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Plumbing companies near me - Kenneth City, FL

Turn-key Home Improvement

(5 of 7 reviews)
6232 43rd Ave N, Kenneth City  FL , 33709
(727) 831-2601

Elite Plumbing Of FL

(5 of 1 reviews)
, Kenneth City  FL , 33709
Open 24 Hours
(727) 301-4846

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Prendi plumbing

(5 of 3 reviews)
, Clearwater  FL , 33765
Open 24 Hours
(727) 315-3845

Heavenly Plumbing

(5 of 6 reviews)
2461 61st Ln N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
Open 24 Hours
(727) 238-4207

Antone's Plumbing

(3.7 of 7 reviews)
6412 7th Ave N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33710
Antone's Plumbing was established in 1988 with the goal of providing customers with high quality, professional work and excellent customer service. We are a small, family owned and operated business located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We value and appreciate our loyal customers and strive to always maintain the relationships we've established along the way.
(727) 343-4193

Palmer's Hardware

(4.8 of 20 reviews)
4650 49th St N, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33709
We have a little bit of history documented here. If you have ever visited our store before, you would know that there is a fair amount of history displayed. My father has always maintained an antique mystique about the store.
I have worked with my father off and on for the past 38 years. It started out on Sundays from 9 to 1. I have been back with him fulltime for the past 25 years, and I would not change a thing. I have had so many wonderful changes in my life, but there has always been one constant, our hardware store and my Dad. My father was right when he said that there is no greater joy than being able to help a customer accomplish something that they never would have been able to do without you. I had always wanted to be a teacher!
We appreciate our customers and fellow businesses that continue to support us. Please feel free to email me any pictures or questions you have. We will be happy to help!
(727) 527-3792

Home Team Plumbing

(3.8 of 12 reviews)
5633 70th Ave N, Pinellas Park  FL , 33781
Jeff Grzetich grew up in Joliet, Illinois with his parents and 6 brothers. As a small child Jeff had the rare opportunity to learn first-hand how far hard work and determination can go. Jeff’s father started Andy’s Plumbing in Joliet, IL. Andy’s Plumbing had a reputation for excellent service and craftsmanship. His father inspired him to never lose sight of what matters most- family, pride and integrity. Jeff moved to Pinellas County and brought with him the valuable lessons he learned as a young child.
(727) 310-4111

Bob Hyps Plumbing

(4.3 of 7 reviews)
, Saint Petersburg  FL , 33709
(727) 394-9891