gate of wood reinforced with iron elements.

The great versatility of wood makes it possible to create structures of any kind: large gates with two swing leaves for the entrance to a driveway, small pedestrian gates with an elegant and original design, motorized gates with a linear aesthetic, also suitable for protecting privacy and confidentiality.

Installing a gate and a fence in natural wood means embellishing your garden with a suggestive and fascinating piece of furniture as well as being able to choose from multiple design solutions, from the simplest to the most elaborate. If you want to delimit the land of a country residence, you can install a simple fence, cheap and easy to make, while if you live in a house in the city and want to stand out from the others, by contacting an expert craftsman in this type of structures you can create a gate in wood and iron with particular workmanship.

To instill a touch of elegance, an excellent solution is also to make the wooden gate in the same finish as the garage door, the entrance door to the house, and the shutters. Natural wood is a living and precious material, which gives any environment an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy.

With wood, imagination has no limits and offers you the opportunity to invent new and creative solutions: to obtain a pleasantly rustic and country look, you can place a hedge or a flowering border next to a wooden fence, and dominate the entrance gate with an arch in stone or brick, if you love the ethnic style you can combine the wood of the gate with decorative elements in different materials, from bamboo to brass, to copper.

A traditional wooden gate, on the other hand, is not suitable for closing an iron fence: if you already have a grating and, at the same time, you want a wooden gate, the best solution are models made of wood and iron, resistant, safe and available in many variations, also perfect to combine with a classic metal fence.

Rustic gate design

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