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Tree Removal companies near me - Orlando, FL

Tree Work Now LLC

(4.2 of 18 reviews)
424 E Central Blvd Ste 144, Orlando  FL , 32801
Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, I did volunteer tree work in Mississippi, then 3 months later my wife Karen was at a point of desperation in her battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She needed alternative treatments not covered by insurance and not afforded by my non-profit salary. So a couple of days later while praying for her, I felt I should man up and start a tree business to take care of my wife. So I did. Four days later I had a business name and my first job removing 2 pines for a friend at half price with borrowed saws and truck. The trees were felled safely, but both saws broke down and the truck got stuck in the mud! I had no equipment, no capital, no business training, and a separate full-time job demanding my attention. As crazy as those beginning years were, I am thankful to now lead a company that has created many jobs and is on its way toward its vision of "redefining the industry standard as it earns 100,000 devoted clients".
(407) 416-2704

Mark Hawley's Tree Service

(4.6 of 7 reviews)
, Orlando  FL , 32826
I started the Tree Service in 1990 with one goal in mind, to do good work at a fair price. I believe everyone should be treated like I would want to be treated. I try to inform and answer everyones needs as if it were my house. We Need Trees! I am against removing healthy large trees without a reason. A healthy tree will stand up though many bad storms and protect your property from damage do to wind, and water by slowing down the erosion from heavy rains and slow down the winds on your houses roof.

I do understand, when the need arises to do maintanence, or a removal, treat the property with respect. Hire only quality personel who understand the needs of the customer. Nobody is perfect, but here we strive to do the best we possibly can. We always stand behind our work and our reputation. Thank you for considering us.
(407) 394-8666

Tom's Stump Grinding

(5 of 8 reviews)
8827 Trevarthon Rd, Orlando  FL , 32817
Tom Mulligan has served the Central Florida area since 1993 and is the go-to stump grinder for many tree and landscape companies. Don't risk an inexperienced operator using inferior equipment. We use professional Vermeer stump grinders that are meticulously maintained, and we are licensed and insured.
Our reputation in the tree service industry is one of honesty and dependability. That's why we currently have over 70 tree service companies and 300 landscaping service companies that rely on us to grind their customers' stumps. Call us today at (407) 628-1625 and we will take care of your unsightly and unsafe stumps in a timely and hassle free manner.
(407) 628-1625

CL Green

(0 of 0 reviews)
8963 Farley St, Orlando  FL , 32819
We are a small, family owned business who has been serving Central Florida since 1998. We began our company by doing site cleanup for residential developments. Witnessing all of the work sites left unclean and unleveled gave us the ambition to start our own business and to provide clean sites at quality service that people truly deserve. Since day one we have set the bar for demolitions in Orlando, keeping our standards sky high in an effort to provide a great service that sets us apart from the rest. We have stayed in business because of the quality of workmanship, and how we leave our job sites clean and level. Keeping our environment in mind, we plunge ourselves into each and every project with professional and friendly attitudes, giving personalized attention to each customer.
(407) 909-0900

Orlando Tree Consulting

(5 of 4 reviews)
, Orlando  FL , 32807
Previous University of Florida Extension Educator in Orlando and Sales Arborist in Chicago, Orlando Tree Consulting offers great perspective on saving trees and overall health and longevity of your tree. Started consulting services since found many local tree companies in Central Florida don't provide proper tree diagnostics from a ISA certified arborist or give options for health care. We provide individualized plant health care programs specialized to each tree's needs.
(407) 476-9444

Bros Tree Service

(5 of 2 reviews)
6703 Winegard Rd, Orlando  FL , 32809
My brother and I we used to work for different companies for 16 years, until we decide to open our company in 2018, right now we have 18 years of experience working with trees, during this time we've gotten a lot of experience in the industry, we offer guarantee in all our job, for us the first thing is the security of our costumers and workers, also is important the satisfaction of our clients, our motto is. our HAPPINESS is to see our clients HAPPY.
Motto we keep active.
(407) 795-9250

Competitive Tree Service

(5 of 20 reviews)
2606 E Crystal Lake Ave, Orlando  FL , 32806
(407) 970-7433

Apex Arbor Care

(2.3 of 12 reviews)
333 27th St, Orlando  FL , 32806
Open 24 Hours
Apex Arbor Care is Volusia Counties number one Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Service Company. With our team having over 30 year's of tree removal experience we can guarantee the job gets the professional safe service you should expect from a tree service. We are located in Deland, Fl. We service all of Volusia, Seminole and Orange County. We take pride in our professional customer service and our quality workmanship.
(321) 209-2245

Grant's Tree Service

(4.2 of 12 reviews)
6355 N Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando  FL , 32810
Grant's Tree Service is Orlando's go-to residential & commercial tree service provide. Specializing in Emergency Tree Services and Large Tree Removal, Grant's Tree Service is just a phone call away. 407-629-0966.
(407) 629-0966

Johnson Capital Enterprize

(0 of 0 reviews)
, Orlando  FL , 32877
We have over 18 years of professional experience in land management, offering our customers dedication, affordable pricing, impeccable detail, and results that speak for themselves We are a one-stop source for all of your Landscaping needs.  
We have specialized Sub-contractors under Johnson's umbrella who are committed to efficiency and attention to detail to meet your specific needs.
"Service is always in season"
(407) 947-0785