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David Carpenter Arboricultural Consulting

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, Fort Wayne  IN , 46835
I have been working in the green industry for over a quarter century. From landscaping and nursery management to tree care and golf course greens keeping.
(260) 257-1165

Trees & Company

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28 N Saginaw St Ste 501, Pontiac  MI , 48342
Open 24 Hours
Hector Martinez, the president ofTrees&Co, began his career in the tree care industry after graduating high school and moving to Michigan from his hometown of Aguirre, Puerto Rico. While taking college courses and working for other tree service companies, Hector gained the knowledge and experience to launch his company, Alpine Arbor Care, in 1997. Now, with continued growthAlpine Arbor Care has sprouted new branches to becomeTrees&Co. We are excited to bring new levels of service to our customers, and we have made a substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment. Trees&Co is a name Hector believes will allow the company to reach new heights.
(248) 322-1277

Top Tree Care Inc

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12814 23 Mile Rd, Shelby Township  MI , 49455
Welcome to Top Tree Care, Inc., Southeast Michigan's trusted Tree Removal contractor. If you live in Southeast Michigan, you know how brutal the winters can be. Harsh conditions and strong winds wreak havoc on trees across the state every year. Trees that have either fallen or are leaning at dangerous angles can be extremely hazardous to commercial buildings, power lines, private homes etc. If it looks dangerous, it probably is. Dead and diseased trees are especially hazardous as they can break and fall in unpredictable directions. Tree removal should not be taken lightly. Many residents make the mistake of assuming trees won't fall further or that they can do the job themselves. Rather than risk injury or property damage, call the professionals at Top Tree Care. We will provide a professional crew on-site to assess the situation. These highly skilled "tree surgeons" bring with them a host of specialized tools to match the job at hand. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right.
(586) 804-1210

A.B.E. Stump Grinding

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224 Chestnut St, Swanton  OH , 43558
A.B.E Stump Grinding LLC was established to supply a service for smaller tree services and the private resident.
An individual faced with removing tree stumps in their yard or lot have few options available to them. They either have hours upon hours of physical labor, resort to poisons or rent a grinder typically for more than it would cost for our service.
Due to the cost and maintenance of specialized equipment needed to remove tree stump, smaller tree companies cannot offer this service to their customers. This often leaves the problem of removing the stump to the home owner. We are always interested in establishing a working relationship with reputable tree companies to enable them to offer a complete tree removal service.
(419) 825-3699

Craigs tree service

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, Adrian  MI , 49221
(517) 605-6443

Pro-Stripe Lawn Care

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3285 W Cadmus Rd, Adrian  MI , 49221
Our founder, Michael Albright, came from a background in construction. In the early 2000s, he decided to switch, due to changes in the economy. This change led him to work for another lawn care company. Every day, he started to see more and more people being ripped off by lawn care companies that provided inadequate services for loads of money. One day, he just couldn't stand it any more, and he decided to start Pro-Stripe. Now, he realizes that that was the best decision of his life.
Today, Pro-Stripe has grown into a family company, with his son and wife working along side him to serve more and more clients across Lenawee. That decision in the early 2000s led him to mow over 100,000 lawns, and help hundreds of clients. Now it's your turn to play a part in the Pro-Stripe story. Contact us today to become our next client.
(517) 260-8304

KAS Lawn Solutions

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, Palmyra  MI , 49268
With over 15 years of pesticide and fertilizer experience, KAS Lawn Solutions can safely and effectively take care of your turf needs.
(517) 673-9928

D & C Lawn and Landscaping

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10062 Elliott Hwy, Sand Creek  MI , 49279
(517) 270-2924