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HVAC companies near me - Akron, OH

HepaClean Home Wellness

(3.7 of 3 reviews)
, Akron  OH , 44319
We started in 2002 and figured it out in 2003. We have realized that the air is dirtier than the air ducts are, you can just see it in the ducts. We clean the ducts and the air with special clean room equipment. The equipment filters the air that passes through it down to .3 of a micron @ 99.97% efficiency. Fact is most people have never had filtered air in their homes other than the filtering done by your HVAC system. Hvac filtration is very poorly designed. NOTHING in the industry is as good as a HEPA rated filters.
Truthfully we came upon this process accidentally. We had just received the brand new duct cleaning equipment to start our duct cleaning service. We wanted to try it out so we decided to do my place. I lived in a “pillbox” colonial in Cuyahoga Falls. After letting the clean room machines air scrub while we cleaned the ducts we noticed several big differences in our families health. The biggest difference was seen in our 11 month old daughter.
(330) 431-1455

Wilson Plumbing & Heating

(3.4 of 14 reviews)
445 W Cedar St, Akron  OH , 44307
From a one man service operation, Wilson Plumbing and Heating Inc. has grown to a company of five full-time service personnel, a full-time office staff and service trucks equipped for every job.
Our growth has not changed our business philosophy. As it was over fifty years ago, we still provide prompt, quality service at a reasonable price.
Serving the Akron, Ohio metropolitan area, we bring our experience to customers in their homes, schools, restaurants, factories, churches, apartment buildings and real estate management companies. Our specialties include hot water & steam boiler systems, historically-sensitive bathroom renovations and backflow preventer certifications.
Recently we have expanded our bathroom renovation services, to specifically address the needs of those with limited mobility.
(330) 400-3334

Jennings Heating & Cooling

(4.8 of 16 reviews)
1671 E Market St, Akron  OH , 44305
Open 24 Hours
Akron, Ohio based Jennings Heating & Cooling has been in business since 1931 when it was established by the Jennings brothers as a coal company. Since then, Jennings has grown into a full-service air conditioning and heating contracting company with the ability to service and install complete heating and air conditioning systems. With over 80 years of meeting local families' home comfort needs, you can count on Jennings to do the job right!
(330) 784-1286

Saulics Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

(5 of 1 reviews)
2512 Triplett Blvd., Akron  OH , 44312
Saulic's Heating and Air is a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company established in 2009. We are completely client focused and understand that it's all about getting each service or installation "just right", and seeing how many of our customers we can make smile. It is our goal that you will think of us as more of a friend you can call on when you need us, rather than a business that may know you by a number. All of our work is performed by our own in house people, and they are all taught to do it the Saulic's Way.
With over 30 years combined experience, we have earned a tremendous reputation for providing outstanding service. Our customers are the ones that keep us in business.
(330) 634-9950

Echols Heating & Air Conditioning

(4 of 4 reviews)
85 Hanna Pkwy, Akron  OH , 44319
Echols Heating and Air Conditioning is a leader in the industry of Residential and Commercial Heating / Air Conditioning. With over 100 years combined experience, our staff is dedicated to giving you the quality, excellence and dependability you deserve.
Our Vision .....
To provide the best comfort situation for each customer at a reasonable cost.
To provide superior service accurately and timely.
To ensure our company is the best place for employees to work, learn and grow, and to be the most reputable company we can be.
(234) 248-2777

East End Heating & Cooling

(5 of 2 reviews)
646 Dolton Rd, Akron  OH , 44312
Open 24 Hours
East End Heating & Cooling, was started after working for some of the largest heating and cooling companies throughout Northeastern Ohio. The one core value I carry though those companies was a dedication to my customers by putting them first. Along with carrying the same values into my company. By providing highest quality and exceptional service with NO Overtime Fees EVER
(234) 571-8838

Choice Aire

(5 of 2 reviews)
1940 Englewood Ave, Akron  OH , 44312
Choice Aire has been selling, installing, and servicing residential and commercial heating, cooling and refrigeration needs since 2003. With 21 co-workers and 100+ years of hands-on, combined field experience, we are your go-to HVAC company. We are licensed by the state of Ohio, insured and employ NATE Certified service technicians.
(330) 945-6223

Air Comfort

(4 of 4 reviews)
225 Bluff St, Akron  OH , 44304
Air Comfort, Inc. is a family owned company founded in 1961. We specialize in heating, air conditioning, air quality, service and all phases of hvac Residential, commercial and industrial design, installation and service
(330) 434-8107

TropicAir Heating & Cooling

(5 of 1 reviews)
335 Hillman Rd, Akron  OH , 44312
Open 24 Hours
Established in 2009 as it's own entity, but TropicAir has over 30 years of experience meeting customers HVAC needs.
(330) 962-3558

Beckwith Heating & Cooling

(5 of 4 reviews)
535 Wellington Ave, Akron  OH , 44305
Family owned and operated
(330) 923-1333