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Plumbing companies near me - North White Plains, NY

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DC Piping & Heating Corp

(4.7 of 20 reviews)
777 Mace Ave, The Bronx  NY , 10467
(347) 721-8157

Mr Unclog

(4.9 of 7 reviews)
, White Plains  NY , 10607
Mr Unclog was started in order to provide customers with quality drain cleaning services. When you have a clogged drain, a drain technician can poke a hole in the debris forming the clog and the water will go down. When this happens your drain is not completely clean and a blockage can quickly form again. Mr. Unclog clears the blockage from your drain completely so you do not have a reoccuring clog. Depending on the size of the pipe we can also reassure you the drain is completely clear by doing a camera inspection. We value our customers and believe they are responsible for our success. We are confident in our services and guarantee all our work.
(888) 405-1198

Archie's Repairs

(5 of 6 reviews)
, White Plains  NY , 10603
Archie's Repairs LLC is a full service sewer and drain cleaning company with a mission to offer professional service at reasonable and competitive rates.
No job is too big or small, whether clogged drains in your bathroom, kitchen, sewer, outside, and storm drain.
(914) 741-6529

Drain Saver

(4.1 of 14 reviews)
, White Plains  NY , 10601
Open 24 hours
Drain Saver was established in 1985.
(914) 949-1707

Valhalla Plumbing and Heating

(1 of 1 reviews)
27 Legion Dr, Valhalla  NY , 10595
9:00 AM - 9:00 AM (Next day)
Valhalla Plumbing & Heating, Our policy is to provide our customers with a price before we start. We prefer to provide estimates upon seeing and examining the problem versus over the phone so that we can ensure the information provided is accurate for the given problem stated. We are able to provide up front pricing because we charge by the job not by the hour. We'll tell you the cost up front to the penny, with no surprises. Our technicians will inspect the particular problem you are calling about and present a price before we proceed with any work. Upon your approval we will complete the work proposed.