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Tree care, especially the removal of a mature and large tree, requires experience and knowledge. It is not enough to read an article on the Internet and take a chainsaw in your hands. There is one correct piece of advice: if in the case of work, you can stand with both feet on a hard surface, then you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you need to hire a company or professional to remove the tree or parts of it.

Working at height requires experience, knowledge, and skills. There are also a lot of risks, such as power wires, as well as the possibility that the tree will not fall where you planned. Depending on the size, it can damage your or your neighbor's property - a fence, a gazebo, or a house.

But to hire a professional to remove the right tree, you need to know. Below we will tell you how to do it correctly to avoid mistakes that can affect both the quality of the work performed and the cost.

Before starting work, you need:

Know exactly when the contractor can start work and how long it will take. It will also be useful to discuss the question of what financial penalties the contractor will reimburse if they do not comply with these conditions.

Contractor's insurance against accidents and injuries

Make sure that the contractor has insurance against accidents and injuries, and that his liability is covered in case of damage to property during the performance of work. This is a very important point and should not be missed.

A detailed estimate

A detailed estimate will be very useful so that at the end of the work the contractor could not demand payment from you for work that was not initially agreed. This can be the recycling of a tree and branches for example.

It will be clear from the estimate whether heavy equipment will work. After all, it can ruin your lawn and flower beds, trust the automatic watering system. In the case of almost property, at whose expense will it be restored? An excellent piece of advice would be to record the condition of the site before starting work in the presence of the contractor so that later there will be evidence. These issues should be discussed in advance with the contractor.

It would be very useful to get acquainted with their work done not far from you. In this case, you could chat with their clients and find out how things went. It is desirable that the work was completed not so long ago. If the customers are happy, then there is a high probability that you will get the job done professionally. Otherwise, you need to think carefully before hiring a contractor without recommendations.

Contractor's equipment and overalls

Pay attention to the contractor's equipment and overalls. This can say a lot. If the equipment and tools are taken care of, then the contractor is responsible. The modern world is no longer possible without the Internet, so it is also useful to visit their website. Look for reviews on the Internet about the company. All this will show how the company conducts its business.

If the tree is removed without equipment, then they can use special spikes without any problems. But if you need to partially trim the tree, then the use of thorns can seriously damage the tree.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires workers to wear hard hats and other personal protective equipment when performing work. The company will comply with these requirements for employees to have a good reputation.

Ideally, it would be to contract with a company that has an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist, and an Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accredited Business. Or the company must employ a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). If work is carried out in the vicinity of power lines, they must be approved by line-clearance arborists.

Always hire a contractor by signing a contract. Always make payment only after all points of the contract are fulfilled.

Having completed all the points, you will protect yourself and your property from possible problems and also spend money on a specialist in vain.