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Garage Doors companies near me - Griffithsville, WV

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A Personal Services

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3604 Virginia Ave SE, Charleston  WV , 25304
Open 24 Hours
(304) 206-2483

Garage Ops

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1292 Pack Fork Rd, Lizemores  WV , 25125
(304) 760-5822

Southern Building Systems

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2882 Piedmont Rd, Charleston  WV , 25311
(304) 925-9214

Garage Door Specialist

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1648 Crestmont Dr, Huntington  WV , 25701
Family owned and operated with over 25 years experience , our goal is to serve the community well at affordable rates
(304) 525-3667

Garage Door Operators

(3.7 of 3 reviews)
8112 Winfield Rd, Winfield  WV , 25213
Starting with a father and two sons, Garage Door Operators has grown into one of West Virginia's leading overhead door companies.
(304) 757-8182

TNT Garage Doors

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, Winfield  WV , 25213
(304) 755-5238

Better Home repair

(5 of 1 reviews)
1817 Chandler Dr, Charleston  WV , 25387
Open 24 Hours
I started off as a man with a toolbelt and a work ethic, I slaved my self for every contractor, roofer, electrician and plumber in Charleston, I watched them write invoices charging people 45 dollars an hour for my help all the while they were paying me 50 a day, ludicrous, unethical, over charging customers and underpaying employees, I saved my money and bought every tool i could took plumbing and electrical classes and finally started my buisness, total home repair at affordable prices that's better home repair
(304) 395-0500

Richardson Contracting WV

(1 of 1 reviews)
1650 8th Ave Ste 13, Huntington  WV , 25701
Richardson Contracting WV has been in business since 2016. We strive at providing our customers with a good experience from start to finish.
(304) 360-4507

Tri County Builders

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1550 Ripley Rd Ste 3, Ripley  WV , 25271
Tri County Builders originated in Evans WV with a primary focus on local work within Jackson County with occasionally extending services into neighboring counties, hence the birth of our name.
With growing success in the Residential market, ties had been made with a local engineer who had requested owner, Glendal Garnes to branch into the commercial bracket of General Contracting. As our name and workmanship had taken a hold of the commercial industry, work demand had overwhelmingly grown into contracts with retailers (Dollar General), Warehouses (NGK Spark plugs), Industrial Stamping Plants (KS of WV) to name a few.
(304) 373-9711

GreyStone Construction

(0 of 0 reviews)
, Charleston  WV , 25304
(304) 419-9208