Automatic Driveway Gate Installers - Repair And Installation Cost, Opener Prices In 2024

Reviewed by Pavel Buyeu
Updated: 04/01/2024

Automatic Driveway Gate Installers - Repair and Installation Cost, Opener Prices in 2024

An automatic gate is an ideal solution to manage the entrance to a garden, a courtyard, a service area, or a garage in comfort and with maximum safety. Moreover, thanks to the use of the remote control, it allows you to open or close without getting out of the car. The installation of an automatic gate has different prices of the dimensions and characteristics of both the gate itself and the type of automation system desired.

On the market, it is possible to find openers for automatic gates at affordable prices and of various kinds. From the simplest, also available in assembly kits and easy to install, ideal for automating the opening of an existing gate, to the most sophisticated and technological versions. A typical example is automation systems for driveway gates connected to home automation or alarm and video surveillance systems.

Motorizing an existing gate and installing a new automatic gate are different operations, with different costs and different intervention methods. Concerning the installation of a new automatic gate, in addition to the cost of the automation system and the structure of the gate itself, it is also necessary to consider that relating to the installation of the structure, the assembly of the opener, and the final testing, which requires the presence of a qualified technician, an expert in the installation of automatic gates. Prices? It is always better to compare different offers and evaluate different quotes to get a clear idea.

For this reason, it is recommended to contact only professionals with proven reliability and in possession of the necessary certification, capable of identifying the best solution and guaranteeing the perfect operation of the gate. Please note that compliance with safety standards does not allow you to carry out the installation yourself.

The cost of an automatic gate varies from a few hundred euros for the purchase of a complete motorization kit, up to two, to three thousand dollars and more for a custom-made wrought iron gate. To get a better idea of the prices of automatic driveway gates, read the table below.

The following table shows the indicative prices for installing an automatic gate

An automatic gate can have very different prices from one model to another related both to the material and dimensions of the gate itself and the type of motorization. It is important to contact only a competent and qualified electrician, able to carry out the gate inspection correctly.

Type of automatic gate Price including installation (from-to)
Two-leaf automatic gate $2200 - $2700
Single leaf automatic gate $1900 - $2400
Automatic sliding gate 600 Kg $1800 - $2300
Automatic sliding gate 1500 Kg $2200 - $3600
Motorization of existing gate $350 - $850
Wrought iron gate per square foot excluding engine $35 - $95
Motorization kit excluding installation $270 - $550
Annual maintenance of automatic gates $230 - $370

(NOTE that the prices of automatic gates may vary due to the type of work to be carried out, the quality of its execution, and the region in which you are located).

The characteristics of a gate's motorization system

For an automatic gate, prices may vary according to the type of system and the presence of any accessory elements, however, the automatisms for gates have very similar technical characteristics. The mechanism that determines the opening of a gate consists of some fixed elements:

  • An external or underground electric motor.
  • One arm for swing gates and one rail for sliding gates.
  • A control unit.
  • One or more photoelectric cells.
  • Remote control and a key opening system.
  • Other variable elements, such as sensors and light indicators.

The choice of a specific automation system for gates may depend on personal needs, for example, the connection to an alarm system or to a home automation system that allows the simultaneous movement of several openings.

In the event of a power failure, the gate automation system does not work, but there is no need to worry: you can still exit or enter without problems since any automatic gate is always equipped with an unlocking device that allows it to manually open.

If, on the other hand, you wish to have a certain autonomy even in the event of an electrical blackout, you can advise the technician to install an emergency system equipped with a battery, able to operate for a few hours even in the absence of mains power and still allow you to manage to open by remote control. The prices of automatic gates with backup systems are above average but offer reliable performance in any context.

Solar powered gate opener insllation

Swing gate or sliding gate

Consider that, when you choose an automatic gate, the prices also differ with the model you prefer. The aesthetic standards of a structure that allows automation are essentially two: gates with one or two swing leaves and sliding gates.

Automatic gate with one or two swing leaves

A swing gate consists of one or two leaves that open by rotating on a pivot. Before installing an automation system for swing gates, it is necessary to take into account the space required for opening the leaves, in the same way as for an internal door.

Two swing leaves gate

This type of gate is available with single or double leaf and in both versions, it is very important for the technician to check the overall weight of the gate to proceed with the choice of the suitable motor. In fact, the mechanism is based on the presence of an articulated arm that opens the leaves: if the weight of the gate is excessive, it can cause the arm to block. Also in this case the presence of an expert technician is required, who knows how to choose the ideal motorization in relation to the length and weight of the door.

Currently, most of the motors for large-sized automatic swing gates are equipped with a hydraulic arm with a vacuum circuit, which guarantees silence, efficiency, and a very long life, even if it involves a higher cost. For smaller needs, you can still use the classic electromechanical pistons, which support doors weighing about 500 kg.

Automatic sliding gate

Sliding gate

A sliding gate generally consists of a single leaf that moves along a track through an automation system. A sliding gate occupies a small space compared to a swing gate model and the track can be installed in such a way that the gate, once open, disappears behind a wall or a hedge, offering the possibility of fitting into contexts as well. architectural details.

Even a sliding gate requires a precise calculation to determine the choice of the most suitable motor, considering that the rather long versions can even reach 800-1000 kg in weight.

Automatic gate: are prices influenced by the aesthetic aspect?

Among the factors that affect the prices of automatic gates, we have not yet talked about the aesthetic one. Often, we focus too much on technical specifications such as dimensions, materials, and engine power ... But in reality, the gate is often the first element of our home that we see upon returning from work and represents a kind of "business card" to the outside throughout our house.

This is why the major manufacturers on the market have created various solutions to meet the needs of customers.

For those who want the best in terms of aesthetics, wrought iron gates, handcrafted and with personalized decorations, are probably the ideal solution. The prices of automatic gates of this type tend to be higher than the alternatives, but you can be sure that you have a one-of-a-kind gate.

The classic galvanized gates, on the other hand, are made up of doors with customized sizes but the same "patterns". This means that the distance between the steel rods will be the same, as will the type of tip at the top and the orthogonal crosspieces. An economical, reliable but not very personalized solution. If you are a person who pays attention to the point and does not want to waste time with these details, consult the prices of the standard galvanized automatic gates.

Security, maintenance, and tax deductions for automatic gates

Prices, models, types, dimensions ... When you decide to install an automatic gate, in the prices you must also take into account the maintenance that this type of device requires. The ideal solution is to ask the installer for advice, who usually also provides periodic maintenance service for motors for automatic gates.

The prices must also be evaluated remembering that periodic maintenance is very important since the structure of the gate and the motor are exposed to humidity, high temperatures, frost, and rain, and over time they could be damaged, causing not only discomfort but also dangers.

Furthermore, a moving gate could pose a potential risk to children and other people in the vicinity: to avoid the problem these structures must correspond to precise safety standards and have automatic locking systems, sensors, photoelectric cells, and other anti-crushing devices, to be tested periodically to verify their effectiveness.

Even if an automatic gate becomes blocked or stuck, or does not close due to misalignment, it is advisable to contact an expert technician. An interesting and advantageous tax deduction is provided for the installation of a new automatic gate, or for the addition of an automation system to an existing gate, on the occasion of a renovation project. Ask the installer for information, who will be able to show you how to access this incentive.

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